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Beauty is an essence

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You don’t have to force what’s suppose to be yours
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Everybody want to drink tea but don’t want to work out okay so little do y’all know once y’all stop taking the tea…
Why when you and your friend have a disagreement and you know you just can’t fuck with her on that same level here…
I love being a women ♥️❤️‘You gotta be able to grow in order to glo... and sometimes growing means you gotta get away from certain people ca…
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I want to smoke but I don’t feel like going to my car 😩😩
Alone ft @Jacquees
You are an angel no disguise Every girl in my past was a waste of time So I want us to be together, From now until…
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I want to go see my baby @DaveEast in Oakland😩😩 I just don’t have nobody to go with #fuck I guess I will be solo idgaf
So excited will be doing my first real photo shoot and I’m beyond excitedThis is my vision and I want everything to be right #sacredivinesisterhood♥️ it’s happening this month so ladies yo…
@JonAKAMrGetThe1 Scorpio ♏️Patience is not an ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Roll somethin and get the year started.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️don’t chase love this year, let love find you.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️
Chilling ✅ home watching everybody cracking ass snap I hope everyone having an amazing New Years 2020 see y’all next year 🙄
When you and your significant other enlightened to life is probably one of the most fulfilling experience and I don… is thee definition of a friend in this generation❓It’s a lonely road out here when you trying to evolve 🙄This is why I don’t deal with people man they shitty attitude and this is why I just shut up and go about my busy a… reading about numerology it’s so deep that I can’t stop researching itIn 2020 focus on what makes you happy, fuck everything else 💯
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️
What you want can only be determined from what you feel, and how deeply you let yourself feel it. @pnut_buttaaa I watched this shit like 10xMy inner thighs can’t be everyone’s superhero. Who gon save me dammit ?! 🤣
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Period just wanna be around good energy. Connect with good people. Learn new things. Grow
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I washed this lime 10x I love the way he said Selenaaaaa...... birthday to my baby sister @pnut_buttaaa and @EricBellinger did that shit 🥰😍 reading about numerology and I must say I find this shit so interesting
my psychology professor said “when you fall in love with someone you aren’t interested in anyone else. if you are,…
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️3 hours you must did want to do it everything is energy when u try to separate yourself to be at peace ppl start questioning your moves because they notice the differenc…
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️It’s crazy how so many people follow each other on social media and don’t communicate and just look like wtf are yo… @Cyn_Santana Just visualize when you sleep you healing from that dayDon’t let the term “teamwork make the dream work” have you round here carrying dead weight
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Put pressure on everything, what ain’t solid gonna fold!!
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️that moaning in my ear shit so mf sexy 😩
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Period
Stop looking @ other ppl life thinking you’re behind, get on your shit everybody started somewhere!
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️My grandma told me, "If you give a person too much too soon, they'll fall in love with your hand and not your heart."
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I’ve been feeling this way very often whole phone did it’s own grammar correcting had me sounding dumb asfk on Twitter right now 😂😂😍 I’m like hell naw I didn’t write this lolLol if you had gumbo you better still fuck that leftovers up seafood ain’t cheap 😂 I feel you I’m over it calling children spoiled because they are getting basic love and affection.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I refuse to be unhappy in 2020
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️That was so mature of you shit mf can’t even be honest about being the daddy and the kid looks just like him smh lol are important. If you're too broke to take her out on a date, go hiking and eat her out on top of a mountain. Be creative.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Shit Go get somebody nigga then lol that’s the new trend right I mean go share somebody nigga keep talking about this show I’m going to have to tap in let that shit go flush it down the drain it’s a wrap it’s almost New Years lol jk hell naw I’m still fu… be feelin very entitled to your time. Ion get it
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no dead ass! wanna vibe for New Years. No fancy, flashy party. A kick back, simple shit, bottles and the right ppl
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 definitely some high shit 😂😂 feel sexy dressed in all black. Black is one of #Scorpios favorite colors.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️We grow through what we go through, and that helps us get to where we want to go to.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Something that looks good is easy to come by. Somebody that makes you happy is hard. The good looks be for everybod…
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️
Everybody has to do better in 2020 🤷🏾‍♂️ Even me 🙏🏾
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️People who practice mindfulness meditation for 30 minutes a day find noticeable changes in brain connectivity in just two weeks.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️It’s dumb cold 🥶
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Someone said "I got people holding grudges against me for shit THEY did to me” that’s the truest shit ever.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️ @YaYCraCC I feel you! Only you know what’s going onWhy? you need at least one person to know always!!!!!! microwave uses more electricity to power its clock than it does to heat your food.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️ @pnut_buttaaa I was apart of that lolI miss the way Christmas felt when I was a kid.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I meant so what hoe what hoe lol type night 🥰 need a new phone so bad 🙄Back to the drawing board
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Few things I’ve learnt this year: 1. No one cares 2. Life goes on 3. Love yourself regardless, as long as you’r…
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Nobody about to start with you 😏 received a message so nice that you just keep reading it over and over again?
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I want some hot chocolate with marshmallows ☕️Right now it’s raining to much for me okay we get it now can we get some sun 🌞No seriously we need the whole week off #periodpooh should be every man mood when dealing with a women he care about I did buy myself something which is always therapeutic for me💁🏾‍♀️Damn I didn’t even expect anything for Christmas and I didn’t get anything see what happens when you feed your thou… now I just want to be in bed snuggled up 🙄Up getting ready for work today is a new day and I’m excited for what’s to come everyone have an amazing dayMy son was happy for Christmas and that’s all that matters y’all mfs really do it for the media
Up early wrapping my son gifts 🙄 I hate last min doing anything
@Ajatheonee No problem! @Ajatheonee We always ask for something we not mentally ready for it’s all physical appearance
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️I hope whoever ends up with me enjoys my 15 alarms and which I snooze each of them
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Never ignore a person who loves you and cares for you.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️Not everyone get the same version of me. one person will tell you i’m a great person and the other person will tell…
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️ @_SirCJ @Annikaaa_ Right and if it’s like that a atm gives you what you give it that’s how money add upGood pussy will have a nigga like “can i just eat it then”😭😭
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️ @Ajatheonee We always ask for something we not mentally ready for it’s all physical appearance @Ajatheonee Do you think you mentally ready to meet your match ? If he take the time to love you unconditionally wi…’t wait to see my family for Christmas I’m ready to be lit asfk and I’m off work both days 😍😍 I’m so ecstaticWhat's meant for you, will happen for you. That's why you just have to relax and trust that everything will work out. Be patient.
Retweeted by hiisBooRida♥️🤞🏾♏️♠️
Fine ass crip 💙