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feel like complete trash just want her back man @JBou_ Please tell me this is fake and this ain't happen to you for realI just wanted something that feels fresh in pokemon franchise. I gave up on pokemon go after like a week though lolFinally open world pokemon game. I stopped playing anything pokemon related after diamond/pearl so I'm interested in playing that for sure. Black Mirror trends I get hyped thinking its the new season but its just some dystopian shit thats happening in real lifeI think after this week I'm done with smash online until mythra and pyra come out. Gonna play Hades or Yakuza idk which
Retweeted by strides⛓ @Flambeezy i know for a fact they white and wouldn't say anything if i was in front of them so I'm chilling lmao#UnBanNairo | !2ggladder @finallyjames_ sad part is, I'm pretty sure 2GG has to work with/worked with this region in the past so they gonna… @finallyjames_ they hate me jamesI don't think most smash players know how to play smash lol @BamOfThePpl Why only I get this typa shit man lmao.@ZenyouX drop the tweet @Kopter__ Why's that grown man arguing with ddee and why is ddee the one who sounds more mature lol @razmakazi Fuck outta here LMAO @razmakazi Ngl its actually funny but what did I even do to this nigga/niggette lmaoI know a lot of yall hate but can you shit talk me in the open please its funnier that way @CharlieHaruno Yo he does requests???? I need that Pacman slander ASAPHey who did I piss off in 2019 that they would say this in a private discord 💀 @Rubber_NC @DEEPBLUE_NC Am I supposed to feel a way about random people talking about me in a discord server? Could… @ApolloKage The mix. The fundies. 🤯 @DEEPBLUE_NC I actually just think it's funny how hes clearly doing it for attention even when he knows it's not fu… @lordsturm473 He needs to get extra creative for those two lol @2GG_Warchief People who take them seriously are even funnier than the tweets themselves lol"Zenyou isn't even funny!" "You main Mario and Cloud!!!" Just say he hurt your feelings and go big fella lmao @DEEPBLUE_NC Nope still entertaining. Numbers don't lie lmao.@CharlieHaruno @VamosAhce yeah he did it vs me! @VamosAhce do you know this guynvm hes not a legend he did 70 percent to me with nades while i wrote this tweetJust ran into the legend JonT on elite smashI blocked my future roommate on Twitter not knowing I'd ever have to live with them. Awkward. @Kopter__ They 15 and have playstation in they bio I think they subtweeting they self @TheDakpo Quitting for striveI think I'm getting sick. Haven't had any appetite for days now because I immediately get nauseous when I try to eat anything :/ @zackfox Yo why you have this saved Zack? @tinysyd Can u help me build my next computer @fightoncaius bro LMAO Fella tried to tell me what the whole lore of xenoblade is when im just asking about a skin @chibivargas she looks better than mythrai aint play xenoblade and aint never gonna play it who is Mythra supposed to be @CharlesThoren_ bring it back charles you can do itsmashgg ladder run Day 2 | !2ggladder @Mr_RSmash Impression farm coming along nicely @perepereden I miss them 😭
oh hell nah why homie got on da mii brawler fit
Retweeted by strides⛓ @RikzSPT @alex_moukala Bro I thought this was the dude from umbrella academy lmfao @GoGeurt You speaking facts but they dont wanna hear itTeacher just asked if anyone wants to play among us after class Covid needs to end asap @ArchyEGO you look like the final boss of black air forcesits not even released yet. Why would they do this to meNEED THIS SONG FOR BRACKET ASAP NO ROCKY
Retweeted by strides⛓ @BamOfThePpl @FAN9S easier to farm interactions by saying smash community bad while still following and participating in it lol @FAN9S I think both of the tweets aren't great lol I agree with you its not black and white and everyone's experie… @CharlesThoren_ happy birthday man!music syncs are cool @XmasArcana lucas just sucks in neutral compared to ness so thats even more free. Game and Watch is harder only bec… @XmasArcana you would think this would be simple to explain to an actual snake main but some of them legit think it… I have any actual good Snake players on my feed? I want to see something real quick. Does Ness beat Snake 60:40implying there was ever a good image in the first place lol who cares how people outside of the community view it… wait I got one @Virum_SD i don't know what you're talking about virum @Samsora_ birthdays during corona don't count @dakcity_ i'd rather fight ness. each pacman set almost went to time. bowser jr is literally sonic but heavy, has… both of these characters very very much its time to play wolfgetting ptsd remembering i had to fight 5 different pacman sets on the ladder yesterday. and three bowser jrs.trash 😑 see you guys tomorrow fanart 💖
Retweeted by strides⛓ @Annjelife do you want me to leave or something LOL
I'm 6-4 rn 😑 Gonna try to get in top 10 today but its a climb @diamondupree oksmashgg ladder run Day 1 | !2GGLadder that I drew for a friend
Retweeted by strides⛓ @TwitchSupport #UnBanNairoNo.
Retweeted by strides⛓ @CatalystNB Yeah this the last straw for me @apathycreates Facts onlyMf ratiod by his own hypocrisy lol @Andrik_ssb Andrik likes Haikyuu? Best falcon guaranteed @DabuzSenpai The one with rollback strive beta ended I went 8-3 in the tower with only knowing one bnb and how to RC sometimes Fun game 🙂If you’re looking at this you know you supposed to be sleep!! GOODNIGHT!
Retweeted by strides⛓[Cosplay] Modern AU - Byleth ※FE風花雪月コスプレ※捏造
Retweeted by strides⛓I actually took work off today to play in the ladder tourney today. Top 5 or nothing. Gunna strim the run here…"Americans eat like their healthcare is free" @CharlieHaruno @Jake_SSBU Down BAD!!!
Retweeted by strides⛓ @gsmVoiD collecting their $75 for their unreliable ass wifi every month
Retweeted by strides⛓ @2GG_Zfly I mean his other ones dude. He obviously hates Falco for real because of larry lolThe people who actually take Zenyou's character slander tweets seriously radiate weirdo energy @oe_joeboy33 @ZenyouX he does play him LOLアニメのような夕空に恋をして。
Retweeted by strides⛓ @GoGeurt YEAHWhy the hell is Chipp talking about sukiyaki while he's beating my ass @CharlesThoren_ See ya in April bro 😭
i just assumed Aaron has been partnered this whole time. Has has over 2000 subs. Wake up twitch the heck LOL