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Joined Twitter 4/30/17 @CarbynVAL @jasm_ineee @syIv1a @wwond3rkid @peepeep8poo @izuminsx @Klamran @Agr0fps @AeroValorant heyyyyi like this game :) @_novaVAL proof >o< @trs7n im having the time of my life playing ratz instagib 2.0 on steam @CarbynVAL go ahead @trs7n its on sale for $1.79 and its fun af but how u doin rn @trs7n do u got ratzyo this drama is crazy and all but does anybody wanna play ratz instagib @Toastedtw nice shot toasted! @AeroValorant @chlofps ong @chlofps some of the mfs in the comments sounding like this @syIv1a @ysk1ng @AeroValorant u stuck in 2016 @tuxxse lasagna @syIv1a @ysk1ng @AeroValorant "man y’all need some milk" of my November works~
Retweeted by wiiree @ 999🤨 @tuxxse @1OZNY ong wtf is going on in that call @1OZNY ur tweets are actually horrible @wraithvo nft @hyjinxVAL mr cow @1OZNY how are your tweets so damn bad @1OZNY ? @okazyey no problem claudia!dommymommies are great and amazing women @lialovesyu 🗣️💯 @ForcKnife I SEE MYSELF @lialovesyu i am an extremely loyal man @1EDEN_ blink twice if this is a cry for help
@c5sey @SeptFPS mbnew song out nowwww link in replies<3
Retweeted by wiiree @ 999 @IconUnit @bnanastrangler @Kipszn @kaazzVAL @peterr_val @ny_smolSakura WWWWWWWWWWWWANNOUNCING ICONIC VALORANT. ✅ @bnanastrangler@Kipszn@kaazzVAL@peterr_val ❎ ????? ✅ Manager:…
Retweeted by wiiree @ 999 @grusome_ still sound hot af gang @grusome_ fart @grusome_ lets go @grusome_ wanna get married @vcnusfps @SeptFPS nah cuz he spittin thowho up @srrirachha Are you horny☹️ @aft6r @syIv1a v @SeptFPS i mean @SeptFPS ? @celestmwah ongfirst time playing ratz @syIv1a in the trenches @AeroValorant @ysk1ng "yeah and doing that I made u into my biggest fan🥱" @ysk1ng so real @SeptFPS ongdown 200 rr💪🙄 @AeroValorant UR CRAZYnever got to post this but 1v4 during vct :)
Retweeted by wiiree @ 999 @JSUNGv1 @MeltValorant WWWWWWW @MeltValorant @JSUNGv1 🙏 @turtlewurdle ty ty @julianwya all on fan is 2W-5L in ranked games // valorant montage (like & retweet)
Retweeted by wiiree @ 999ggwp @Evs2x
STILL LIVE!! @Evs2x @CarbynVAL i match mvpd in a 4-13 gamecome watch me play ranked @SeptFPS 😁 @okazyey ik we just happily married @okazyey yeah🥰 @okazyey my husband🥰 @okazyey @ysk1ng 🦧 @Saulsrevenge @h2nnyu @UserX1A vouch AINT HAVE MANY FRIENDS BUT YOU THE SHIT TO ME @tasyiu I AM JAZE PHENZEL BURGANDY OBAMA LUTHER KING JR. JACKSON FIVE THE FIRST AND ID LIKE TO INTRODUCE TO YOU BRO… @ciaolyx try .785 400 JSUNG SENS! @DnorValorant LMFAO @ysk1ng morning old head @ashpwo fn comm was a lot more toxic imo @AeroValorant im the 60%i stg the val comm is just the fn comm if everybody aged by two years @hotdiIfs @ignovercook @turtlewurdle @AeroValorant @lialovesyu bye turtlewurdlee @ignovercook @turtlewurdle @AeroValorant @lialovesyu good shit @cloudzeraa down @ignovercook @turtlewurdle @AeroValorant @lialovesyu yea @cloudzeraa SHE SAID I KEEP ON RUNNING KEEP ON RUNNING AND NOTHING WORKS I CANT GET AWAY FROM YOU @ignovercook @turtlewurdle @AeroValorant @lialovesyu @ignovercook @turtlewurdle @AeroValorant @lialovesyu