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@cheerrysav i do get it, your music taste is just bad @yslophelia realreal shit y’all mfs be annoying @cheerrysav no way u just said that AND U CHOSE THE WORST SONG @Yumifps @1EDEN_ @Yumifps @1EDEN_ dawg @1EDEN_ @Easyissac2 fuck @11tzuki 😦I would be her toilet 🙏
Retweeted by ️kotai wait until the last semester to talk to girls cause their standards drop and their style improves
Retweeted by ️kotacute laughs are so attractive
Retweeted by ️kota @tuxxse xm1r @11tzuki where u get those pants? @CARlIlIIl you’re fine lmao @CARlIlIIl i wasn’t stalking tho @CARlIlIIl i just followed back and I see this @s2nnyy please @harmfoo @builtbygamers you’re just different bro @s2nnyy let me get your insta @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ after my nap @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ :( @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ oh @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ cry in my arms @1aidn @_k1ttytitty real @hhaleylol @11tzuki @lavnah_ i meant after school @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ bro i need my nap @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ after my nap @11tzuki @hhaleylol @lavnah_ fr @_k1ttytitty i use my balls6 MORE PEOPLE PLEASE 😭
Retweeted by ️kotagood morning
Retweeted by ️kota @1aidn gmgive it time.
Retweeted by ️kota @snndown @s2nnyy let me in lil jit @yslophelia you’re so pretty! @pohluhr fr tho @vyl0ne u different bro @vyl0ne balls @vyl0ne @pohluhr 😂 @1wiiree mwah @vyl0ne my fault gangsta @wlyrrr u hittin on me? @vyl0ne nahh💀 @wlyrrr i know bro you’re a good guy @vyl0ne im the main characteri got sum super talented friends its crazy i just be saying words tbh
Retweeted by ️kota @_routers @n0tandreaaa WWW @wlyrrr me when i lie @181RAYS happy birthday bro @1wiiree happy birthday bro love u @1aidn gn @korosuOW thanks broI've never gone for an Recruitement Challenege before, but i'm going to go for #FaZe1 The chances of winning are…
Retweeted by ️kota @ahad you can make it bro I believe in you @UnkwnUser @OsvijFPS 4k @vootmoot @1aksenas nic addict @_sekiro yh @SeptFPS sounds like me no cap @alviism ty @wlyrrr me when I lieI look like an AI 300 tysm<3
Retweeted by ️kota @ctrrlz egirl collector @yslophelia cat @LayziVAL mommy @1aksenas @chaz75 @snndown he clean with it @chaz75 single by choice but okay @chaz75 im not edating, y’all stay safe tho @s2nnyy LMFAOclimbin
Retweeted by ️kota @FSJamo1 @etherealVAL_ @FSJamo1 real LMFAOO @chaz75 you just subtweeted yourselfI just hate everyone ngl @edatercentral u good bro? @t4sted felony @yslophelia ohXlite V2 Wireless SKU: PXW22 Color: White
Retweeted by ️kota @yslophelia @yslophelia hiiyea I do this shit
Retweeted by ️kota @yslophelia buzz buzz
@snndown @playgirllashley noti @zmaxiie kiss me @zmaxiie so hot @1EDEN_ so good papi @1aidn me2 @censorablee u aint trying hard enough @unwh6re hi @awsomej1018 LMAO @pohluhr @DaeganVal @HitBox_Hiros real @SakraValorant sorryToday we have completed the transfer of @Corey_OW to @TSM Wishing you nothing but the best in the future, and tha…
Retweeted by ️kota @aftrrX @wlyrrr LMFAOO @adorbse @ignovercook i was joking