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Social Media Manager for @OnePercentHQ - work(ed) with @benjyfishy @UnknownxArmy1x @ChapFN @Safarooniee @Wolfiez

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@Fnaticszn6 wut @candihotti so pretty
@Vynlabtw same @YusaSZN . @Chimp1k @ThreatsFN yo @HidesFN @FaZeSway ong @DeyyFN @jojiFN @candihotti @purxbtw im down if me and zaxy dont find 1 @candihotti @wtfnoaugh Yea @LiquefyFN @UserzFN @ThreatsFN @ChewyPog @cxltures @trapistaken Well personally I wouldn’t take this ratio @UserzFN @candihotti @ThreatsFN @ChewyPog @cxltures @trapistaken V @UserzFN @ThreatsFN @ChewyPog @cxltures @trapistaken cringe + made by dubs and megga + carried by dictatorship and… @ThreatsFN @ChewyPog @cxltures cringe + ratio + noti + hey lol + ratio x2 + @trapistaken tap in + we r gonna our pl… & @ChewyPog & @cxltures n1 for squads @ChewyPog Me and cxltures @VexTNA Yo @_carIie it’s ok everybody needs a lil rest every once and a while ❤️ @PlaIism are you? @Bonnzzaiivfx WTF THISNIS SO GOODPreview for @1PBrady
Retweeted by 1% Brady @LurkinAB ye the crossovers r but the thing i did THATS WHY IM ASKINGcould this be the fastest height start if i get the movement down or am i just dumb @G2LeTsHe how long till opens @ovverthink Thx @trapistaken you land on this RATIO @notvexap @candihotti hey lol @Ved_fn ur so good! Vouch! @candihotti YAYAYAYAYAY IM SO EXCITED LETS GOOOO @h8Iey @candihotti that’s what I did it I’m joking! @candihotti Ye @Diiscc What would u be doing if u weren’t successful on YT @ovverthink oh ye I totally yelled at u 😐😐😐 @ovverthink I would never @NotLucFN @FaZeSway LMAO @NotLucFN might as well tweet “@FaZeSway reply to this tweet I need impressions” @tweaaks now wait for all the comedians coming to the replies to call you it 😐 @Mongraal gm mongrakllkthis is still the best vid LMAO @cxltures wait thats actually fire gz bro @NickEh30 Thats a sick view (eh) @HidesFN @TheOAAcademy v @candihotti @wtfkylo @TheSommerset ayayaaayay @candihotti this is so good @Vynlabtw years @wdripxz v @BldyVFX asap @anivfx_ noooo when r u home @ryswtf @Avery_FN mf go to sleep @ItzJoshMyrie @adinross Vouch :) @YourFellowArab @nativeDeez @Laiys_ . @breadfn_ ☹️ @breadfn_ say ong youre actually down @breadfn_ Brady x cxltures x bread x ? @breadfn_ Oh me and cxltures! @breadfn_ @ralfn_ cringe + noti + counter @ralfn_ ur fcking insane bro get 1st in finals now you got this shit you have big jaro on your team 😈 @Diiscc imma miss you bro but def the right decision for you ik you’re gonna pop off in what you do ily ❤️ @NotRyft @cxltures ratiod by your cringe attempt to ratio me @NotRyft @cxltures Saw this in my verified tab @candihotti @ryswtf @cxltures Yes @candihotti I would never @cxltures @Strodlez ^ @Formula @cxltures 1P cxlturla @cxltures 1P Cxlturdy
@candihotti / @HajieFN @ProblemSZN @Slapiin . @cxltures @TyIerPryor yes @cxltures @forpzy + made by kiwizn2 for squad cup w/ @cxltures @FaZeSway noway @TimmyFN_ @ZitoFN_ @Rurdey ur crazy tim othy @orangie ong? @orangie YO @Dubsfn high sens or low sens @xCrunchy yo @Sceptic ong @Avery_FN Yo @candihotti Yes @candihotti @spdyqt ???? @spdyqt @MlchiFN @wdripxz michi the 🐐 @wdripxz @MlchiFN personally wouldn’t take this @jinkieze @adddhi @cxltures noneed best lowground player for a free as fuck wager I’ll sui and for good money @Vynlabtw @candihotti What @FaZeSway @Vynlabtw @candihotti What @candihotti 😍😍 @candihotti YES
@ryswtf inv @ryswtf 7 @voshszn @pixelap_ woah @sevenjoshh Yo @EquitzYT @SquishFN What was it @dereknImb lets go @StableRonaldo @NRGgg @amiller @john so deserved congrats @Ved_fn Yo @jojiFN No @opsqt Me and @adddhi @benjyfishy @MrSavage goattt shit