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OT Nash @1nxsh Aryhn Nico Aero

@OvertimeGG | 15 πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

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@zenjttv my goat @exavlrt @reddi1_ @cindyyval hey :)))) @99shoz @vaypid hes been top 100 vaypid is the goat @randomcmr @christlii_ my GOAT @cloudyerin_ @christlii_ @randomcmr did he also save ur grandma? @christlii_ @randomcmr thanks for saving me
@Dogolations @reddi1_ @RossyUA meee too :( @reddi1_ @Dogolations @RossyUA unfortunately i am being fr you told me even zzzzz @Dogolations @reddi1_ @RossyUA we in tha same boat doggy its ok :) @n3kyy_ @PapiCamValorant @nuwumy bro LMFAO @PapiCamValorant @n3kyy_ @nuwumy … @PapiCamValorant @n3kyy_ @nuwumy BRO WHAT WE ARE NOT DATING WHY ARE PEOPLE SAYING THIS @n3kyy_ @PapiCamValorant thid is why i love TMU N3kky @calebbjang @vexzzii VOUCH @kudfps ? @GOATzVal 🧒 @d4vddd my goat @kay1an_ idk GET HIM SOMETHING @kay1an_ idk like chocolate, a plushy, and maybe some flowers @222KIS @OvertimeGG ofc ofc always @GOATzVal sure if im free @aryhnval @Stay_Plugged_In @TheValTimes school rn @aryhnval @Stay_Plugged_In @TheValTimes i cant :( @PapiCamValorant i would (ZERO) @playgirllashley fine ill like it @playgirllashley ashley twitter world domination @isohxo @moonieie_ @phambam1234 i grew two inches since lan im now 6’1 fr πŸ₯±πŸ₯± @phambam1234 @moonieie_ fr @moonieie_ @phambam1234 why are you laughing hes telling the truth. @exavlrt @Evs2x @fIuffyzx i miss us @sniperiwnl @FateHeyo @OvertimeGG skin one @sobersushi01 my goat @sobersushi01 @LAROFPS time for me to retire @moonieie_ im just under 5’7 ☹️ @GenerallyEric @hunnihann me got off sorry :(
@reddi1_ POGGGG @zekkenVAL my goat @nuwumy @welyyval this HAS to be you @ryswtf @J33BY LMFOAOAOA @ion2x_VAL yo @chup2s @J33BY whenever i q with krystal which will be next week cuz shes busy this week @J33BY $peppapiglunchbox @J33BY slide $10 πŸ™πŸ™ @J33BY YO JEEBY HIII @respectfx_ @OvertimeGG LMFAO NOT REAL @pmpy44 @gvnocide @WIIREE_ @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k bro im good i do not want to queue with a cheater @pmpy44 @gvnocide @WIIREE_ @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k we used to like 4 acts ago… @gvnocide @pmpy44 @WIIREE_ @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k real @pmpy44 @gvnocide @WIIREE_ @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k bro every time we duod YOU WENT DOUBLE NEG 😑😑 @pmpy44 @gvnocide @WIIREE_ @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k ratio @gvnocide @WIIREE_ @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k shut up @WIIREE_ @gvnocide @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k this is why i love you wiire goat duo @TotsiVAL_ @OvertimeGG rahhh ily bro goated duo @acez2k @21astaa @gvnocide @exavlrt NOR DO I STREAMSNIPE NOR WINTRADE CAN U GUYS ACTUALLY STOP ITS GETTING ANNOYING PPL MIGHT BELIEVE IT @acez2k @21astaa @gvnocide @exavlrt bruh i dont even say curse words @gvnocide @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k BRO MY@FAJLT @exavlrt @gvnocide @21astaa @acez2k bro fuck you @gvnocide @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k theyre so mean to me for no reason i need new friends @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k aight bruh @exavlrt @21astaa @acez2k nah this crazy roy @sniperiwnl :D @kinetictz @OvertimeGG :3 @Hydroyur @chup2s @grizzdv @OvertimeGG yo i was asleep wassup avora hydroyur @HyperDrivedGG @OvertimeGG ly bro ty @HyperDrivedGG @OvertimeGG thanks exotiic hyper @tropics2x @OvertimeGG bro its bobby btw from old fortnite days @x9ric @OvertimeGG appreciate it a lot πŸ™πŸ™ @MA5KED @OvertimeGG LOVE YOU TOO BRO @4NN7A @OvertimeGG thanks anna @TiffneyVal @OvertimeGG w! @melyaFPS @OvertimeGG ty melya @jaynvh @OvertimeGG ty ty @x9ric @OvertimeGG XAVIER MY GOATTT @UhSully @OvertimeGG ur so real @MattCookinUp @OvertimeGG W @WIIREE_ @OvertimeGG πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ @gvnocide @fIuffyzx @OvertimeGG @nuwumy shes a good 10 inches shorter its ok @redofps @OvertimeGG this is true @1D0V3S @OvertimeGG ly bro @Evs2x @4javii @OvertimeGG @MaanishVLRT alreadt did @kqmbrrly wild. @kqmbrrly LMFAOOO @griizzx @OvertimeGG ily bro @BCCBrick @OvertimeGG @ExJdawg he has to unblock me first cuz i stopped grinding for exotiic :((( @jayluhs @OvertimeGG ty jayla @insoIate @OvertimeGG ofc @bread_val @OvertimeGG THANK YOUU @vaypid @OvertimeGG might be time @sniperiwnl me @Yohn @OvertimeGG ILY @1kouhai @4javii @OvertimeGG ok i will take ur elo when i see u in ranked @lmBeII @OvertimeGG ty ty @ion2x_VAL @OvertimeGG OMG SO POG
@SCROYZ @OvertimeGG ty ty @kml0rd @OvertimeGG REAL