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@reprive_ she doesn’t deserve u king @4ynoa @t1ffsny no u don’t @t1ffsny @4ynoa talk yo shit @t1ffsny @4ynoa real af tiffi’d do anything to be attractive.
Retweeted by + @4ynoa @Tom__Quan looks like a painting @blue64 @Kezyyz LMFAO @1OZNY @angelvxq @luvducki eli tweetvalorant player goes outside
Retweeted by + @justjennuh what. @luvhals why am i there @strafeNA_ that’s me
@minbin_07 11Content starts now … After Hours Dawn @theweeknd
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Retweeted by + @miinieie mira imsg @miinieie todo bien? @hypocrtt proof @fIuffyzx @inaahxo rizz god @urgotswifee am i wrong? his music is so badmfs unironically still listen to rod wave @stacietpwk hi @AK_valorant i got u @kohi_FPS villain arc @kohi_FPS brent? @bunnbunn_15 midlying.mp4
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lying OUT NOW link in bio/replies :D
Retweeted by + @aftrrx LMFAO @vhackersk8s yes @4ynoa @neongenesisk wtf @stacietpwk way better than the sandwich @stacietpwk 🫣 @cestarri @666lKO @stacietpwk @bunnyberrry yea ofc @cestarri @666lKO @stacietpwk @bunnyberrry why it look like thatwake up
Retweeted by + @Ino_VAL me @666lKO @stacietpwk @bunnyberrry @cestarri okay @cumcumboobs valid @cumcumboobs @cumcumboobs wanna see mine @AK_valorant im hardhi twitter
Retweeted by + @miinieie nah @miinieie that would never be u @ACONITEINJECT0R @h4rtfps @boaaty LMFAOOOO @h4rtfps @ACONITEINJECT0R @boaaty LMFAOOOOO bro dick eating rn
@stacietpwk cyanlying tmr @ 4 est no promo vid for this one i wanna surprise yall :> pre-save link in bio :p
Retweeted by + @ophi777 okay @ophi777 green <3 @Iovealilmore good question @starlovesuu so real @vhackersk8s thank god my acc is dead @remmyKEKW @miinieie it’s still out 🙈 @f8lconz @jedwill1999 gross @miinieie @remmyKEKW u be saying worse stuff @Iovealilmore cyan for surefirst day of work fit wowow
Retweeted by + @remmyKEKW @miinieie I pulled it out so fast @nectqrine @vinniehacker you’re welcome @nectqrine @vinniehacker it’s okay @nectqrine @vinniehacker u fucked up ricey @miinieie u need help @catboythomas @wtficon @wlyrrr @ophi777 @celcrium sure @ophi777 @celcrium bro @celcrium 1kotaaa @666daunt @1EDEN_ got u bro @miinieie no… @miinieie damn @urfavradiant get logitech @Cazzyqc @lilixbby wild
@h4rtfps @edendeeznuts114 he loves me @edendeeznuts114 LMFAOalready rich // Valorant montage rt if real
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Retweeted by + @urfavradiant npc mousepad @miinieie sorry @666lKO @miinieie i wss joking @miinieie he for sure lying @cherrwr im done w twitter @cherrwr @gabersenn yeah @havenily i do get it @havenily no worse @havenily it keeps getting worse @4ynoa thats what im saying
@vhackersk8s @Fixitfe11xx nah @babysopii @Fixitfe11xx im done w twitter @bumfkd @wlyrrr because @bumfkd @wlyrrr shut up bro @bumfkd @wlyrrr I don’t talk to people on here LMAO @wlyrrr LMFAO @Fixitfe11xx sameyeat fans are actual npc’s @keaIani frearly 11 aimers was peak for val twt
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