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@forcewave1139 @JorgeJimenezArt @PeterJTomasi @loquesunalex @patrick_gleason Ahh.. I see.. I thought we going to ge…!
@JorgeJimenezArt @PeterJTomasi @loquesunalex @patrick_gleason Expanded Edition means we going to get some new unpub… this for my future children😭😭 wanna read AC but JrJr art will hurt my eyeballs.. @ProfofEvil I feel like reading Aquaman for a moment because of the alien fish 😂😂 but goddammit Clark! Your fortres… @supermandy77 No, I understand your point perfectly😅. Actually I want to RT your tweet but twitter new update don't…
😲😲😲 Life saving medicines should not cause above $1. I do pay taxes to my government(I'm not an American btw) know… @superwomanlois Lol the bitterness 🤣🤣the writer obviously got dumped by someone she really loved. Idk how to tell t… @Dinobat2020 Kara looks hot tho..oh well😅What they did to our baby Jon? 😭 he has a face of 8 years old with 25 years old dude body.... 😭 @ProfofEvil A baby with abs!!I can't RT tweets... tf...
Love triangle is the most lame trope ever in any story. It makes everyone involved looking like shit. It's not cute or romantic.Same..'m gonna watch a few ef up anime I love like Shiki or Mononoke huhuuAnyways.. watch Gonjiam, a South Korean scary movie heheheeAs if the world is not scary enough atm, people keep hyping scary movies to watch during this Halloween 👀She knows martial arts... Clark was the one punching things with no arts🤣When I see noobs questioning Lois ability to kick ass
Lois Lane + Suits
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻I keep my family off my social media, so here’s Superman and Jon from our #DCeased.
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Superman and Lois Lane by Greg Capullo.
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻Clark Kent proposed to Lois Lane in Superman #50, released 30 years ago today.
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻They got engaged in 1990 and got married in 1996 but already together since 1938🤭“They say nothing lasts forever But they ain't seen us together.”
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻#SupermanAndLois #behindthescenes #jawline 👏
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻ @BitsieTulloch @tylerhoechlin @cwsupermanlois spit curl plss👀👀
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻ @JorgeJimenezArt Lane's greatest ability is uncovering the truths horrible people in power don't want you to know. She's a mave…
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻Chef Clark is making breakfast for Lois😄 #inktober day 22 promt #chef Follow me on Insta for -…
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻And our Superman Omnibus will also feature an awesome new cover by the Uber talented @patrick_gleason!
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Writing Superman has always been the dream.
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻ @crystal55253859 With their long history and everything, so far I never see them doing anything that benefit people…, Lois Lane and Jon Kent by MikeOnHighway61.
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@joegrunenwald Well, that version died and modern day Lois is doing her job much better than some real life journal… Superman writers out there.. do something pls.. @ProfofEvil, JL members only useful when they're fighting aliens. To fight corrupt politicians who actually doing damage to the people? Not so much.I wish we have Superman movie pitch about him fighting a good fight for the people instead tons of emo Superman mo…
Here's the list of things Superman will always get involved and protect. Yes, going after corrupt politicians is on…“Superman would remain politically neutral today” is the dumbest thing ever written by human hands.
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻ @ProfofEvil I want to rant about this but I'm at work atm😂😂
Reborn suit all the way. N52 suit represents everything stupid about Superman during that time. The Homelander coll… sparky Margot Kidder, born today in 1948, sadly gone but forever my Lois Lane. "Acting's fun, but life…
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@William34413650 @thedcnation @IGN How Wondy fandom can be cool about this? I'll be in riot.The collar just SCREAMS authority figure to me and it really bothers me because that's the last thing Superman repr…
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Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻ @DCSuperman Clark pouring his heart out to Lois was beautiful. Birthday today Jerry Siegel. Collaborating with High School classmate Joe Schuster to create Superman, living…
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻Happy birthday to #JerrySiegel & #MargotKidder. Without Jerry, I wouldn’t have a passion and without Lois and I wou…
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻Writer Jerry Siegel, #BOTD in 1914. In addition to Superman & Lois Lane, he cocreated Lex Luthor, the Spectre, Doct…
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻ @BatDetective11 😩😩😩2015 - hired as NCIS: NOLA Writers PA thanks to meeting @JeffLieber on Twitter 2018 - hired as BLOOD & TREASURE Wr…
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Jon's Dceased suit is much better than from Future State suit. He found Lois's belt from the 80's and incorporate… saaaaaaaavveeee meee.. I love the true ending we got from CW crisis for this version of Clark and Lois.… & Clark. It's Clois now, actually! Art by the legendary José Luis Garcia-Lopez.
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻No cape, his mom's belt and blue undies. Who did this to him? 😭 @HouseOfElHope I was talking about the solicitations😅 didn't read it the first time.. 🤧Ohhhh... So Clois going to be on Lexor fighting Lax. I'll buy this. new glasses is so adorable... I'm ganna look like Clark Kent 🤧🤧🤓🥺🤧🤧 wish Future State could feature daughters of Superman & Lois...
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻Ok so these Mr and Mrs Superman stories are pretty damn great.
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻never forgiving bendis for aging up jon
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻You people need more superhero parody shows like One Punch Man and less The Boys. media is weird.. Eric
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻What if Future State end with everyone is ded and they need to reboot the universe again for 76424689853 times..🙄
@thedcnation @IGN Wonder Woman don't deserve her own family book or something that you people need to shoved her to Superman's family? @jonslilaceyes Lol! 😂😅 @superwomanlois @delizroxo Obviously! Lois is Superman's rib. If writers can't write according to the lore they alr… @jonslilaceyes Especially that chain around his neck...hhfdhjjjji! @HouseOfElHope Everyone wants teenie Jon back! He's not just lois and Clark's baby, he is ours baby too!!Amy better win her Oscar this time!!! Can Netflix movies be nominated tho? @delizroxo Ikr. Jim Lee probably spearhead the idea as usual. They have failed with Clark because Jerry and Joanne… bucks they going to force Jon with that new Wondy. Child abuse!! @HouseOfElHope Yeah.. He will be out of Earth apparently. S emo emblem gives me anxiety..usually it means Lois is d… @HouseOfElHope 5G the 2 months version we will still get Superman MoT digital comics because 2 moths is a long time... 🥺Is that Connor or Clark? That costume is a bit... redundant...? going to yeeting Clark out of this earth... Lois will be trapped in the bottle city.. Jon going to be the lonely tragic hero. Call it!! @DCSuperman What is this? @HouseOfElHope I think he did pretty good with Clark in this issue but yeah, he can't write Lois at all.'the boys' isn't as subversive as it thinks it is
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻After my 3rd reading of Superman issue #26, I've come to the conclusion that B*ndis still can't write Lois properly 😞“I don’t know what I would do without you.”
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@JorgeJimenezArt Nope! This should happen.
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻Rt this pure bb Jon Kent to get a lifetime of good luck 🥺💜✨
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻That was an awesome clois moment. Now de age Jon so I can forgive you B*endis. I don't even know what's going on with Death Metal? or whatever..this is the type of stuff I love seeing Superman do
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻I want him to fight small time criminals again. All these cosmic alien reality bending OP villains bore me to death… @ProfofEvil 😂😂And he got actual temple(s) people can go worship him..I grew up watching DBZ and Journey to The West tv series at the same time and it was amazing. Tho imo Sun Wukong…
Kelex sees everything...👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀This is a superb issue that balances action & exposition perfectly. #Superman flows effortlessly between his suppor…
Retweeted by ༺♥༻Superman Lois༺♥༻B*ndis really good in this week Superman issue 👀