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Karen Wyld @1KarenWyld South Australia

{-o-} Loves mangoes. Hates imperialism. Latest book: #WhereTheFruitFalls Publicist: Finemore Communications. Agent: my smol dogs…

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@Helodare It's just been released in UK, so will be interesting to see their response. @Helodare And Ruby's book featured in the Washington Post earlier this week. It's so good to see. After all that bs…! Ruby's book is being recommended by Time!! "Here are the 9 new books you should read in October." my novel has got its first ratings on Goodreads. I 💚 readers. When I saw that 3⭐️ rating, I actually felt appre…'s more, but I'll add those later. My novel hasn't had any attention from reviewers, as yet, but these tweets… more: 6/ I have more: 5/ 4/ still more: 3/ lovely, wonderful readers: 2/ I take a break from writing my thesis, here's a thread of lovely twitter peeps and my novel in the wild: 1/, we've got the incomparable @HellaLewya in from @djed_press to give us a workshop on how we edit a truly seari…
Retweeted by Karen Wyld @amywhodigital @LibbyTParker that would be fun in a bookshop or library :) @LibbyTParker @amywhodigital thanks for that but it's a bit out of the way from public transport etc. I'll check ou… food, GREAT politics and a good dose of inspiration❤️@murrigellas
Retweeted by Karen Wyldtwo accounts to follow, if you aren't already @LibbyTParker @amywhodigital TY. I've got people I can ask to MC. I need to find a cheap central location. Launches… @clairegcoleman that sounds yummy. Liqueurs with a touch of orange are also good with coffee. And I want to try add… @LibbyTParker I've got the launch outfit but nothing else organised @clairegcoleman I can't even look at a bottle, due to memories of a wild frangelico-induced night from 20 years ago :/Tell me your best thing today. Mine is @carlyfindlay for always reminding me to be #FuckingFabulous
Retweeted by Karen Wyld @carlyfindlay just popping in to tell you that your f*cking fabulous. Haters gonna hate, but you'll still be fab-u-… @vic_reader mint is such a versatile garnish :) @clairegcoleman My secret recipe is equal parts Patrón XO Café, Galliano L'Autentico and espresso - then shake well.So much writing to do, and deadlines zooming towards me! I need a coffee pick-me-up. Yes, espresso martinis are cof…'ve noticed some online outlets are waiting for more stock of my novel to arrive. A good sign? If you don't like w… novelist @RockJonny and poet extraordinaire Mykaela Saunders gave my book #WhereTheFruitFalls a shout… @NGFeathers 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽someone pick me up off of the floor 💀
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@upulie no, it will be full of beauty and meaning. I can mention plenty of classics that fit your description. Rece… @LibbyTParker and now you can never hear that song again without adding that line :) @upulie We need more of these types of books you've described @wendyorr I hope your headache goes away :/ @piponabike I know - not original 🙂 @MrDTJames That looks like a To Do List 🤔of the crossed-eyed bear be fair, maybe he was screaming "speciest" at those horses. If so, I'm still taking the horses' side.*Logs in, scrolls feed* In Melbourne, white guy hits horses with his "resist" flag, accusing them (the horses) of b… @DymocksAdelaide @DymocksAdelaide *waves from down south*A powerful way to start off our event yesterday, How can more of our professors be Māori and Pasifika. @FunakiHine
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That thunder was mighty loud and close. I thought a storm was on the way. Tiny dog is trying to scare it away @TraceyLeeAU :( @LukeLPearson @DwayneMallard @warriors_human @Simoonfransen Against my better judgement, I looked at the website 😬 @BizziLavellex Save yourself Bizzi - hit that mute hard! @SaraSalehOz Play Baby Shark as a cleanser? @CrunchyKiki They aren't worth replying to. I checked his account - massively into conspiracy/fake news. Block is best :) @haveachattabs I don't believe casual racism exists. Nothing casual about the impact or intent. If he felt comforta… @CrunchyKiki I blocked that boring troll that replied to us. @haveachattabs Getting out of there fast is the best option. @haveachattabs Oh wow. How did you manage to stay seated through all that? Are you ok? @Baqir_Kh @MelindaMann01 😅 @Baqir_Kh Is he even human? Or is he a pair of RM chinos and a blue shirt being propped up (against their will) by… @carlyfindlay @jeanettefindla TY :) @DrBenjaminJones @MelangeMost @nma that is a cool fact.This sub-set of white Australian men's attachment to The Wiggles stems from a lack of turtleneck-wearing male role… @carlyfindlay @jeanettefindla your mum is the best :)ACAB @Baqir_Kh For him to grow up to be one of Australia's biggest megalomaniacs is truly inspiring. (*sarcasm, of course) @MelangeMost but they have a big red car? (yeah, they can go) @Tulsi_Achia these grown men's attachment to children's entertainers is quite bizarre @elena_pungenna Thanks xx I will post it tomorrow. Do you want your name in it, or just the autograph?One of these turtleneck wearing bands has to go. Pick one? @elena_pungenna yes @elena_pungenna I was earlier today. @SurprisedWow smart move @mathaiaus What I can't figure out, is why are (some) white men deeply attached to The Wiggles? They're popping int… @SurprisedWow I 💚you too :) @SurprisedWow honestly, why are all these white guys championing the Wiggles?? (when clearly its not needed) Are th… @mathaiaus Its all your fault, obviously. Is it any wander parents drink - the shame.And no, I don't want anyone cancelled. Cancel culture is a Conservatives' fairy tale. The tweet was a joke. Obvious…, before I block you: Karen-meme is about power & privilege. It deconstructs how white people consciousl… @AndyWrathall definitely not @AndyWrathall shall I go back when there's a full moon? @messy_tony sounds like a perfect plan. And I hope you get out soon. @Tulsi_Achia I learnt it's from 2015, and they ignored concerns then @messy_tony not on a school night, Tony ☺️ @messy_tony application? I'm supposed to be writing a 50,000 word thesis. Gin is not the solution - sadly @wendyorr the dogs will never go in that copse, but I find it fascinating.there's white dudes searching for people that have QTed the Wiggles video, to inform them that it's not racist. I g… @TraceyLeeAU that's what I thought. And the dirt is always neatly piled up to one or two sides @TraceyLeeAU These tiny graves are intriguing. There's another area I walk, about 3 kms from today's spot, that has… was checking out the flattened grasses, next to a river of green sludge, wondering what large beast had recently… @abite4tea I should have credited SBS for that sweet heading @abite4tea and who can forget one of the best ever news headlines it inspired @CrunchyKiki What an inconsiderate response to your valid criticism. I wonder if they'd respond the same way now? @Bhuva_at_UTS apparently it's a few years old. It's still awfulWhy am I checking out PhD opportunities and watching racist Wiggles videos, instead of writing my Masters thesis??… @collettell @MJ_Leaver Drawing a sweet potato was too hard. Instead, I added a bird/bee to the turnip/heart/apple. And posted your book :) @sistercherisse it can be hard to remove things once they're out there. @sistercherisse I'm out of the loop. @HeidiSelkie they're play-acting missionaries, of course @angelgabe6 @banoky unless - she's been kidnapped by goats @angelgabe6 @banoky napping?Well done Australia - we're almost at the end of Book Week, with zero racist costume incidents reported. Wiggles:… @mapmakerdavid @YouTube thanks for sharing that"Said explained how colonialism works, not just through armies but through literature; not just through conquest bu…
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@Jtosnest Thanks. That book is now out of circulation.