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@RealTimBooth @JacDur97 Fair point but we are still in a bloody mess. Racism is rife, the right are on the rise, th…
@YvonneBurdett3 I'm 49, pic in my profile was when I was 46. Without wishing to blow me own trumpet, I'm still doing better than the witch. @heritageguit72 @DrewLawDesign Pardon?? @DrewLawDesign Took you long enough, been singing along to Club Tropicana again in your narna boots? @DrNobody8 Were you on one of these? @UtdBeforeFergie @nickdillonart Me! And presumably @duncanyoung68 who was named after himArmed Trump supporters, in paramilitary gear, threaten people in cars.
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝 @rablivingstone Just remembered, you'll have to sit in the garden tho and I'll throw it to you.... @agw1437 @deathtospinach Why are you shaming bigger people in an attempt to make someone else feel better? Aren't y… @ItsSimonG @deathtospinach She'd rather not, tbh... @deathtospinach You should put it on your profile, will save you wasting your time on shallow wankers. @rablivingstone Bollocks. All round mine then, got the old drinks cabinet. Not used it for a while.... Eggnog and Cinzano anyone? Babycham? @JacDur97 @RealTimBooth It's no better here! @RealTimBooth It's terrifying, just when you think it can't get worse, it does. I daren't wonder what's next... 😬 @rablivingstone Get em in then. Malibu and J20 please @becky196734 @Reverend_Makers I remember they persuaded Jimmy to set his bass up wireless and walk thru the crowd.… @craigybott @PeteBoyle70 @Reverend_Makers What, not a beautiful woman?? Blocking you.... 🤣🤣🤣😉 @PeteBoyle70 Hahaha, I'm not *quite* that bad! I told them their jukebox was crap! @PeteBoyle70 Only went over the road to the Trafford once. I got meself barred.... what heinous crime do you think… @RalfLittle @PayPal They always email you and use your full name on the email. @craigybott @PeteBoyle70 @Reverend_Makers Watch out for that rat in your kitchen tho @becky196734 @Reverend_Makers That was a stunner, despite the huge gap to the stage. Think Tim and Andy spent most of it in the crowd! @irreductible_Em This is the actual Venn Diagram... @Otto_English @TracymOshea @PeteBoyle70 @craigybott @Reverend_Makers Ahahaha - You Got Me, Babe.... 🤣 @jarzinio53 @karlhanssens @FergieYears The souvenir shop started a separate 'fashion' shop with Bloggs gear next do… @karlhanssens @FergieYears Caught him outside OT in his wife's beat up old Fiat Uno having a crafty smoke. Promised not to tell Fergie... 🤣 @Davey1969Davey @DrewLawDesign You might need these tho @NigelHeal @wisheart12 @KateWilton1 You believe that do you? And I'm a Nigerian Prince with £2million to give you i… @Davey1969Davey @DrewLawDesign You will deffo get detention for that, you mucky pup! @craigybott @PeteBoyle70 @Reverend_Makers If not for UB40, there are amazing songs that I, as a kid, would never have got to hear otherwise. @Reverend_Makers James for me. Everyone knows *that* song but they did so much more, from dancy stuff to political… @DrewLawDesign James - Jam J @NevilleSouthall It's all too easy for nasty, know-nothings to play the big man & mouth off online. They forget, or… @DrewLawDesign I feel it drop every time I answer one of your questions. Can't understand why tho, can you, you 80s… @ThomasEast2 @bazza080808 @MarcusRashford Especially as this government could easily support the most vulnerable. I… @Anna__Dray @ManUtd Woodward would even fuck up a lemonade stand @MrsP_A @MarcusRashford No probs, was online, I like looking stuff up (I'm a nosy cow 🐄🤣) @MrsP_A @MarcusRashford Salvation Army in Warrington do a lot of work with the homeless and have shelters, according to their website @MrsP_A @MarcusRashford Find out if there's a soup kitchen or hostel that cooks food for homeless people, a local s… @ThomasEast2 @bazza080808 @MarcusRashford If they did that then it would absolve the government of its responsibili… @MarcusRashford Marcus, the Tories don't care. Their upbringing sees people "below" them as inferior, unworthy & un… @hmtreasury So if I work 33% of my hours. I get full pay for first 1/3, paid in full by employer. Then 55% of remai…
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝 @troovus Sloan Roses @DrewLawDesign @TracymOshea @SueVinc76251266 @DrewLawDesign Blimey - I thought you would be right up top right with Ghengis and Adolf.... @Keir_Starmer This one aged well didn't it Keir? This is exactly why, despite working for Labour for 20 years, I wi… @frankfraggers You say "fuck censorship" on your profile. Then advocate censorship. Well done. Do you also think yo… @holski_beat That literally makes no sense at all. @haikuthenoo @caitlinmoran Well then. They should speak English like all civilised people do. We won the bloody war… @mwrddrwg @caitlinmoran Well, they're copying their WW2 politics so why not copy their healthcare too? @lionne82878165 @mixygirl @caitlinmoran Unless that comparison makes us look better.... which, let's face it, isn't happening @mixygirl @caitlinmoran Not these forrin sorts though. Perish the thought. We're British after all. No need to invo… @tomhillenbrand @caitlinmoran Maybe, and it's just a thought here, they have the highest case numbers BECAUSE they… @caitlinmoran Cos it doesn't make any money for Boris's chums @yogijunior3 Anyone told @alandavies1 ?Fun fact: a blue whale’s anus can stretch to approximately 3 and a half feet, making it the second largest arsehole…
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝 @CheapPanini Da iawn, diolch @DrewLawDesign Or is that yours - thought you meant that was his... @DrewLawDesign Where's yours? Ghengis Khan? @DrewLawDesign That's not communist - mine nearly falls off the graph at the bottom left.... @Sweettea9KLK @qsteph He can express an opinion, just as Trump has expressed many unsolicited opinions on how the U… @qsteph We're not all offended by any means. Our right wing, racist press will do anything to detract from the utte…
@ememcee315 @SkewSpew Hate ages you and makes the hater as ugly on the outside as they are on the insideKatie Hopkins, 45. Floella Benjamin, 71.
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝So let’s get this right. Celebrated Human Rights Barrister, Sir Keir Starmer, abstained on legislating against tort…
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝 @DrewLawDesign James - Nothing But Love. Ace video @DrewLawDesign Nah, be working, you'll have to take it up wiv me boss! @DrewLawDesign Has one of Santa's elves broken in and is drinking your beer? You reckon he will take your banana shoes as well? @PeteBoyle70 I bought some dodgy cassette tape from some weirdo in there once.... @DrewLawDesign @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign I'm cold tonight- are you a little otter? @sheevpaIps @rorylewis_ @TUC_Defender @WelshSocialism Mancunia. Land of King Cantona 😉😈Seems like Man UTD are looking for a left -back....why aren’t they going for @LucasDigne ? Great player. Got a feeling they could get him
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝 @JanAageFjortoft @LucasDigne Tbh, I bought him on Football Manager and he was fucking brilliant and linked up really well with Rashford too. @ArizArmedComm @Carnival_Sorts @WelshSocialism Go back to Welsh, it's Caer Llundain @rorylewis_ @sheevpaIps @TUC_Defender @WelshSocialism We already have this..."I don't know how to tell you this Police officers were taking selfies with your dead daughters. You know in the so…
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝 @bushontheradio @absoluteradio Bet he has no idea who this lady is on her 71st birthday - and his childhood will ha… @FloellaBenjamin Never in a million bloody years! Have you found the elixir of life, or a Tardis or summat? @ChrisHawkinsUK Happy Birthday - they're on their way.... @bushontheradio @absoluteradio Tiswas @Evan_UTD @ManUtd @juanmata8 @Carabao_Cup You obviously know fuck all about football then @manutdarepoopoo @ManUtd @juanmata8 @Carabao_Cup It's so nice to see we are living rent-free in your empty head 24/7. Sad @UtdJoan @ManUtd @juanmata8 @Carabao_Cup That's the beauty of social media you know - you can do lots of things all… @bushontheradio Maybe it was named after this? @ladyhaja Obviously you would never wish it on anyone, but imagine if he or any of his friends actually die from it… @joan0fsnark The vile, evil bitch blocked me, for which I'm very glad @jabbathesutt @K_Stand_Red I remember seeing Kaspar Schmeichel being carried into OT on his dad's shoulders in a Un… @erawnomiS @susantomespiano @andydiagram @WeAreTheMU @ISM_music @DCMS Yep, cos there's loads of jobs going aren't there? @jshakart @susantomespiano @WeAreTheMU @ISM_music @DCMS Um, where?Musicians *can't* work from home. Most concert halls are still closed. Furlough + self-employed schemes are ending.…
Retweeted by *•.¸♡ ӄǟʏ ♡¸.•* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐝 @DrewLawDesign Priti Patel on telly again?
@DrewLawDesign 😁😁😁 @DrewLawDesign Who acts in total opposition to his name? @Disco_Squirrel @Bigshirtlesscol @JaneyGodley 🤣 @Anna__Dray Definitely benefitted with the 3 subs, looked like a proper United team. @ManUtd_HQ Class @DrewLawDesign James - Alaskan Pipeline