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mehzy @1mehzy CALIFORNIA

14 🇵🇭 | f/a @dnadiff_ | SMU business inquiries:

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@RossyUA @AikoKamu Happy birthday my favorite igl. You are old as shit like Master Oogway
@misufps either after prac or after i wake up if i sleep after prac @misufps my fault g i guess they aren't trying to collect guns b main @misufps swinging b main 0 util... @Add3rTV @RachellyVAL vouch jack shared his food with me at lan and gave me a lambo afterwards to drive around the city with @realmocking @Zellsis u look like the fourth photo @Vanityxz cancer
Retweeted by mehzyhow to ensure ur ecos arent stolen in ranked ft. @Zellsis
i heckin love phoenix! twitch .tv/meh_zy @Zellsis @Vanityxz fuck you jordan @careertwitch Happy birthday arman! @KnownAsLit run it down dash into people and no comm then refuse to talk and type fuck u when someone asked him to… don't want you bro stop wasting ur time playing kissy kissy through the monitorFpsVynn#2006 please get off discord and actually use your microphone for comming instead of asking for skins. You w… @Subroza @Sarhmarie Thank you for the $20,000 that went towards my brothers surgery. You're truly a life saver he i… @realmocking @Zellsis What’s wrong? 🤔 @Zellsis First day of school stopped being emo and i became good at the game @zekkenVAL thats what im saying zach @crunchyyworld @sevvn @kiwiramune hey babe u can come join gymaimers since this fool is blacklisting you @Yoshii_TTV those keycaps are sick asf @kiwiramune me i already have had that spray equipped for a while
@ScrewFaceVAL @Cuten00bCasts @akaL4CE @keencval @ScrewFaceVAL @Zellsis @OXG_Esports @ScrewFaceVAL @Zellsis @OXG_Esports 👨‍🦽💨✋i aint getting signed so get me on that team when im washed @Zellsis i miss playing with you @zekkenVAL @crunchyyworld @OkinFPS @WedidOfficial @atlidx @fuglaa @RossyUA whats ur thoughts on this yassine @Bonesllb Shit you prob got fucked up on a shit ton of anesthesia @vapen_val W @Zellsis @version1gg na i quit the game jett is too annoying to play. house wont be taken over1-2 @version1gg. as they say father prevails over son. ggs pops @Zellsis @Bonesllb did u get wisdom teeth removed cause the anesthesia was different during that operation for me
@KushayVLRT @envysJPN @florscnt @misufps Who said we?We are Ascending the ranks... 📈 ft. jammyz, coL Governor & V1 wippie via @YouTube
Retweeted by mehzy @Zellsis @YouTube Ok @Zellsis @YouTube Give me a reason for me to retweet @47GLYPH @gatinarios not looking at the tat only looking at the dude in the photo 😻 @ciaolyx @clgaming congrats ciao!NA RANKED EXPERIENCE
Retweeted by mehzy @koalanoob i cant awp anymore and i lost to someone named HUMBLEH0M0PH0BE9#BUKA @koalanoob I am sad @TrickAIM Happy birthday my favorite professional player @ciaolyx @neT_valorant my mikey is so precious @karraof @KushayVLRT @Zellsis @realmocking All good, @misufps get ur dog back on it's leash. Thanks. @KushayVLRT @Zellsis @realmocking ? @Zellsis @realmocking Id rock ur shit in minecraft you dog @v1c_cs There.4-1 for the day. My OP wasn't on par today but all good. GGs @v1c_cs @VIRTUOSOVAL Sorry Vicstar123, I will delete my tweet then type it again.
@RossyUA not valid ruka a bitch ong @Cryocells_ @OpTic WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @zekkenVAL @OpTic zach i hate everyone but its not working whats the next step to being like you
@zekeiVAL @kanatouu vouch @1flyuh You’re an animal xavier we love you @zekkenVAL can i have ur cheats @aleksandarosa washed at 14 @Cryocells_ Fathercells @Cryocells_ @FaZeClan WOOOO LETS GO FATHERCELLS CONGRATS
@neT_valorant D IGL'D US TO VICTORY WITH HIS SPREADSHEETS i just realized after streaming i purged this tweet whilst purgi… @Add3rTV @KnightsGG @derrick_truong Vouch for hayashiReleased from @KnightsGG -LFT as an Unrestricted F/A -Pref Sentinel, flex, and initiator in that order. -Contact…
Retweeted by mehzy @kiwiramune playboi han 🧛🧛🧛🧛🧛 @neT_valorant @andersin_val @ScrewFaceVAL vouch for what michael b said
@Glorinsz @zekeiVAL @jakeeVAL Also replying for later
@impossiblyeve @PlayVALORANT this was my jam in kindergarten chill for me @karraof watch an aleks montage then play through the pain it will inspire u to burst only @karraof at this point u might aswell try to convert to the phantom if ur spraying the vandal this much... @karraof the amount of times i see the vandal being sprayed is absurd @zander_fps firsthow is this guy switching agents when hes already locked @PlayVALORANT ???? @NickIsNuts_ Just reinstall ur stuff lol
@NotReduxx ddosd @misufps no this is @EnzoSS_ @MaRValorant Wow ram @Vanityxz people praying on the americans downfall @Nurfed @not_jack1 @9nerve @branted707 he still got the gene in him @NotReduxx common reduxx w @NahsieTV Chocolate syrup with milk @Evs2x valid frfr @adorbse THATS WHAT IM SAYING @1fab_ u trippin fabWords cant express how much I love chocolate milk @charris4422 @realmocking
@RossyUA @Corey_OW You like listening to nokia ringtones? @Dark3stVal everyone in top 12 vlr besides maybe eg idk if reformed played off the top of my head @Shawn12590 @WedidOfficial nice guys finish last thats why ill treat u like trash its not really what i want to do @NukeProphet @KushayVLRT @Dogo_VN @Dogo_VNRealized valorant is too hard. First job interview today. Hows the attire looking? @Nurfed @WedidOfficial @RustunL @khanartistval @ItsMonSiii @BlackHeartVAL @fireballops let me play bro i may be 5’7… @FraggVAL ares still a 10