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lost my periodi've abandoned this account kinda
@yiurol diet soda tastes better anyway @SIimTea wtfff seriously tho why does it matterthat's my flex of the day 😍ive never been able to donate blood when my school was doing blood drives bc i never weighed enoughu can't donate if you're under 110lbs btw πŸ’ž is nasty
Retweeted by β˜† @hydism idk who that is but she look ugly @hydism like what
@liladied literally NOO ONE @ryujinnae i don'tMaybe if y'all put this much effort into starving πŸ˜…
Retweeted by β˜†see id say no but i stayed when i got cheated on twice so 😭 @hydism yes @michagotcaught probably not i think id hate myselfcuz he does and they probably won't be able to relate!next time someone tries to come for me i'm just going to tell them my father loves me to shut them upi mean i'm too short anyway but still πŸ’” i don't have the sexy vs angels to look up to anymore it's annoying.when i was a kid i wanted to be a vs angel so bad and now fat jealous bitches have stolen that dream from me @lilyrosee420 yes
Retweeted by β˜† @ning2cals i had one naturallygoal is to get skinny and then become a whore
Retweeted by β˜† @brooklynmyluv yes literally what i'm doing rnWHATTTT @yuqi0_ 15! @artemisedd omad all the waythis person is super pretty but i bet their face doesn't match their body only are they corny they're also ugly 😭 like pick a struggleeee yr olds and younger shouldn’t be on edtwt. go cry about it.
Retweeted by β˜†yep @vkeif4n like no hate to your sister but that's extremely annoying and lowk a weird thing to say it's odd @vkeif4n okay maybe she should stop eating around you then?? like how is that your problem @raspberrykgs didn't even let my qrt marinatethat's higher than my current bmi πŸ˜’18 lose followers but... im coming out as fatphobic πŸ’” LMAOOO
Retweeted by β˜† @lilousdiary 16/17 depending on heightyes? why is this a question
i am now 45kg yay
leg/thigh thinspo thread 🫢
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been on liquid fast btw @SIimTea SHE DONT EVEN KNOW WHATS COMING 😜🀭48 😭 imi killing msyelf @SIimTea she's leaving for college soon and he can't do long distance so it's time for me to get my man back @SIimTea i hope he cheats on his new girl w mey'all think my ex bf miss me or na πŸ€’
@heart9ribs depends on the brand tbh i go from xs to m
surgery first thing tomorrow 😜
i hope all my exes dieThe way she moves is so effortless I’m in awe
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"Birthday cals don't count right guys πŸ₯Ί" don't try excuse a binge
Retweeted by β˜†be so tiny that people are scared to break your hones
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once my room is cute i can kill myself in itmy room isn't cute yet
@owllskw small thighs always @trippingcals :) @xdeadbun normal dayabout to be fasting until my surgery fr 😭i have a huge cut in my mouth from my wisdom tooth cutting through my cheek and it makes eating so painful and hard @mutilate_fatx no.
@slendrgrl but i also hung out with the punks and metalheads @slendrgrl i graduated, but i wasn't really in a clique i kind of just had friends 😭3d twt don’t cancel me but…. 3mma Chamb3rl1n is so… like ugly? Like she skinny & has great style but how do u becom…
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go to the club @starvingxangell ur swimsuit is so cute @cyberpixie i'm late but gm 😘YOUNG, SKINNY, SEXY, N WINNING 😘😍u know my cup size double a @iaorie you'll learn with time just play around with it frthis picture of yu_na gn @seolsmi hell no @maigrejolieslut song jia so REAL
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@lemuncake wait no ur right it's really pretty i think it's the tomatoes...add some green @lemuncake me!sandwiches and cereal ever see a girl so pretty all you can think is β€œyou win. I’ll kiII myself.”
Retweeted by β˜† @spitandtears111 mantis @kiIorie NONE!we need to denormalise face reveals on edtwt not jus because its stupid and a bad idea but also yall are soooo fucking ugly lmfaoo
Retweeted by β˜† @OutFats we need this in an xs @worstorthorexic rosemary + mint is also really good @worstorthorexic SCALP MASSAGES EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED!!! don't brush your hair while it's wet and don't fall aslee… @starv9ng omg i'm watching skins again @tw1cec4ls yesedtwt do you like broccoli @sullicozy thinspoi lose and gain fat in my face so quickly but my thighs are so stubborn @hydism too much sugar @ker0lies get a rc car or like a little toy that moves around for himdiet coke