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The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie isn’t on a single streaming app or available to rent @zkorixdevon LmfaoooScrolling through Netflix is like staring at a fridge full of leftovers.@chloexhalle’s ‘busy boy’ x @janetjackson’s ‘that’s the way love goes’. 💞
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDERImagine a world where Apple Music knew how to shuffle
@SharSaysSo Wow. Love that for them. @_LanceCarter Same reallyJust a friendly reminder that not being interested in someone doesn’t give you power over them 🙂 @nudehippy Changes is still good. It’s just not R&BLike wow your parents really got to pick what you’re going to be called by everyone for the rest of your life. Their impact. @theerkj Official poster. @brvnnovrei We ain’t getting a movie for a while anyway 😂 @brvnnovrei I think it’s true for later installments, but idk about this upcoming sequel @_LanceCarter Whew these burnnnnBieber has the right writers around him to make an R&B album, but Changes wasn’t that. Journals was a much closer attempt. @RemeePooh Storm the awards** @brvnnovrei Go off!
@AlienMoroyoquii He checked a lot of those boxes off so he should have.When Dec 1 hits, I’m Christmasing y’all bitches outttt @MayceVassago Oo I really think her tone is gonna sound great over Christmas songsSo how we get YOU a Grammy tho?! @BrianMcLight The template is there!! @urban_elegance @SeauxScoot And I get it. They just gotta let go @SeauxScoot Has to. Artists gotta start removing their personal attachments to the songs bc listeners do not care. @SeauxScoot @urban_elegance !!When Bruno Mars comes back he’s gonna storm the awards. You know why? He gives you his 10 best songs and makes an… x Halle deserve. Boperellas of the summer.
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDER @itsKARY_ And the majority of listeners ain’t got the time lol @itsKARY_ There were plenty of really good songs on it, but I think there was a disconnect for a lot of ppl @SharSaysSo Same @rosegawd Yessss let the falsetto fly off the walls 😂 @rosegawd My fave on that album was Lambo
@shannon_sense I work in ad tech, consistently interacting with c-level employees at tons of companies (big and sma…, at this point, the kettle chips are eating me. @theshannondae Welcome to the TV Guide @VictorCarabali Lol that was last episode @BookOfJoshuaa Aha I think we know who did it now @imKYERE Lmao I can’t. They get my blood pressure up#TheUndoingHBO Episode 5 without any spoilers @AIR_JORDYNE @thekylezander Lmao her follow up is even worse @jermesz @dmacc524 Lmfaooo pls @thekylezander @AIR_JORDYNEMy grandma just sent me this text 😭😭😭😭 I’m going to bed. @CortnieVee It just loaded on mine
Liking friends pics, setting off their notifications at 4am (waiting for them all to cuss me out) @dmacc524 A struggleIn that stage of denial where I don’t wanna open both eyes bc “I can still go back to sleep” @SeauxScoot @PdotHALL @RexChapman What the fuck lmaoo
Since 1999 #TransDayOfRemembrance has been in place to memorialize trans folk who have lost their lives to violence…
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDER @camerouninema Lmfaooo she’s wildinJust played this 10x in a row @africanglo 😂😂 @africanglo Himself. @shady_rican I keep playing this @SeauxScoot A mood @crownedlaurel_ I, GucciGucci skated on Icy.Waiting for Lil Kim to pop up from under the floor when he play Freaky Girl #VERZUZI forgot how stacked Jeezy was. The songs just keep cominChile he tryna end world hunger
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDERthese post 95 kids don’t know real violence 😌
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDERJeezy telling stories before the track Gucci: my next song is called “fuck you jeezy”
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDER @itsKARY_ The fucking nerve. Would’ve been at box office getting a refund @itsKARY_ Wow. Little did I know there was a blessing in that wine bottle @TUMBA0 I just heard Jeezy say he ain’t getting out his seat. I’m ready @chassitytyler Lmfaooo love it alreadyOmg this wine caused me to miss an hour of the #VERZUZ Did they fight yet?
Not me nodding at YouTube videos to let the video know that Im following along. @SeauxScoot I think of @_JustDenver saying turn this side to the back @ChelseaTavares Wow @SharSaysSo !!! @SeauxScoot could literally be kicking us outta heaven and me and @SeauxScoot gonna get a joke in.Missy Elliot - let it bump into Missy Elliot - She’s a bitch 💕💕 Saturday via twitch during my all @MissyElliott li…
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDER @mcarlovincent Lmfaooooo hateyousomuch
“And I’ve got to tip my hat to designers. Thank you for letting me inhabit your sublime creations.” - Traces Ellis RossTalk dirty to me. @its_dryx @ThatSingerDude @YouTube Harmonies were the first thing I noticed when I listened @MrDubC *moves hair to get a better look* @durandbernarr 😂😂😂😂 @FirstGentleman Haha hit me when ya do @FirstGentleman How he leapt from not understanding magic to becoming a capable sorcerer. It felt like it stripped… @FirstGentleman It was such a great story and visual production overall but one small detail kept irking me every time I’d watch @ivourth This is major!! @mistersunshinee Thank yaaa. I’m on it @mistersunshinee I was using Claritin each day this week for it. Helps but man does that pill take a sec to kick in @AIR_JORDYNE 😂😂 @CDior_ If it comes with brandy @mistersunshinee Sure haven’t. For years I’ve dealt with them bc they last for a week, twice a year and then I’m fr… @AIR_JORDYNE Pls don’t. She gonna give me some pills from ‘72twitter fleets transitioning from the current one to the next feels like when we were stuck in march for 2 years
Retweeted by RYLIC ZANDER @KP_Official_1 @bambihanna_ @MarcMyStyle Yessss @BrianMcLight He did a thing! @KP_Official_1 I am so excited for this @KS_DHorton You did. @mcarlovincent Yes it is! Stacking up @CortnieVee Well happy belated to you and you onlyStart off the morning with something you love, big or small, and see where it takes the rest of the day ☀️ @SeauxScoot I know he’s got an ol nasty vampire cream