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The Premier League season is set to restart on 17 June 🙌 🙌 Read more here: back to the interview and search for more classic 1Xtra archive 💜 ➡️ alert! 🚨 On this day in 2015 @YasminEvans and @TwinB were dancing with @jasonderulo in the studio💃😂 year did: Montell Jordan – This is how we do it Adina Howard - Freak like me Beenie Man - Slam All get re…
🚀🔥We play premiere’s #DestinationAfrica with @DJedu we have the first play @CassKidd X @Ogranya new single 'Feel Fr…🌍🔥The #Afroboss @DJedu with his #DNAtop5 this week, go get into these projects now! 🔥🌍 1️⃣ @Wcbwasafi_ 🇹🇿 2️⃣…👑🌍On #DestinationAfrica the #Afroboss @Djedu is joined by Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter @YemiAladee to spe…’s singalong is dedicated to our incredible bin and waste collectors! 👏👏 Listen on BBC Sounds from 9am, as…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraThe final round of @YasminEvans' girls vs boys #powerhour: Loose Ends – Hangin’ On A String Earth Wind & Fire – SeptemberRound 8: Salt N Pepa – Push It A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita ApplebumRound 7: @Thegroupxscape – Just Kickin’ It @Official_JE feat. @Nelly_Mo – Where’s The Party At Jagged Edge NellyRound 6:Round 5: Mixed groups Fugees – Ready Or Not Black Eyed Peas @bep – Joints & JamsRound 4: @OfficialTLC - Creep @WuTangClan – C.R.E.A.M #PowerHourRound 3: UK ROUND! 🇬🇧 Mis-Teeq – Why @Su_Elise @sabzwashingto Another Level – Freak MeRound 2: @THEREAL3LW – No More @B2K – Bump Bump BumpFEMALE GROUPS VS. MALE GROUPS Round 1: @destinyschild – Say My Name @DruHill4Real – How Deep is Your LoveListen here: go again! 🥊 @YasminEvans puts boys groups against girl groups in her #PowerHour Vote along on this thread in… nights #TargetsNoticeBoard 🔥👏 Tag an up-and-coming artist who NEEDS to join our Instagram Live next Tuesday 6…"I weren't looking at the colour, I was looking at the person" ❤️ @harrypinero talks about having a baby with…
Bring on #Glastonbury2020 weekend! 🙌🏻 new episode of The Cosmic Hour with @jamzsupernova is available on BBC Sounds now! 🙌🙌 So grab your headphones a…🔥🔥🔥@beatsbynav shares music from his album and his favourite songs for The Rap List. Listen now on BBC Sounds ➡️…🚨We're live again tonight for #TargetsNoticeBoard ⁣🚨⁣ ⁣ Tag the artists that should be on the Instagram live at 6pm…
When @Celeste covered @Drake and @TrvisXX - Sicko Mode 😍 #1XRNBLockdown @DJTarget ➡️ throwback from @DJTarget's Spotlight Sessions: @mahalia covering @sza - The Weekend ❤️#1XRNBLockdown remembers this sick Spotlight Session from @iamshakka?! 🔥 #1XRNBLockdown @djtarget is reliving some of his Spo… to @sineadharnett's incredible cover of @labrinth's - Jealous 😍 #1XRNBLockdown @djtarget is reliving his… @DJAce absolutely loving the @maryjblige takeover on @1Xtra Pure melodies in the sunshine #feelingblessed
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraNaaaah @DJAce this @maryjblige mix is toooo baaaad tho!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @1Xtra #1xtra
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraThe 90s was an ELITE time for R&B #1XRNBLockdown was needed! Thanks @YasminEvans 😍💕
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraFINAL ROUND 💥 1999 v 2009 Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love Maxwell - Pretty WingsRound 9: 1998 v 2008 ALL THE FEELS 💜 @YasminEvans Jon B – They Don’t Know @jsullivanmusic - Need U BadRound 8: 1997 v 2007 @Usher - You Make Me Wanna @TPAIN - Buy U a Drank #1XRNBLockdown😂😭this is a tough clash 7: 1996 v 2006 Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack Chris Brown - Yo (Excuse Me Miss)Amerie got me singing at the top of my voice to imaginary bae #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 6: 1995 v 2005 @adinahoward - Freak Like Me @Ameriie - 1 ThingAlicia Keys giving us soul!!! And her crush for Mos Def?! Again naughties.. #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraClose one but Brandy will always win when it comes to R&B
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 5: 1994 v 2004 @BrandyInspires - I Wanna Be Down @aliciakeys - You Don’t Know My Name 🤔💜🤔💜Don’t need naughties..., Brandy all day #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra👑 really love Janet but So Gone by Monica is an all time fav of mine ❤️
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraJanet smashers it out the park #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 4: 1993 v 2003 @JanetJackson - That’s The Way Love Goes Monica - So Gone #1XRNBLockdown#1XRnBLockdown @1Xtra Janet all the way!!!
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraEn Vogue all the way #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra#1XRNBLockdown is the highlight of my day with the 90s vs 00s battle💃🏻
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraNeed a girl part 2 is a Jam sorry EnVouge #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraThis GIf 😂 3: 1992 v 2002 En Vogue - My Lovin’ (No You’re Never Gonna Get It) P Diddy feat. Ginuwine, Loon & Mario Win… can you even compare sunshine Anderson to that 90’s tune!!! Man.. 2000 trumps 90’s any day!! #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 2: 1991 v 2001 Boyz II Men - Motownphilly Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before #1XRNBLockdownCause if the time difference (I'm in FL) missed the 112 vs Jagged Edge BUT sure am listening to @YasminEvans 90s vs…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra#1xRnBLockdown #90sBabies got me and my girl doing the house party dance to poison 😂
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraOMG THONG SONG WINS #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraBoth bangers, can’t stop dancing, gotta Go 90’s poison #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 1: 1990 v 2000 💥 #1XRnBLockdown #PowerHourLET'S GO!! TUNE FOR TUNE
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra90s don't need to hear the naughties track #BBD #posion #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraListen to @YasminEvans here:🚨The RnB #PowerHour is about to begin! 🚨 @YasminEvans is putting 90s & 00s RnB bangers head-to-head. You can vo… Evans coming through with the rnb tunes on this fine fine Monday 😍👏🏾 #1xrnblockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraThe perfect Bank Holiday vibes with @bbc1x Banger after banger 🔥 🔥🔥 Thank you @YasminEvans #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraLoving good vibes radio today 🤩 #1xrnblockdown got me in the best mood 🥳
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra#1XRNBLockdown ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @1Xtra loving the tunes today!!!!! #1xRNBlockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @1Xtra @YasminEvans locked in catching vybz #1XRNBLockdown
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraMe dancing along to all the R&B on @1Xtra today. I’m all in my feelings 😂😂 #RnB
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra96' my all time favourite year. 17 years old - all the fun of an adult and none of the responsibility 🙌…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra goodness all day 🔊 want crab legs too @kehlani! 😭🦀🦀 @itsnadiajae caught up with @kehlani about her post lockdown plans Listen to t… @1Xtra thank you for my tunnneeee. Jon b. They don’t know 🥰
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @1Xtra @itsNadiaJae Round 6 had me twisted 🙈 but Faith Evans' vocals wins this one 👌🏾
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraWho's going to win tonight? 🤔   #112vsJaggedEdge #VERZUZ6. Feature Round  #1XRNBLockdown #112vsJaggedEdge @1Xtra Oooh @itsNadiaJae this one is actually hard!! I was hopping to 112 but J.E has to take this one
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 5: Bangers That Should have Banged more! #1XRNBLockdown #112vsJaggedEdge @1Xtra Not even a chance I Gotta be is iconic. JE all the way
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @1Xtra I had to stop sewing face masks to vote! 112-SWEET LOVE WINS ALL DAY!!!
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 4: The Slow Jam @1Xtra jagged edge takes this round easy😭
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 3: The BreakUp Song @1Xtra Jagged Edge all the way
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @1Xtra @itsNadiaJae I already know this is going to be my favourite clash ever, 112 have got this 💪🏼💛
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @1xtra round 2 112 easy
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @itsNadiaJae @1Xtra round 2 has to be 112 🙌🏼
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraRound 2: The Remixes   112 - Only You (rmx ft Biggie & Mase) Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married (rmx ft Run DMC)Round 1: Bait Bangers  #1XRnBLockdown #112vsJaggedEdge @Official112 @Official_JE @itsNadiaJae Lock in to @itsNadiaJae's #112vsJaggedEdge warm-up here:'s go! #112vsJaggedEdge of @Official112 vs @Official_JE tonight #VERZUZ 🥊 @itsNadiaJae is putting classic tracks from the legendary…’re dedicating the bank holiday to R&B 🎉#1XRNBLockdown ⁣ ⁣ Including @itsNadiaJae warming up to 112 vs Jagged Edg…
I got work at 7am I’m off to bed guys see you RnB heads tomorrow 🥳🎉
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraDinner Guest by @ajtracey and @realmostack performed on separate rooftops in London 🔥⁣ ⁣ ⁣Watch/listen to the whole… @SkipMarley @McBushkin @DJFonti @MightyMoe @playmakergroup 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 with @1Xtra... 10pm London // 5pm ET ⚡️ @McBushkin @DJFonti @MightyMoe @playmakergroup
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