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Social Media Manager for @OnePercentHQ - work(ed) with @benjyfishy @UnknownxArmy1x @ChapFN @Safarooniee @Wolfiez

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@zho_94 . @StrasicB me @ovverthink why do you say that @ovverthink no @MeroFN so many big ppl do it @tweaaks @ralfn_ @cxltures 🧢 @VexTNA . @Slapiin yo @Ceice drafts @M0chaFN HEATTTPreview for @1PBrady
Retweeted by 1% Brady @ryswtf .
@Ceice tac @StrasicB adhi @dukezfn bro you can del this LOL i deleted mine when u told me to yesterday @paralleltechy @NotRyft @OnePercentHQ @Aeolus pick him up @NotRyft @OnePercentHQ Who @vnshmax @ryswtf @joinClubhouse Oh cool slide that inv yo @vnshmax @ryswtf @joinClubhouse how did the original ppl get in @vnshmax @ryswtf @joinClubhouse how do i get on it @ryswtf @vnshmax @joinClubhouse omg ronaldo friend hey lol @vnshmax @joinClubhouse wait what is this bro @swazlol @fakeifys I’m not doing it but I would’ve LMAO @MiddiFPS_ @vnshmax Tf is that thing @Fnaticszn6 I would do a twitter giveaway saying to follow me and you to enter @WafflesFN @vnshmax Noti @vnshmax What’s that @TimmyFN_ @Investbtw @voshszn @LurkinAB Flopped 🤣🤣 @DlCTATING Don’t let the manager 1v3 u again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @forpzy @NickEh30 He ain’t gonna follow you bro 💀 @YLiquefy 16 5’11 @asianjeff stg you’re follower botting @jojiFN 80k tf @fakeifys Mf didn’t lie @DeyyFN noti @DeyyFN YOOO @swazlol @SlickTV_ 😱😱😱 @SlickTV_ @cxltures @ajo1x Mf thinks he’s Kanye 💀 @cxltures that was so fun even tho u got packed by me @SlickTV_ and @ajo1x @Investbtw no u suck @PlaIism MEMEMEMEM @VexTNA trio arena w cakie @adddhi oof @ryswtf @Jaroiwnl omgmgmwemmwmwmwm @FaZeSway @cxltures OH NAHAHAHHAHAHAH
@noahreyli yo @sniperiwnl How to join Outcast: Become a wager player @adddhi Don’t get banned! Again! @MiddiFPS_ Omg me middi please bro I’ve been apart of your noti gang forever! Pleaseeeee! 😎 @fakeifys @CorinnaKopf VOUCHHHHH @fnstrep . @DevourTkay like for a follow @StableRonaldo V @adddhi Tf?????? @YusaSZN @Ceice inv him @TimmyFN_ @Investbtw @voshszn @LurkinAB 😑 @OvertimeGG PLEASE ME ROAN HANTAO SNIPER ME PLEASE GUYS I BEG @cxltures like this if you want to get blocked @PlaIism 🧢 @TimmyFN_ LMAO @NorCalLucky @NickEh30 @SantaDecides ratio this clown for me please @BHVannessa PLEWAASSSSESSE @fakeifys @Laiys_ Fuck up it’s purely for when I’m pissed off thats it @WVRDELL ty bro you too @NorCalLucky @NickEh30 @WVRDELL clutch up for my boy @ryswtf @TimmyFN_ @voshszn yo do you guys go to school? @TimmyFN_ @voshszn no @Vettafy @ralfn_ is my enemy @voshszn LMAO WHAT @fakeifys @alexalols @cxltures V @Plege @YLiquefy @LurkinAB holy ratio wtf @benjyfishy Gm benjy @yungcalc hbd @Plege @YLiquefy @LurkinAB @paper_fn ?????????? @ryswtf @yungcalc noti @Slayybtw hbd @cxltures @fakeifys @Ceice ????????????????????????????????????????????? @Ceice . @AssaultLefty @Abdeznuts afk in a building and he threw max nades at me idc hes blocked forever @forpzy @Diiscc not nice! @0nset_ @jbarrfx_ @adddhi @pichxn Everybody says stupid stuff bro. I messed up big time once too bro, if he does so… @0nset_ @jbarrfx_ @adddhi @pichxn 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 @0nset_ @jbarrfx_ @adddhi @pichxn Chill bro 💀 @adddhi @pichxn V @ryswtf @TakenedTV wanna play
@flikk . @FortniteGame @beardedbruva Like for pump @SantaDecides @liljarviss @fakeifys I’m loyal to 1% @SantaDecides @liljarviss @fakeifys yessirski @cxltures @ralfn_ V @FaZeKay 3,981 @ralfn_ @GhoztyFN @Team_Kungarna Stop with the swear words! I told you yesterday! 😡 @candihotti @ralfn_ @GhoztyFN @Team_Kungarna ? @ralfn_ @GhoztyFN @Team_Kungarna Stfu congratulate the kid @ralfn_ @GhoztyFN @Team_Kungarna LMFAOOOOO HE WOULD @GhoztyFN @Team_Kungarna I am actually so proud of how far you’ve come bro. I remember when you would just beg me t… @GhoztyFN @Team_Kungarna MY BOYTTYYY GZZZZZ U HAVE COME SO FAR @cxltures @OnePercentHQ no pls no I’m sorry pls don’t block me cxltures pls bro