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Yes @WINDOWKID 🔥🔥🔥 #SoundsOfTheVerse shellings for @SIRSPYRO 🙌 Full video ➡️
🌍 In case you missed it! Here's @DjEdu's #DNATop5 🌍 1️⃣ @RabbitTheKing 🇰🇪 2️⃣ @fireboydml 🇳🇬 3️⃣ @SimbaTagz 🇿🇼 4️⃣… 1pm @itsNadiaJae is joined by @6LACK talking inspirations and UK artists he wants to collaborate with 👀… what Newsbeat missed is @sidemanallday with his Review Of the Week featuring GOT, @slowthai & @djkhaled ne… aka Mr Up Town goes in the mix with everything Dancehall #1XGuestMix #Popcaan #StyloG #Govana
Stay with us for the 2nd hour of @Diplo and Friends with the boss himself! He draws for all the biggest Club Bange…⚡️ Don’t miss out on @Diplo in the mix for a full 2 hours, only on @Diplo & Friends! for… over to our Instagram / Facebook stories for our FA Cup Final challenges vs @BBCR1Kevin De Bruyne makes it 3-0 #MCFC #WAT #FACupFinal“Don’t look me in the eye and lie to me on this shop floor” 😂😂 @AmplifyDot puts unhelpful shop assistants in the…
🇬🇧⚠️ @DiggaD_CGM is @KennyAllstar's 'Neighbourhood Watch' ⚠️🇬🇧 Extended play of Double Tap ‼️ lock in NOW 📡…🤘🏾 #TheVoiceofTheStreets is back from Miami 🤘🏾 Tonight @KennyAllStar chops it up with @adam22 + @CiphaSounds AND…"It was exploitative from my side'' @Lowkey0nline opens up to @TwinB about his past beef with @OfficialChip up something....💻...💺... and run 🏃🏿‍♂️with it! 🇬🇩 Mr. Killa passes through @SeaniBremix's studio and does exa…"I'm coming out the other side" 🙌 @KojeyRadical tells @DJTarget about his experience with depression, which he exp… stepping into the future tonight @1Xtra 11PM @LordOfTheMics @sbkls_ vs @TRoadz 🎤🎤
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @1Xtra @djkhaled 🔥🔥
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @_jamie________ @djkhaled A 10/10 GIf 👍 @1Xtra @djkhaled
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraSome serious features 👀👀👀 🔥's #FATHEROFASAHD has landed 🙌 What we saying about this one? Let us know with a gif 👇
LIVEEEE ON @1Xtra - got @ramonerochester & @MangaStHilare inside plus a GMIX from @oilgang 🔥
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraLive from Big Yard studios in 🇯🇲 Fresh from working with @rorystonelove, Welsh singer @aleighciasings performs for… @DJAce take on @Mistajam’s brand new game ‘Ps & Qs’, answering as many questions on the Fresh Prince Of Bel-A… Birthday @JanetJackson 🎈🎁 Here's a throwback to when The Queen Of R'n'B played #LyricalTranslation with… ♥️ mashed up @Drake x @ellamai in the @1Xtra #livelounge 🙌🏼 who thinks I should include this in my set for to…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @SirDjCorey #StyloG #Govana #Aidonia #Kranium 🔊🔊 @SirDjCorey aka Mr Up Town goes in the mix with everything Dancehall…''Nothing worth having is going to come easy'' 🙏 @Official_Yizzy tells @DJTarget how he stays focused on his music…
👀 @MarkAsari joins @itsNadiaJae on the #1XtraResidency for the RnB Mash Up plus @BobiiLewis passes through the stud…'Testin WSTRN' @SianAnderson challenges @WSTRNmusic on how well they know West London 🤣 👏👏👏 This @Drake X @ellamai mashup is something else 🔥 have the amazing @KaraMarni in the #1XtraLiveLounge today 🙌 Watch live from 12pm ➡️
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra10 years ago today! 🎉 @Eminem released 'Relapse' 💿
We have the amazing @KaraMarni in the #1XtraLiveLounge today 🙌 Watch live from 12pm ➡️ does the digging so you don't have to! New music for days in @jamzsupernova's #EPTop5 🤗 1⃣ @wulumusic 2⃣… your airwaves for the next 2 hours! Joined by @CollardTB #InConversation & @onlynula #AfterDarkDiscovery! Have a…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra#1XSummer: We're going bigger than ever before ☀️☀️☀️ Find us at: @TheEndsFestival@Parklifefest ✅…“Don’t look me in the eye and lie to me on this shop floor” 😂😂 @AmplifyDot puts shop assistants in the #Trashbag 🗑️…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra @Reece_Parkinson @AdavisTherapy @Mr200m_ @jamaledwards are the pressures with being a black man? @Reece_Parkinson joins Derek Owusu, @AdavisTherapy, @Mr200m_ and… @Jaykae10 @celestewaite @miraa_may @OfficialAitch @SerineKarthage @Jadakingdom @TianaMajor9 @Sneakbo to @Jaykae10, @celestewaite, @miraa_may, @OfficialAitch, @SerineKarthage, @jadakingdom, @TianaMajor9 &…“Don’t look me in the eye and lie to me on this shop floor” 😂😂 @AmplifyDot puts shop assistants in the #Trashbag 🗑️…
Happy Birthday @PUSHA_T 🎉 Whats your hardest Pusha T song? 👇 in 4 people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. We explore the stories and experiences of black…
🔊#ICYMI... @djedu‘s #DNATop5 🔊 1️⃣@yemialadee & @RickRoss 🇳🇬 2️⃣@diamondplatnumz 🇹🇿 3️⃣@RabbitTheKing &… Talks #mentalhealth special with @Reece_Parkinson, @jamaledwards, @mr200m_, Derek Owusu and Anthony Davis on… is there a stigma when it comes to black men discussing their mental health? @Reece_Parkinson joins…🔊Review of the week w/ @sidemanallday , reporting - Ayesha Curry, Drake’s new private jet, New Royal baby’s name an…
👉 We continue with rising talent and bass house producer @DillonNathaniel bringing the big club sounds in the mix f… on @Diplo and Friends we head to the Netherlands 🇳🇱as producer @HasseDeMoor takes to the airwaves playing a ton… has been a movie 🔥🔥🔥 The #1XtraTakeover live from @thegreatescape with @DJTarget was vibes 🙌 Thank you… @DJTarget presents the #1XtraTakeover live from @thegreatescape in Brighton 🙌 Live performances from…'3 white guys but we still get labeled the icy 3' ❄️ @MRMORRISSON sits down with @Reece_Parkinson for his first EV…
💥NEW TO THE PLAYLIST💥 @Skepta ft @NafeSmallz @HardyCaprio ft @DigDat8 @KingPMoney ft @officialgiggs @Jamelia shares stories about dating, parenting and meeting her husband with the #DopeBlackDads podcast. 🎧➡️… excited to announce that I’m taking over Sunday afternoons for the next two months on @bbc1xtra !! The team,…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraTALK w/ @1Xtra @Reece_Parkinson
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra🚨📹Premiering today 3pm🚨 @MRMORRISSON sits down with @Reece_Parkinson for his first EVER interview. ➡️…
🚨 Video alert 🚨 @Skepta x @DJTarget 🔥 Full video premieres at 19:30 ➡️’re about to go live on @1Xtra with @SianAnderson to premiere our new riddim #MEDUSA with @unknwnt9 lock innn 👉🏾
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra.@HeadieOne what was that touch! 😂 In front of @IanWright0 as well 🙈🚨 The return of @Skepta 🚨 His new track 'Greeze Mode' ft. @NafeSmallz is tonights #TargetEmbargo 🔥🔥🔥 Lock in for…''He's facetiming me and the verse is laid'' 🙌 @KingPMoney tells @DJTarget about the process of working with…🚨 #WordsFirst 🗣 applications end tomorrow!💷🆙 @stormzy makes the Times ‘Rich List’ 👏🏾 Lend us a fiver 😅
The @bbc1xtra residency Tash LC Style-eee 2nite feat king Kelman Duran in 3 tracks 👑 @badsista011 in the g mix and…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraTomorrow night from 7pm🚨🚨🚨 @Skepta joins @DJTarget 🙌 one friend that gets carried away doing karaoke 🙄🎤 Producer Dev is getting into this @DiRealShaggy parody a l…''Although they're super talented, they're extremely humble too'' 🙌 @Dabeatfreakz tells @DJTarget about creating n… @jamzsupernova was joined by producer @mormor who spoke about why he dropped out of school to pursue music!…
🚨🚨Fresh finds from @jamzsupernova! Check out the #EPTop5 this week 👌🏿 1⃣@__sydb__ 2⃣@Still_Woozy 3⃣@Sydney_stayput… on your airwaves!!!! Joined by @mormor & @LoloZouai on @1Xtra! Have a listen >
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraMan like @GrimSickers1 👊 #SoundsOfTheVerse shellings for @SIRSPYRO ✅ Full video ➡️“STOP BLAMING TRASH BEHAVIOUR ON STAR SIGNS” This week’s #TrashbagTuesday is hilarious @AmplifyDot 🤣🤣
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1XtraCatch #1XtraBreakfast weekdays 6-10am 🍳“STOP BLAMING TRASH BEHAVIOUR ON STAR SIGNS” This week’s #TrashbagTuesday is hilarious @AmplifyDot 🤣🤣 it’s 3 years ago to this day since Leicester City won the Premier League 🏆 It’s only right we bring you this…
🔊#ICYMI... @djedu‘s #DNATop5 🔊 1⃣@yemialadee x @RickRoss 🇳🇬 2⃣@diamondplatnumz🇹🇿 3⃣@tellamanworld 🇿🇦 4⃣…
It’s Reggae Time on @1Xtra at 19:00GMT so please join me for the biggest new tunes from around the world. . 🎙 liste…
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra#ICYMI: @itsMaxsta and friends shelling @ItsBigZuu's Joints Freestyle 🎤🔥 #1XtraResidency''Birmingham, Manchester repping'' 🔥 It looks like @Jaykae10 & @OfficialAitch have big years ahead 👀 They tell… @DJTarget brought his wife into work 💏 Eva gives us a schooling in all things bassline 🔊 Birthday @CraigDavid! 🎈#Legend 📹➡️ of the week w/ to the @sidemanallday: - Instagram hiding likes - Stormzy vs. Taylor Swift - Sonic The Hu…
👉 We continue with @Ninajirachi and her debut mix for @Diplo and Friends: 🔊from @flumemusic on @Diplo and Friends we join @TonyQuattroIV with an hour of big experimental house sounds! ➡️…’s #LFC 🔴 freestyle is so cold ❄️ sick freestyle 🔥 @ItsBigZuu 🙌🎥 @Santandave1 bringing out @stormzy, @Jhus and @burnaboy at his show last night 🔥 Birthday to @JmeBBK 🎈🎉 What's your hardest JME bar? 👇 this on my @1xtra show this morning, @ItsBigZuu went hard with this @BBCSport freestyle for @LFC 🤪🔥
Retweeted by BBC Radio 1Xtra👑👑 Star Wars day! Tag a fan who reps The Force as much as @officialgiggs #MayThe4thBeWithYoy
🇬🇧 The sound of the streets by the #VoiceOfTheStreets - @kennyallstar with the biggest heat! 🇬🇧 🔥:…