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XT&F - all distance runners are allowed to throw one punch per lap - Javelin must now have a "catcher" for the thr…
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@savagejerry18 @RyanBright80 Got so excited for that lunch in elementary school @ezzzramon @CAYMANnFRIENDS Thank you for this @22mford call me
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@carterwarnock Of course @DiabetoTorpedo @CAYMANnFRIENDS Oh you have to!ASU Wrestling
Retweeted by Mason Ford @espn Yeah, and Grizzly Adams had a beard.I’m not stingy with my likes or comments...if you’re cute, I’m gonna tell you...if you’re funny, I’m gonna tell you…
Retweeted by Mason Ford @bmeirick Was waiting for this one. Thank you. @AngelaRoseBoyle Oh my. You are too kind. Don’t know if I’ll live up to these legends though @CribDisney Absolutely.Can we start a thread of Arizona Sports Legends? I’ll start. Brinson...
Retweeted by Mason Ford @UWTrack @Mick_Stana Yessirrr @Mick_StanaThat PR Glow 🤗 Mick Stanovsek clocked a 1:48.82 time in the 800-meters tonight to move up to #⃣4⃣ in school histor…
Retweeted by Mason FordI WILL go to an NBA All-Star Weekend
😲😲😲😲😲😲 @shelbo800 FTW in 4:06.41 in the @Progressive Women's 1500m #ToyotaUSATFIndoors
Retweeted by Mason FordWhat @mondohoss600 is thinking at any given time
Retweeted by Mason FordWORLD RECORD AGAIN @itsh3rb Lmao bro stopped at 45 😂6.18m! Mondo Duplantis breaks the world record AGAIN
Retweeted by Mason FordWhat are we witnessing here?? Duplantis goes over 6.18m for a new PV World Record in Glasgow. How much did he clear…
Retweeted by Mason Ford22 points 🇨🇦 8 rebounds 🇨🇦 A Rising Star showcase in Chicago last night for BC.⭐️📹 @brandonclarke23 |…
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Last minute card for your Valentine? Look no further. Happy Valentine’s Day from the SLB team! 🌹❤️ #ValentinesDay
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Billie Eiilish x Khalid - Lovely (Rampant Remix) OUT NOW <3
Retweeted by Mason FordDevin Booker will replace the injured Damian Lillard on Team LeBron in the 2020 NBA All-Star Game and 3-Point Conte…
Retweeted by Mason Ford😌😌😌 points (ties career high) | 12-14 FG | 6 rebounds @brandonclarke23 shined in tonight's big win over Portland 📹…
Retweeted by Mason Ford @QWERTYAMERICA @TheNBACentral Bro is really out there! @TheNBACentral @22mford This man really hooping
Retweeted by Mason FordBrandon Clarke tonight (23 minutes) 27 points 6 rebounds 2 steals 1 block 12/14 FG Memphis’ young core is 🔥
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If you don’t already, make sure you watch and support the @PhoenixMercury this season. Model franchise. Jim Pitma…
Retweeted by Mason Ford4x WNBA All-Star @SkyDigg4 is heading to the Mercury to join Diana Taurasi and Brittney Griner, per @RachGall Care…
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Retweeted by Mason FordY'all ain't ready for this weekend in New Mexico 😤🔥
Retweeted by Mason FordHere I am 6 years since playing competitive basketball & I just made 20 free throws in a row and my former teammate… Leakers! The water different!
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If you’re a high school football player that doesn’t play a spring sport you need to run track. Being faster is always better
Retweeted by Mason FordI just voted for Markus Howard for the @Wendys #WoodenAward. Cast your vote here! @paullucasll @FabianArdaya That’s a flagrant 2 in my book. @paullucasll @FabianArdaya Damn straight. @FabianArdaya And this location is the best location. Hands down, no questions asked.IYKYK
Retweeted by Mason Ford @tmhawker Gotta show loveNext time I go to OT 😂
This pic gives me chills man. Cause y’all gotta understand. This dude has been talking this into existence from the…
Retweeted by Mason Ford @Pacman3s @itsh3rb Hahah I took the later flight so I don’t have it 😂
@tmhawker Good luck 😘🥰 @JordaniHoward @perry_pumas @CUSDAthletics Well deserved, Jordan! Hang this man’s jersey at Santan and Perry ASAP!Such an amazing honor to be the first ever @perry_pumas athlete inducted in the @CUSDAthletics Hall Of Fame today,…
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Oh and ‘cause today wasn’t wild enough already, the same night Mondo vaults a WR 6.17m, @samkendricks clears an Ame…
Retweeted by Mason FordWorld record 6.17m @mondohoss600
Retweeted by Mason FordWORLD RECORD!!!! #borntofly
Retweeted by Mason Ford @LarissaSwanson Never @LarissaSwanson DIRK 😂WHO LET MY DAD GET SNAPCHAT?!
Retweeted by Mason Ford @paullucasll @OnenOnly_BA I hate you 😂:) Nash was so nasty 🔥 Happy Birthday to a legend.
Retweeted by Mason FordSame arena. Same basket. Same dunk. 19 years apart. 💜💛
Retweeted by Mason FordAND ONEEEEEE, Brandon Clarke 😳
Retweeted by Mason Ford @therileyjoslin @umichbball @Xaviersimpson3 @DavidDejulius @baird_cj This is awesome work and strategy! Surprised I don’t see it more often.Has anyone else seen this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm? time Steve Nash gave a halftime interview with a chipped tooth 😂
Retweeted by Mason FordHappy birthday legend @SteveNash
Arizona State @SunDevilTFXC is the only school that can claim a top-five male and female shot putter.
Retweeted by Mason Ford @itsh3rb Incredible voice. Lmao I love her regular speaking voice
you love to see him...
Retweeted by Mason FordNike unveils skateboarding uniforms for 2020 Olympics: USA, Brazil & France.
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Retweeted by Mason Ford#MasonFord2020
Retweeted by Mason Ford @shanfritzy I need a running partner now. @pjbrownn Middle school? Bro, I got nuggeted up until the very last day of my senior year of high school."It almost brought a tear to my eye 'cause you're looking at it and you think 'this is it, this is the world record…
Retweeted by Mason Ford @andrewoko23 Thank you @royabean Thank you. @qbankston Thank you.Was that too harsh? Maybe. Idk.Literally every track athlete ever was expecting this. Also, the World Record in pole vault was attempted by a 20…
RT if someone from your school just won the Super Bowl! 🙌
Retweeted by Mason FordTikTok is rapidly growing, especially with 16- to 24-year-olds (your recruits & students). We’re following official…
Retweeted by Mason FordFINALLY all my @ASUSportsLawBiz people. Lots of good opportunities here.
I hope those posted in order lolWith all that being said, I’ll end with this. You are not weak if you seek help because you want to improve in a s… always loved the Yogi Berra quote, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” I’ve neve… biggest thing that I realized is that sometimes talking through things that have nothing to do with your sport… encourage young athletes to reach out to sports psychologist or therapists within their schools to work on mindse…, I had plenty of teammates and coaches to help me positively rationalize and reframe my mindset after… was struggling in my sport and I’m beyond thankful that I had a teammate mention he had seen the sports psycholog… I not seen the sports psychologist, I’m sure my senior season would not have gone as well as it did and I would… week I was asked the question, “What would you have done differently in your collegiate athletic career, if an… the two players I was most inspired by. Both have incredible stories and are tremendous players. @b_coltelli Beautiful @nmin42 Congratulations, my man. 🙌Cool: NFL loaded up old tweets into confetti machine before it was pushed out to field. Here’s one of them.
Retweeted by Mason Ford @ThatsLudaChriss @_sistaajonesss Most original one I’ve seen 😂😂😂