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nash @1nxsh Soojun Laro Fish

@LimitGGS | Youngin for @MatchaCatAimers @MarkPhillipsGG | @Bobbert_Val @Aryhnval | 15 πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

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@Abdeznuts @Jank3x Dude it's so fun you gotta play it with us @jeffyzk_ @CurryFPS @aryhnval and ofc the cutie @jamieeatsdogs @Bobbert_VAL @nabiichuVAL @CurryFPS @Abdeznuts @Jank3x I am retiring from valorant and going pro in cs/muck @Abdeznuts Muck > @Abdeznuts @Jank3x Bro has a girlfriend πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 🀣😭😭😭😭 @Abdeznuts @Jank3x Mf we have not talked or played in THREE WEEKS CUZ YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND @Abdeznuts @Jank3x No mf like it's broken it says I was 372 rr or something and it's frozen @Abdeznuts @Jank3x Aspireabde my tracker has not moved since ep 4 act 2. @Abdeznuts @Jank3x ur a troll I was 452 rr πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“ @Abdeznuts @Jank3x You guys are trolls I hope u all trip and fall @Abdeznuts @Jank3x Why are people saying this @SuperficialXD @Social_Val Wait wtf on mobile it looks so stretched @SuperficialXD @Social_Val Is that true stretched and is it bannable? @ToozyVAL @TeamReckarooVal TOOZYVAL @sidsity W BLANK @faetxd @Jank3x ? i was 452 @acez2k SAMNE @OdiFps @Social_Val ? @zekeiVAL gyat
@Jank3x i was one game off wadiant mane πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯² @aryhnval @ssav1or Soon maybe in like 15 mins when I get back but I also have scrimmies in 2 hours @aryhnval @ssav1or Hi aaron @ssav1or Why now @VobengKhee @GOATzVal U right @ToothlessAim W @Jank3x Down 385 rr this week ☺️ @_xupy Soon @sevvn Sick @sevvn FR this is sixk @fishszns Mocking is my goat tho @fishszns 😭😭 @Glorinsz I play and I lose but it's okay @ikjoshh @OvertimeGG Wow big w @iyeory @lauvishwya @tofurglev2 ^-^ @lauvishwya @tofurglev2 im down 400 rr so i got the pleasure of meeting him πŸ₯² @aryhnval @PlayVALORANT THE BOY SHON HIT RADIANT THOOO @Abdeznuts @ARIANARCHIST brooooo i legit was getting OWNED @tofurglev2 @lauvishwya BRO HES SO WEIRDDDDD AND HES HORRIBLE MF IS AIMING FOR TOES @ARIANARCHIST IM SO SORRY FOR INTING UR GAME ON HAVEN EARLIER @fishszns Leg shots don't do as much damage now @bread_val SHEEEEESH @ivyy6969 I'm reformed ivy. @nonifps Scrimmages @ketchupacket629 @sillysayon76 10th @nonifps scrimmies
@zekkenVAL allg, time to pursue fortnite @waveVLR idk i just stole the ss @BlanKAims @lilyyy141 one of us is but its not me @Gucc107 @_12pk @spookyaddison @ChigBepis get a grip plz @sinkfps duochamp? @stellariwnl 7* @luvlucvs @Evs2x @clickayyy ^7 months sober β™₯️πŸ₯³ @cindyyval @beebmeow 🀀 @sevvn Vouch for the goat @COLBEEval @amirmeoww ^ @stellariwnl @sillysayon76 Aaron just say you don't talk to people in school big bro @EXA__VAL @chup2s @TKSweetnessVal Ratio kid + duo when ur back I'm in my ranked demon arc again @jakeeVAL @juleevalo Big W @juzzouuu @kayR_lol @sarah_frags @ItsGamerDoc It is lol you can get perm banned for queuing with a cheater @neT_valorant Ur the goat net :D @Evs2x B-but we are so kawaii UwU nyaaa πŸ₯Ί @Social_Val @Evs2x @clickayyy Evan doesn't need to rizz me up @Evs2x OMG we are so kawaii we both got forsaken sova 1v5s >.< @Skylinedlol Istg I've never whipped it out so fast @Evs2x @clickayyy Evan shut up please @EXA__VAL @chup2s @TKSweetnessVal I was dropping 30s on the account and then I went into a slump and I'm down 400 on main @EXA__VAL @chup2s @TKSweetnessVal Bro. @Bobbert_VAL @cocoimao :( @cocoimao Yes but all my teamates say I'm weird for it @sillysayon76 I mean purely for the social interactions... I hate homework @sillysayon76 Idk but I genuinely enjoy school @beebmeow PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM DOWN 400 RR @clickayyy AM I BEING GASLIT? ISTG UR GOLD OR PLAT NO? LMFAOOO @EXA__VAL @TKSweetnessVal Shut up goofy I was 450 rr this act @zekeiVAL Oh yeah @1flyuh This and the tranquility video are my favorite clipdumps πŸ₯² @1flyuh UR SO INSANELY GOOD MAN @TKSweetnessVal Allg sweetness I am down 400 rr πŸ₯² @zekeiVAL Idk I play ten ping Texas server and genuinely feel no difference when I'm on 30 on illis @bread_val @Shanks_TTV BREADDY BOYYY IS COLD @RainAims SAVE ME RAIN IM DOWN 400 RR @matchacataimersAND THANKS FOR DUO @bread_valInsane Sova Post Plant Ace (I definitely did not troll this round) @BERE14_ Hey mommy πŸ™ˆ @clickayyy Wait what rank are u I thought u were gold 3 :0000 @Bobbert_VAL BobbySmallBalls665#Nash @clickayyy Are u not gold?
@bread_val add nash#twt @bread_val BET @yongledd please bro @clickayyy I am down 400 rr. @jason_nms @sevvn LMAO @Bobbert_VAL OmenGod57#Bobby @lildeeznuts0 LOL @BERE14_ @jegge_ 420 rr to 60. @BERE14_ @jegge_ Nah mf is different he started my insane loss streak. @jegge_ @BERE14_ Jegge u keep taking my elo and u r insane at this game