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New book!

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@nucksaid @Canucks @NHL @bobbyjo_84 1st in the division. Tied for 3rd in the Conference.“A” Does it feel like we have a coach’s challenge every game now? #PaceKiller @Canucks and “B” How are we not playi… @spuddastewart @daxshepard Finding there podcast is like finding a field of unicorns and kittens, solving world hun…
@DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Language young man. Language. @RandipJanda I think he might even give Esposito a run for his money this season. @BoestMode @anderson6302 @ChrisFaber39 We may not win a lot of Stanley cups but our Twitter team wins every time they get on the Internet. @anderson6302 @ChrisFaber39
Retweeted by Michael Coleman @daxshepard As a fellow it atheist, it’d be weird to say you’re doing God’s work, but it feels like right quote all… @MLP_Fan_Page @ClaireMCorlett Nu breekt mijn klomp!!!Feed the right dog. Often easier said than done, but something we should always be mindful of in all we do.… @daxshepard and one of your podcasts and the light you are bringing into this world. You are having conversations I… podcast @daxshepard and Monica Padman is so incredibly insightful and brave and real... I suspect you know you… @DonaldJTrumpJr Language. @steeletalk @Dave_Eby @icbc @CKNW This is where a pendulum starts swinging too hard in an extreme direction. @imcorinnemec Cirque du So Hey it’s a parade! @legaleagle48 @dejavudad @MadDogLane1984 @bigeby13 @FindmeEllery @EllaB_ @DutchGirl8Sub @miamercuryart @MeloraHardin are easily one of my favorite characters on @theoffice Super late with this -- but watching old e… miss this world. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't whatever this is... Happy birthday Michelle! @nucksaid @Canucks The whole line has played with more confidence and better results. No coincidence.It's time to start repairing this divisive rabbit hole we've gone down. It's time. @Canucks Loui has handled the media, fandom, and everyone else with grace and professionalism. I am thrilled for hi…
@robertcarlyle_ @SkyOne @NOWTV Congratulations! Looking forward to it! @nucksaid Nice work Big Tuna! start! @MRaymondJames Lookin' good fellas.
@Alyssa_Milano I've been playing hockey for decades and I can't do this! So incredibly cool.Good for @tmotte_14 and for @Canucks who've delivered on their promise to change the world after Rick Rypien died.…
Retweeted by Michael Coleman @WilliamShatner @HamillHimself Please let someone from the Aliens or Blade Runner franchise be the uncle? I feel a… love the strong voices that are creating exposure and conversation today. The world is a little messy right now,… you ever saw me play hockey it would be fair for you to say we have nothing in common @tmotte_14 (I'm a 4th line… @mitchntx1 @MissOriginal6 @hipsterverse_tv Sincerely appreciated! You should see what's coming!!! We're having more… conversation is bigger than many people think. Thank you @Canucks @kbieksa3 @tmotte_14 @CoreyHirsch and everyo… @RuPaul Can you please clone yourself so you can be each and every one of our best friends? Could not love you more. @TSN1040 @SUBWAYCanada @HalfordTSN @JasonBroughTSN As long as we riot. Does it really matter if we win or lose? @CoreyHirsch Sven is the real deal! @Chas10Buttigieg You are both inspiring people and make the world a better place. @arcticrusty @dkeeping Truth. This potentially fills the top 6 with one possibly being in top 9. @dkeeping @RodneyGibson604 Don’t you think Horvat, Pettersson, Miller, Gaudette is enough youth depth at C with Sut… @DhaliwalSports Some interesting RFAs, UFSs, and the ongoing Eriksson situation that could see a spot or two open u… @DhaliwalSports This kid has skill. One of a few really interesting prospects in the system. @KingAtina Season 2 auditions soon #TrueStory#Toast #Comedy #SkinnyJeans #Woke @hipsterverse_tv a world that doesn't often make sense anymore -- @BreneBrown Thank you for a bit of empathy, mindfulness, and lo… @Carol_MillsHood @sean_m_maguire It's my understanding there was some nods to @JoshDallas 's PIG character in Zoot… @BoHorvat @tmotte_14 May everyone here be truly a part of a family or team that behaves in this way. @tmotte_14 I literally played a character named "Happy" for 7 years and can relate 100% on the impact of anxiety an… Top Romance Movies Maybe we have to change the genre from #Comedy to #Romance? LOL when Motte couldn't be MORE likeable, he basically says "hold my beer" -- Thanks for your honesty and voice!
#4 on @PopVortex Romance Movies right now! Ahead of two 50 Shades movies LOL #JustSayin Thank you to everyone who… to the cast, crew, producers, @AMC_TV and everyone involved for keeping this show interesting for t… @DarrenFink @fredewanuick Thanks Darren! Truly appreciate the kind words. @IanJames007 Live footage of a mysterious woman running across the Pacific Ocean onto our shores. The local news s… work!!!
Let's not just tweet/meme it... let's do it. I've assembled winter clothing I can live without & will hand deliver… a movie. It was released today. #37Teen #Movie #Comedy #HughesHighSchool High school is wasted on the young.… you my friend <3
@EricBilitch Fantastic! My students and I sat down this morning and watched this first thing before class as today'… @imcorinnemec Cornpeanutbutter and Cornjam.A brilliant community and an amazing weekend.
So much fun! I could not love this community more. Thank you for having me and thank you to everybody who participa… time I buttered my legs to fit into #skinnyjeans for Director @aishatyler I like to think this episode of… you @comedydynamics #37teen #movie #comedy #hugheshighschool @MichaelLeaver5 @ActorPeterNew @samdulmage Thank you my friend!#QuinnTheVote = ✅🎉 It's OFFICIAL. Quinn Hughes is an #NHLAllStar, thanks to YOU #Canucks Fans! 🙌
Retweeted by Michael Coleman @legaleagle48 @ActorPeterNew @samdulmage Make America Guys (from this photo) Again. @MichaelLeaver5 @ActorPeterNew @samdulmage The Triple Eight Happy Lucku Golden Dragon All-Nite Market Television Telecast. (TV show) @kelisabeth38 Thank you Kirsten! January 14!!!
@MichaelLeaver5 @ActorPeterNew @samdulmage I’ve met all 4 and can honestly say, the middle two are geniuses and the… can never tell if it was the actor on the far left or the far right, but one of these guys was just awful.… Available January 14,2020 Caution: Language and material not suitable for all ages and audiences.…
@RaphaelAlejandr @DisneyChannel Dude, you are truly one of my favorite actors all time. You kill me buddy! @ChangingChanne1 @WIRES_NSW Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;… @ChangingChanne1 Yeah :) @ChangingChanne1 Thank you! We had an incredible time making it. @nucksaid #Same37-Teen January 14th. Help us put the "cool" in High School. @ActorPeterNew I would have chimes in earlier but needed to milk the joke first. If you have a beef? That's fair. @ActorPeterNew This is an udder disappointment. @Silent_Ntrovert @TheReelJamesD Let's spread the good word! @ActorPeterNew In my darkest hours and brightest days, you were visible in both. You are more than just a friend. Y… haven't Tweeted you once during your campaign nor your Presidency @realDonaldTrump - trying hard to stay in my ow… @TheReelJamesD Ahhhh @jlew42 would be the type to initiate such a grandiose act of kindness! Let's all #PayItForward @legaleagle48 @TheReelJamesD Kindness is going around, & I'm game! First 5 people who comment on this post will rec… @TheReelJamesD #PayItForward @TheReelJamesD Please help this go viral... Maybe if we all focused on kindness in 2020 we can start the healing!#BrokenNotShattered #Kindness2020 talented writer/director friend @TheReelJamesD posted this today! Kindness is going around, & I'm game! First…
My 4 year LOVES this book. I like to pretend I wrote it. She doesn't believe me. LOL @DavePrattSports We should also wait until he's is asleep, load a bar of soap in each of our socks, then blind fold… @Boeing74 Those are the BEST kinds of dreams!Check us out on Instagram: #HighSchoolIsWastedOnTheYoung @LouDPhillips @BrittHalaas iTunes is the location!1.21 gigawatts Only 5 more sleeps until we go back to school. #HighSchoolIsWastedOnTheYoung
@ActorPeterNew Have you tried saying it in Portuguese? Pomada. #HubbaHubba @Biggun0331 I’ve got to check that out. @Talentedkatz My birth year, 1997. @KarenDavid @ABCcameramatt Truly heartbreaking 💔 @cmefirst Not gonna lie. Driving a Delorian in that outfit was very cool. #88mph