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@d8cky @peepeep8poo LESLIE @1EDEN_ aight @1EDEN_ bro what’d i miss @h2nnyu real @cowiiiie @1j0seph @bearkun CHDCK TWT DMS @cowiiiie @Fusion_CJW @1j0seph @bearkun i think we jus have bad timing tbh @cowiiiie @1j0seph @bearkun NAH U WERE AWAY AND U DIDNT RESPOND @peepeep8poo men ain’t shiti haven’t seen a “men ain’t shit” post in a hot minute. y’all must want something for christmas
Retweeted by #1 kalo fan @stonelistt @angdownbad i needa turn ur notis off @stonelistt @angdownbad you needa calm down @syIv1a2 not me @whosmichela YOU NEED TO CHECK YO IMSGS @k4lopsiaa @whosmichela LMAOO
@yslophelia @stonelistt this u @stonelistt @yslophelia 💀 @stonelistt @edensarcade @yslophelia SHUTCHOGOOFYASSUP @edensarcade @stonelistt @yslophelia SHES DOWN HORRENDOUS @stonelistt @yslophelia AINT. NO. WAY. @edensarcade @stonelistt @yslophelia THATS WHAT IN SAYIN EDEN @stonelistt @yslophelia AYA???? @stonelistt @yslophelia WHO? @stonelistt @yslophelia NAHHHH. AYA. CALM DOWN @stonelistt @yslophelia NAH?YOU GOOD? @stonelistt @yslophelia AYA?! @whosmichela @duhlailuh fake @stonelistt @whosmichela what a bitchhh @Gigicollins_ @whosmichela thats wha i’m sayin @duhlailuh @whosmichela WHAT THE FUCKK @whosmichela i love you too weirdoget this bitch some help @whosmichela @whosmichela yessmaaam shoot me a msg whenever @whosmichela lmk when GANG @ashiibun ASHII MEDIYUH @dontscaremepls @Skrrtfps man @syIv1a 😱😱 @syIv1a SYLVIA 😱 @cowiiiie @1j0seph @bearkun AND I WAS? WHERE WAS YOU @doIlizm shutchogoofyassup @doIlizm DIDI THIS HURTS MY EYES @jov3lle smoking is bad elle ☹️ @zekeiVAL @annxval v @annxval never 🤓 @annxval GO NANWA @duhloraa 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 @whosmichela @h2nnyu @weirdkidong @SpacceVAL 😱 @h2nnyu @weirdkidong GAME OVER. @duhloraa ain’t you 4’11 dilara @izuminsx we love to see the gang happy @justjungi @wwond3rkid @fishszns HAHAHAHAHAH @incrimate dustin.
@skylrqii ofc :) @yslophelia car @izuminsx @whosmichela 🤨 @skylrqii imma msg you in 4HOURS @dilfmichelle @1vanniieee ur dad @skylrqii thanks for the mansion :) @annxval ^^ @annxval goodjob nanwa @1vanniieee nah it’s coo @haehuie @sarachashrimpp @h2nnyu damn @1vanniieee oh. @1vanniieee i meant on discord :} @1vanniieee then talk to me :) @1vanniieee oh, i thought i was special @1vanniieee you never talk to me anymore :D @1vanniieee oh ok @1vanniieee hi @1vanniieee @aloneswrld sure 😉 @1vanniieee @aloneswrld vouch ! @edensarcade CONGRATS EDEN @lessthan____3 @incrimate me @whosmichela ilyt @whosmichela oh @whosmichela das all you sis ✨💅🏽 @incrimate @haehuie dawg @whosmichela eheh thanks >.< @incrimate this tweet right here is why she don’t wantchu @incrimate u freak @incrimate oh lord @incrimate MF IS LISTETNING YO SOMEBODY BY KESHI AND DRUNK HE IS GONE @incrimate dustin what the fuck @1vanniieee @dilfmichelle yeah @incrimate LMAOO man ALL GOOD. @incrimate LMFAOOOOOOOO @k4lopsiaa @wwond3rkid my bad @wwond3rkid @k4lopsiaa when @1vanniieee @k4lopsiaa stfu @k4lopsiaa HEYYYYY 👋 @incrimate this is a VIOLATION @incrimate YOU ALR KNOW @whosmichela cuz i’m nervous @duhlailuh @skylrqii @skylrqii @duhlailuh both of u need help
@Gigicollins_ ong @Gigicollins_ u jus like me @skylrqii OHH LEMME SEE @skylrqii i want a squishmellow @k4lopsiaa oh hi, hey, hello