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Jul @2006Giuliana Erected. When I write sitting

I published two novels:Wind red and A calm full of wind (Manni ed.)I have two beloved dogsLove all animals.Veg. I Devoted Bowie fan⚡️⚡️⚡️🔝

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Retweeted by JulTeenage Wildlife (2017 Remaster) via @YouTube
Retweeted by Jul @ABrit96 @ThePlanet_Queen @TestamentOfDark @barrymosk @milhistbuff3 @G38Marcus @Mopshell @calvi_mirta How are you? I've had an exciting time since last Friday :) @ThePlanet_Queen @TestamentOfDark @barrymosk
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie- Young Americans via @YouTube .Classic song for my very dear friend @mariamuser
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing (Nacho edit with unreleased footage) Video of the Day ~…
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie – Heroes (Live Berlin 2002) via @YouTube .Great performance of this classic song from David. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by Jul @RockFotosJT @prince19582016 @nikidoog @VannWolfgang @PaulDBrazill @lyrasky4 @poppymoppet @gunclub_music 🎸❤️🎸@prince19582016 @nikidoog @VannWolfgang @PaulDBrazill @lyrasky4 @poppymoppet
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Retweeted by Jul @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie @Brooshski @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom @Franklyaghost #choosekindness have a peaceful eve sending love be safe Bowie Fam&Friends welcome new fllwrs🖤⚡️…
Retweeted by Jul @ODROCKnROLL @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy @77MASH is #HumpDaaaaaayyyy 🎸 > @Cris24918557 @2006Giuliana @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57
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Humeur Musicale... "Ghosts" David Sylvian + JAPAN 🇯🇵
Retweeted by JulIF... we were planning on doing some LIVE shows... WHERE would you want us to come?
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie • Can You Hear Me • Live from The Philly Dogs Tour • 1974 via @YouTube .One of…
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie, London 1978, by Allan Olley.
Retweeted by JulA wee wander around Trinity after tea #Edinburgh
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie - Five Years - 1976 - Dinah Shore Show - (High Quality) via @YouTube .This is so good. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie The White Room Dec 14 1995 SOUNDBOARD ( audio ) via @YouTube.This is a great recording. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by JulShe Shook Me Cold (2015 Remaster) via @YouTube .A great track for my very dear friend…
Retweeted by Jul @ODROCKnROLL @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy @77MASH My lovely friends 🎸 ✌🏻 @Cris24918557 @2006Giuliana @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57
Retweeted by Jul @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie @Brooshski @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom @Franklyaghost Turntable Tuesday what's on yours? Sending love & be kind Bowie Fam&Friends⚡️🖤 @DavidBowieReal
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@2006Giuliana @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @giusmars @Brooshski @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom
Retweeted by Jul#10mai #BowieForever "Blue Jean" Bowie 1984 ⚡⚡⚡
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie – China Girl (Live Olympia 2002) via @YouTube .A great version of this classic song. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by Jul51 years ago today, David Bowie received the Special Award for Originality for Space Oddity at the Ivor Novello Awa…
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie, Strangers When We Meet, live on Later With Jools Holland via @YouTube .A great…
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Retweeted by Jul @ABrit96 @barrymosk @milhistbuff3 @bolanoid @Goalie8993Jones @TestamentOfDark @ThePlanet_Queen @iamsher10cked How are you? @barrymosk @milhistbuff3 @bolanoid @Goalie8993Jones @TestamentOfDark @ThePlanet_Queen
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Retweeted by Jul @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @giusmars @Brooshski @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom @Franklyaghost have a great new week w/e was fab, love ya all Bowie fam&friends 🖤⚡️@DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl
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#EMF #jamesatkin @emftheband @jamesatkinmusic @liveid6 @milfemf @steveymarsh @woodsdgb @londonero
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Retweeted by Jul @ODROCKnROLL @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy @77MASH To all the Mothers 💞🌹✌🏻☮️ 🎸 ✌🏻 @Cris24918557 @2006Giuliana @LazyStardust5
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#hootieandtheblowfish @HootieTweets @dariusrucker @DRucker_Fandom #rockphotography #concertphotography @nikidoog
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Retweeted by Jul @ODROCKnROLL @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy @77MASH 😻👉🏻Like some cat from Japan 🎸 ✌🏻 @Cris24918557 @2006Giuliana @LazyStardust5
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Placebo - 20th Century Boy Feat. David Bowie [The Brit Awards 1999] HD via @YouTube .Two gr…
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie - Diamond Dogs / Five Years (Wantagh - 04.06.2004) via @YouTube .Two great song…
Retweeted by Julgood weekend to you too Martine, yes they were really a wonderful couple!🌹♥️🌹 years ago today, #TheCure released their tenth studio album “Wild Mood Swings” featuring singles “The 13th" “Min…
Retweeted by JulHappy Birthday wishes to Carlos Alomar
Retweeted by JulIo sono una nave una nave che porta in sé l'ormai di tutti i tramonti solcati sofferti - io sono una nave che cerca…
Retweeted by Jul @ODROCKnROLL @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy @77MASH 4 Y'all 🎸 ✌🏻 @Cris24918557 @2006Giuliana @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57
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Retweeted by Jul @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @giusmars @Brooshski @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom @Franklyaghost #FF hope ur Friday night is great and ur w/e better Bowie fam&friends ⚡️💕@DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl
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David Bowie • Station To Station • Live 1978 via @YouTube .This is great. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by Jul35 years ago today, #TheCure compilation “Standing on a Beach” aka “Staring at the Sea” was released marking a deca…
Retweeted by Jul#OnThisDay #DavidBowie scored his first UK No.1 album with ‘Aladdin Sane’ 🎶 What's your favorite song from the albu…
Retweeted by Jul @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie @giusmars @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @LadySta48470651 @colacrom
Retweeted by Jul @2006Giuliana @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie @giusmars @Brooshski @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie - PRO SHOT - Reality Album Launch Show - London - 08 Septemb... via @YouTube .I…
Retweeted by JulChe lui provi solo a tornare, che si faccia vedere. Imparerà allora che con un gatto così non si fa Wisława Szymb…
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Retweeted by Jul#voiceofthebeehive @VOTB_Official #jesusjones #musicphotography @nikidoog @prince19582016 @robklippel @VannWolfgang
Retweeted by JulI'm glad Viv, as David said "if you're happy I'm happy too" 🌺 @ODROCKnROLL @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy @77MASH are all my #ThursdayChild 🎸 ✌🏻 @Cris24918557 @2006Giuliana @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57
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Retweeted by Jul @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie @giusmars @Brooshski @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom #TBT hope ur having a grt8 day be safe sending ❤️to all⚡️🖤 @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie
Retweeted by JulLou Reed: Live at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia, August 25 1974 [2CD] #mp3
Retweeted by JulNothing prepared me for your smile #BowieForever #DavidBowie Nothing is more uplifting and contagious than a bowie…
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging (The Kenny Everett Show 1979) Lodger (1979) Video of the Day ~…
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2021 💃💃@nikidoog @prince19582016 @robklippel @VannWolfgang @gunclub_music @2006Giuliana
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie - Fame (Live 1978) Young Americans (1975) Video of the Day ~
Retweeted by JulDavid⚡️Bowie - America (Simon & Garfunkel cover) via @YouTube
Retweeted by Juldavid bowie - little wonder + telling lies - live - 1997 via @YouTube .Two great songs from David. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by Jul @2006Giuliana @ODROCKnROLL @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy
Retweeted by Jul#BowieForever Sometimes you get so lonely Sometimes you get nowhere I've lived all over the world I've lived everyplace.
Retweeted by Julyes, it's little things that make us go back to normal life. These have been difficult months for everyone ♥️😘🙋 Bowie - Teenage Wildlife live Birmingham 13.12.1995 via @YouTube .This song is a rea…
Retweeted by Jul @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Brooshski @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom @Franklyaghost @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Brooshski @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom @Franklyaghost #HappyCincoDeMayo Have a great day and enjoy a margarita today, sending love be kind to each other Bo…
Retweeted by Jul#MrBig 🎸😎@MrBig_band #rockphotography #musicphotography #concertphotography @PetriRantanen5 @VannWolfgang
Retweeted by JulDavid Bowie - Sweet Thing (Live) (Great quality) via @YouTube .Superb version of great song. #DavidBowie
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@2006Giuliana @Cris24918557 @LazyStardust5 @lynsys57 @ManuelaMravlak @Franklyaghost @ClaudiaComedy @77MASH
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