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if we vibe, we vibe #FreePalestine priv: @21Sxvic1

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@breakingbaddiee just like me then @breakingbaddiee i have 1 cheeseburger @ConnorrPriv9 my 3 ATB aint better 😭😭 @IDRCSZN together we will @IDRCSZN same @leorma10 gm @unciviIised gm gm @Ne0phobic hope u get over that hangover as well @Ne0phobic i hope ur day is great @Ne0phobic tiredddd @Ne0phobic hru @Ne0phobic gm lol
@leooo_private @adisapriv @samisdaal i can mail you my hand back?? @thatanglo who got you laughing like that @samisdaal this is a modern day lovestory @samisdaal @fatgossipgirl @0nebeerleft hope you finally get cancelled for being rac!st @0nebeerleft @fatgossipgirl hope you dont get s worded for speaking the truth this time @Fawziyaaaaa ill always back you @Fawziyaaaaa ill still fight you if thats what you want @Fawziyaaaaa lets get it @samisdaal so uhm? πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ @samisdaal i wish i could hold onto a hand… @samisdaal for you maybe..sometimes being the lone wolf is better than complying to this fucking fake woke society lool all a fucking illusio… @fatimahhXD 😹😹🀣 @Fawziyaaaaa yeahhh i get you 😭😭 iβ€˜ll never accept Dana being a manβ€˜s name 😭 @Fawziyaaaaa i just thought that Dana was a female name 😭 @Fawziyaaaaa yeah exactly 😭😭 @Fawziyaaaaa ill never get over Dana White being a man lol @OleSzn7 @Wozzatron i mean if youve been here through Moyes, LvG & Jose youβ€˜re a supporter anyways @Sjg2324 would he be coached by Carrick? If so, he'd lose all his abilitiesOnly Manchester United fans would look at a manager who won 3 CL titles in a row and think "meh, not good enough fo… @IDRCSZN im at work wbuuu @IDRCSZN gm gm @ovomelly hope u have a good day @thisbicthdied i might be @ovomelly gm to you
thanks man why didnt i think of that myself @sarcasticcsatan istg @IDRCSZN the vids are so adorable @IDRCSZN there u go @IDRCSZN @sarcasticcsatan LOL i had youre in my head from the previous tweet i replied to 😭😭 @sarcasticcsatan me when i found youre profile @IDRCSZN twinnem 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻 @IDRCSZN no the deslexic is an inside joke, iβ€˜ll show u in a sec @IDRCSZN Do we get matching ones @jacktgrealish how long do i stop breathing for @krulesurfer im in love @IDRCSZN im on my way to get a black puffer @nerdneck77 @teeviant modern day couple goalsGOLDEN RUBBERS IN THESE DEMIN POCKETS
Retweeted by nπŸ¦‡ @krulesurfer 1 chance? @teeviant is this where you ask if theyd love you if you were a worm @jxcey01 what Jxcey01 should be like instead @NaldoUtd Isakβ€˜s base was incredible for me, not sure if heβ€˜ll get any upgrades tho @Courtinho0125 @unciviIised hey gm
@thatanglo woah @OGShloksjaer @raphazleftfoot but a fox can’t talksoo what did the fox say..?Rt for mutuals. Again.
Retweeted by nπŸ¦‡ @lfchIoe Alice in Borderland @grainr0t yes?my heart goes out to all the british people
wouldve been back to back to back weekends ruined if it wasnt for the international break 😹😹 @ruebrina i dont even feel anythingthis team man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @rashysmilkersss im so done manyeah give me international football BECAUSE RASHFORD IS BACK i have the international break back? @GreenwoodXl progress @rashysmilkersss yea about that @rashysmilkersss im at that point where i dont even care anymore what happens @rashysmilkersss i feel dead inside @prettiestbb what even is the theme of the wedding if that is the finished 😭 @prettiestbb its not finished is itMaguire bro what the fuckTHE ONLY STARBOY I KNOW @GreenwoodXl i mean thatβ€˜s why everyone did it as well? right…? @mirahdownbad
treating twitter like insta tbh
Retweeted by nπŸ¦‡ @rashysmilkersss yessssss @lisadark0 Whats your ig @solskbae YOOOOOOOOOOOOO @thatanglo Lunch? Are you the meal? @lfchIoe chWoe @Jamilah212 wow omg @sarcasticcsatan Easy @samisdaal youre so slow @priyadaley youre welcome hope your birthday is great @priyadaley noooo why @priyadaley Happy Birthday @aishathfc Not hard to be better @aishathfc Dele Alli in 2021 una πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜… @samisdaal