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I'm Chris. Sometimes when I vomit words there is a hint of beauty.

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@CraigSkitz It changed my life when I went and had it for the first time. Dumb thing for me to point out, but if yo…
That Pikachu is a fat motherfucker and I like it
@FloydBishopIII1 That's 100% Big Alpha energy @FloydBishopIII1 The biggest game in the world, that makes millions of $ every day, was turned off for over a day.… Bath Robe Starring Don Knotts @cutethulhoo Yup. Congrats on finally making it here. @cutethulhoo Oh right you did get stuck on that didn't you @cutethulhoo ...why?I started watching The Good Place I just got through the first season and man, it's a good showThe emotion of this scene, the build up to this moment, and the music that scored it Fuck, man… @disneyplus @starwars Bring 👏 me 👏 The 👏 Muppet 👏 Show 👏
Where is The Muppet Show? Where is The Muppet Show? Where is The Muppet Show? Where is The Muppet Show? Where is Th…
Retweeted by C-Squared @pettycommajared I'm glad I'm not the only one to take issue with this.Hold up. Muppet Babies is going to be on Disney+ but The Muppet Show isn't? Travesty
@CaptainCanucks8 Episode 1 I hold isn't necessarily a bad movie, just kind of a boring one. The other two on the other handLet's be fucking clear here. The opening sequence to A New Hope is perfect. It establishes what we as an audience… @pettycommajared Exactly. The very first opening sequence is nothing short of perfect. @pettycommajared Did he seriously try to assert that Episode III has the best opening sequence? Really?
Just saw the new Addams Family. What a delightful movie. I laughed pretty much from start to finish. Being animated… @simplysusan1211 52. Boy that sure doesn't sound right. @ShaunBolen God I loved late night Hannah Barbera block. @CraigSkitz All the things I said I'd do with the $100,000, with the addition of I would pay off my dad's bills, I…🤔
oooh snap. ANNOUNCEMENT!
Retweeted by C-SquaredWelcome to 31 @GA_Greyson I hope you find hitting it has been better than hitting 30. I hope it'll be a good year for ya. @KindaCoolGreg This fuckin got me
Is My Hair Thinning Or Has It Always Looked Like That?: An Aging Tale @CraigSkitz Get myself out of debt, finish furnishing my apartment, go to ONO, put about 40k into a CD and keep sav…
Blizzard gave us years of entertainment and this controversy seems to be a shareholders level decision independent…
Retweeted by C-Squared @cutethulhoo After Epic speaking out in support of what's going on in Hong Kong, I'm waiting for it. @KindaCoolGreg I dunno, Vader went out taking out the hardest baller in the galaxy, because no one balls harder tha… give me $400.
First of all check out this podcast. Jared always brings thoughtful conversation & inspires the same from the peopl… @2xC N ME ARE IN THEERRREEE (by that I mean we got a room at the AGDQ hilton)
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Final Fantasy 2 got a sequel didn't it? It couldn't possibly be that bad, right? Right? We live just a little while we begin a journey into what seems to be generally regarded as the worst game in the series,… return!!! If you'd like to help, please feel free by using my PayPal : THANK YOU!!!
Retweeted by C-SquaredNormally I wouldnt sweat it too bad, but I'm at the end of my anxiety medication, and I currently don't have insura…
Retweeted by C-SquaredHey team, I need some help. I thought things would be all evened out once I started my new job, but I'm a little fu…
Retweeted by C-Squared @ShaunBolen @CaptainCanucks8 See this guy knows what's up @pettycommajared I subscribed and listened to these last night and by the sound of it, you have a definitive top 10… @CaptainCanucks8 @ShaunBolen @G1Community Free the neck! #TeamVNeckI've been doing that all night and I fucking hate it.For reference, I used to be an auditor, and a pretty good one at that. Not tootin my own horn there, I was just alw… ever have to go back to an old job or responsibility and you're immediately reminded why you left that shit in the first place?
@pakerbrohan @Tinder They wanna fuck that Wotter. @CraigSkitz You can mute certain words in your settings, which will block posts containing those words from your fe… @GameAttackTeam Man you guys have some killer framing on some of these. I love it.
@CraigSkitz God I remember this and I love it just as much.Picard. January 23, 2020. @StarTrekCBS @PrimeVideoUK @CTVSciFi #StarTrekPicard #StarTrekNYCC
Retweeted by C-SquaredOn this day, October 5th 1962 #TheBeatles released their debut single: Love Me Do b/w P.S. I Love You. This week,…
Retweeted by C-SquaredWinnie the Pooh seriously has one of the funniest scenes in any of the films from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Th…
Retweeted by C-Squared @CaptainCanucks8 @G1Community @ShaunBolen @CaptainCanucks8 @G1Community @ShaunBolen Say yes to v necks
@ShaunBolen I'm excited for you guys. I think you'll push past the fear once you see the level of quality that's go… @PaulMcCartney You know, that album's pretty good. I think you guys might've had something. @GA_Greyson You are gonna have a blast
@cutethulhoo Workaholic depression. Lovely. @RayNarvaezJr Ray I hope you get to be a spooky slutSunset in Japan
Retweeted by C-Squared @ProfessorShyguy Yiddish* @ProfessorShyguy I think the only thing about that movie you legitimately could not do today is Mel Brooks in red f…
@GameAttackTeam You guys doin a G1 thing for HHN on Friday?Everybody is honking because of gooses, but all I can hear is Final Fantasy 1 still shines as just a simple, fun little time. I was genuinely enjoying just rinsing through t… of the Wild. I couldn't be happier. my surprise, I beat Final Fantasy 1 today. I feel like I beat it in about 7 hours? What a short ass game. Jesus.…
One crystal down, three to go. This time things really start to heat up as we head off to tackle the fire crystal i…'s almost Halloween.
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Retweeted by C-Squaredwait you mean as a comedian and mature adult he's realizing that the stuff he said in the past was ignorant and tha…
Retweeted by C-SquaredHe's not fuckin' leaving. #SpiderMan @TomHolland1996
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@pettycommajared 1. The one that I was gifted as a 4 year old in the early 90s and did not understand, so I got mad…
@CraigSkitz That looks like such a friendly buddy! @pettycommajared Judging by her choice in apparel, I would've assumed she was Ms Frizzle. @GameOverGreggy I feel like this debate was settled on a future Streamy Award-Winning show yesterday. @cutethulhoo And then of course the rest of the gang. Olberic being the unit I offer to my friends. @cutethulhoo If she could go up anymore ranks or gain anymore levels, rest assured my Tressa would. @ShaunBolen Top 11 Comedy Movies @cutethulhoo My Tressa is maxed out. My Therion is maxed out. My Olberic and Primrose are 7 star and Prim is just 4… @cutethulhoo Dont do it. You'll play it for two seconds and then abandon it as soon as you get the unit you want, l… @cutethulhoo No
Hello #RedrawReigen tag, I dunno if y'all knew this yet but Cloud Strife in the new Final Fantasy 7 remake has the…
Retweeted by C-SquaredAlso I only paid a whopping 30 cents for ticket, popcorn, and soda. Money well spent.Just got back from seeing Ad Astra. There were a lot of cool sci-fi things in it and it did not go in a direction I… @AtelierHeidi Oh man my cat did the same thing and now he doesn't know what's going on
@CraigSkitz Sundown rule. People can be busy, just get at me before the end of the day.Hey fellas, make sure your crush is into ANAL. A lways supports you N ever cheats on you A llows you to hang out w…
Retweeted by C-Squared2020 vs 1997
Retweeted by C-SquaredHot Wings Cheese @PaladinAmber RIP in peaceThis is actually my favorite TikTok
Retweeted by C-SquaredGod, Final Fantasy 1 is so basic. Soooooo basic. And yet I love it. It's just a fun little good time.
We begin our journey to the Final Fantasy VII Remake with the very first Final Fantasy. @GameGrumps @ninjasexparty Wait. So Grumps is run by someone named "Allie". It used to be run by Brian. The NSP acc…'ll be playing through 1 through 6, with the objective of streaming them all to completion before March 3rd. I hav… a couple hours I will be going back to the beginning. I'll be embarking on a path that will lead me to the FFVII… @ninjasexparty @bwecht @GameGrumps Take em down, Jackie! Show those haters what for!"Some of you have written in suggesting that I am a whackjob." @TwitchSprite See I do that before they go in the oven. Ample poison testing.