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new account no bull shit still sedaning and steezy

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@DevlinTrn yeah man so stressful @WE4ZY_E @FallGuysGame GG @DevlinTrn yeah man turns out the broker lost all my stuff though @Big_Bubbaloola @LewisHamilton @The_1uan this ^ @Michaelis972 @EA_DICE just played it my self still my fav @DevlinTrn hopefully my purchase goes through 🀞 @Michaelis972 @EA_DICE good to see some hardline in there @Michaelis972 @EA_DICE go jessie thats awesome
@JaqubAjmal @Sawtooth_75 grip it and twist 🀣 @Sawtooth_75 @JaqubAjmal same apart from one i snapped in half @JaqubAjmal on my 5th ps4 controller πŸ™„ @DevlinTrn nice congrats guys @tldr_baz @tldr_baz What one has gone ?? @SteezeMcQueen1 @SBcfc41 @StarscreamUK @_Finkle_o @Ddraig44 @chappyy77 @kiiimm26 @gismogun @Djb12491079 @YorkyPuds
Retweeted by #1wheelman @TFS_Pun Wow thats awesome congrats pun @siwoodslar Tangy @ErenTurkostylez Yeah man @Somatyk_ This
@Somatyk_ πŸ€£πŸ˜‰πŸ€ͺ
@GamerMikeH mushrooms should be out @TheBatNaz Anxious 😟 could have been left on its on for first time in a while
@cenorexia I said some things 🦧Feel that redness now with 32g of ramage🐏🐏🐏🐏 Nature hike with Necro
Retweeted by #1wheelman @KieranOPoole πŸ™„πŸ€£ @cenorexia Nar from twitters @IIIfinikonIII @FeelDaSpeed He needs to be attacked by a lion for it bloody disgusting especially from a dog handler @Darklordtory @Deeptec Do it 🀣 @Richard38752616 @emotako @PatVach @TheMZee_ @SCOHellFighters @AceUnit420 @SUNDAY69078161 Mines about 4 yards @FeelDaSpeed Video of a police dog handler who's dog stuck its nose through a fence and some little dog bit it so h… @FeelDaSpeed got banned πŸ˜…
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@OriginalAcid πŸ™ Thanks man @twlch63 Thanks kev @Somatyk_ Thanks bud @ShyColdChris @imperatore_off @BravoEntropic I will be aroundHey! Tomorrow will mark 4 years of Battlefield for myself, starting in February 2016. For the celebration, I'll be…
Retweeted by #1wheelmanGo and sign this please peeps us hardliners will appreciate it very much it only takes a second to do πŸ™πŸš” @GamerMikeH @Jon_Fury @Crispy_Pinguin
@OhItsJustGoose It OK man sacked it off anyways fed up of talking to my self lolHardline @Silly_Sunday @gordonckerr @gismogun @SBcfc41 @chains4w1971 @GFewings @irish_curmudge @lesferguson10 @ricky_d82…
Retweeted by #1wheelman @OhItsJustGoose @DANNYonPC Save your money @Somatyk_ @DavidHA12890507 Or red lemo, yellow lemo, green lemo
pew hope to see you tonight 21:30 CET for the return of "The Hunt" Server number will be tweeted out when the server…
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Im gonna play the TERMINATOR event live tomorrow on twitch. I hope to see you there πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸ» #GhostReconBreakpoint…
Retweeted by #1wheelman @cenorexia @SteezeMcQueen1 No the cheeky git
@lilmissfiend rocket man another great tune @lilmissfiend i didnt realise how good he was till i got old the mans a fecking legend @600RR7 πŸ€” can i do that ?should i reactivate steezemcqueen account before it is gone forever seeming as this account is now in the same boat πŸ€” @lilmissfiend awesome song @Somatyk_ you added me on origin yet @TheMZee_ @twlch63 @Twist3dArrow funny thing is i,m trying to avoid people πŸ€¨πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ€£More farts, shits and no fucks given about censorship. For a good, chill time, come, say hi and join the fun at:…
Retweeted by #1wheelman @jimhejl @DEWALTtough @ORIGINPC sassy πŸ”₯πŸ™ looks awesome jimseems i still live on an oil rig or something πŸ€£πŸš” @Austinc1725 @TheThurston13 @TheTacticalBrit @Jack64789 a 2060 will fit in there no probs @DANNYonPC gotta play something @BFTirus cheers man yep they dont stand a chance @Austinc1725 @TheTacticalBrit @Jack64789 should be ok then πŸ‘ @Austinc1725 @TheTacticalBrit @Jack64789 you can if the 2060 is 8 pin i suppose depends on what your old psu rating is @twlch63 your marks in there lol @RCuber035 lmaoStill Steezy whipping a parachuter @DANNYonPC @cenorexia @Kuky990 @imperatore_off i can hold my own with out a sedan @DANNYonPC @cenorexia @Kuky990 @imperatore_off it is IMO @DANNYonPC the best jungle πŸš”πŸ”₯monday mash up
@gordonckerr @JaqubAjmal i could not find it in search either @Oleole56 @gismogun @chains4w1971 @gordonckerr @bradkiid977 @Dipsy_Doodle_ @WindowsManTv @Cylon_VE84 @LDog2355… @Silly_Sunday thanks for having me guys yeah i know i,m rubbish 🀨 @YourBigBroSteve mine is acting weird too πŸ™ƒ insurgency sandstorm @TATTOOED_VEINS somewhere i will find em @TATTOOED_VEINS yeah few times awesome place and you can go over to next valley @Michaelis972 @WrathofBill @EA_DICE @BattlefieldEAFR @Battlefield @EA @ScoContent @SCOHellFighters congrats πŸ™ @PatVach thats just since i i levelled up @TATTOOED_VEINS meribelle best resort great for all levels of boardingstill the boss man πŸš”πŸ˜‰ Service @PleasureMaster1 @dirtydeathdog @imperatore_off @mrdaantje2 @zachulon I'd buy it @TheIrishPickle It's OK so does everyone 🀣 @Deity7 steeze account compromisedπŸ™ƒ @Deity7 thanks for the re follow chap πŸ™ @KennyKruger1 messages ? @lilmissfiend animal is my fav @lilmissfiend tiz a good en πŸ™ @Ben8D8over @JaqubAjmal this πŸ˜πŸ‘ @gismogun 😍 see ya there @imperatore_off @dirtydeathdog @mrdaantje2 @zachulon yep we got what we paid for with premium and all the monkeys t… @dirtydeathdog @imperatore_off @mrdaantje2 @zachulon legends every single person involved i wish i could shake there hands and tell them @imperatore_off @mrdaantje2 great map for all game modes thats how good the map design is not many games can pull t… @VicD31 cheers vic πŸ™