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Please let this work @CueBallClarence Hunter. Hunter as well @Das_Vargas Did he cheat too?"He turned water to wine!!" okay bro can u please just pass the blunt @ChiSox17 Annoying honestly. Been having way too much of itnow that the dust has settled... is it pronounced Hunter And Hunter, or just Hunter Hunter?Was gonna finish watching hunter x hunter but it seems ive been called upon to have a bit of sex insteadsubbed to an onlyfans for my first time recently. Its bc i am a man and i jack off occasionally but i no longer wan… this six times and still dont know what it says @stereoberrys Bro just SAVE THE VIDEO LMAO @MyFavsTrash @stereoberrys’m not posting this to make fun of this guy. This is the tragedy of 45’s legacy. There’s other screen grabs of Ri…
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I feel incredibly bad for him. Dealing with this shit in the public eye no less @samelpan @orionn___ U guys suck @2StarYelp
Retweeted by ass bandicootLook at this fucking portion of his face isn't eminem, it's a Pakistani dude I knew in undergrad
Retweeted by ass bandicootLook at this picture of Eminem. Look at it. Keep looking. Okay. Right? Whats up with that @2StarYelp Or weed resin gave you a 180 IQ
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @CueBallClarence And permanently black fingertips @samelpan So this why you havent been liking my tweets. awesome. Absolutely no other possible reason @samelpan Been wanting to ask what rate limited is for weeks but too scared ill get made fun ofGoing to make a mod where everyone tells me to fuck off @CHASETHEBUSSY U look great in them @stereoberrys Hes just mid transformation @stereoberrys
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Retweeted by ass bandicoot55mins into my 30min break and my boss told me to just "relax for a bit" cause theres nothing to do. NiceUnless u tryna be like a astronaut than fuck it bro @hgldowner @Dragonitesrage She pedo baits its a no from meAmerica is amazing because the people who make $600,000 a year think that the people who make $15,000 a year are gr…
Retweeted by ass bandicootPutting people on hold so i can tweet a joke i just thought of >> @AsapRat 2 always has a bad attitude over hereEverybody has their favorite phone line. Mine is 3 coworker has his doctorate and i spent ages 18-23 smoking weed resin. College is a scam @iucipu Lets GOOOOO17 y/o poster: Life really is over when you turn 20. Fuck. Life is short I have to work on my art 40 y/o poster: M…
Retweeted by ass bandicootYou should hit them farther next time should not give cops horses. give those horses to postal workers so i can sit out on my porch drinking iced te…
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @79hfg3n3948rhf0 @branflakeassMAN @JellyRL @deadsadie @JellyRL Theres no escaping me @JellyRL Sorry bout this @JellyRL Absolutely obliterated man @JellyRL NOOOO WAY DOES HE PULL IT OFF @JellyRL @JellyRL Yes but what does it mean @JellyRL What does aita mean? I always read it as antifa @spongefacts_alt I think it was the perfect setup for ballsack @CueBallClarence Seen up to pt5The ballsack in Akira show villain The real villain @ohgodimsohorny Either or tbh @JellyRL I have every streaming service i am a media whoreRecommend me something good to watchShe learned to sign so she could speak to the deaf mailman. ❤️
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @milkinhisbag can you please retweet thank you
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @Dragonitesrage W
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @BillRatchet Dm me g i went through 7 yrs / 10+ Gi doctors @orionn___ Just guys being dudes @orionn___'m a man, not a bellhop.
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@callmeshitto Home in 10can you tone down the size of your breasts? there are children here
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @Blackfingers63 @seinfeIf Wait i see it @orionn___ God damn youre beautiful my guyhey pal, got a letter for you here
Retweeted by ass bandicootIve lost 56 followers since forfeting my unemployment and honestly I respect them for their decision @JosenWorld LMAOO it kinda is the trenches ngl every time i walk outside someone asks me for a dollar @goodbeanaltalt Thats how it started, shits full circleBabe your boobs are too large. it’s pissing me off and ruining my day
Retweeted by ass bandicootWalt jr was the villianUpdate: 7 hours into workday and i still love my job. Nice. Not even dying to go home yet? Not counting hours? Weirdi know this is a shallow post to mine favs and rts but the show openly considers this viewpoint and rejects it enti…
Retweeted by ass bandicootChildhood ptsd makes me hate the sound of movement in the home. Like why are y moving so much ..
Retweeted by ass bandicootmy balls chillin under my cock
Retweeted by ass bandicootme after picking my own songs in the grammys voting booth
Retweeted by ass bandicootIn all seriousness my coworkers kick ass and i was able to casually slip in that i bring my lunch bc i have stomach…, i am the coworker with the smelly lunch in the community fridge. So whatLonch time @2StarYelp
Retweeted by ass bandicootGod how ive missed making memes while clocked in drip gay nigga
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @superskrong Yoga kicks ass i b touching my toes for extended periods of time n shitAlso i get 3 paid breaks per day lolthis kid sucks at skating
Retweeted by ass bandicoot @JosenWorld Ngl its fun restarting ur kd tho @JosenWorld You can. Mine had a glitch and i couldnt but u can its possible @JosenWorld U definitely could. Ive had it 3 months and I absolutely love it @JosenWorld With a good monitor it runs warzone at 144 fps its just wonderful @pokeugly When i nut and she keeps.. nvm @JosenWorld Buy the laptop i got , $700 runs warzone beautifully