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i get emotionally attached to fictional characters. i may be a spy or just working undercover. #disastermagnet #sherlockholmes #gaimanfan #livingwithms

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Pinyata now empties of lollies. Lollies in a bowl wrapped in clingwap and on a bench sprayed with lots of bug spray.When you try to be organised and fill the pinyata with lollies and the ants find it. #ihateants #lifeinbrisbane
@BorrowBox And I have a phone for audiobooks 😊 @BorrowBox Okies I worked it out. They can’t be downloaded directly? Thanks!.@BorrowBox can I borrow books from the BorrowBox library on #kobo Libra h2o in Australia? Just need to confirm bef…
@Geekgirl163 We probably won’t get tickets. But maybe they’ll do more.Wonder if this would work on some of the bogs on Dartmoor? Feather beds anyone? #amreading #TheMoor we have to go!! had a big DW sesh with @Geekgirl163. Oh I need to rewatch them all!
How is your pain protecting you? by @noigroup pain guru, Lorimer Mosely. Well worth the listen., how can I find out more about Cognitive Functional Therapy - as a physio? I see in this month's… our present condition, Jesus sees us as the acorns that will become oak trees, the apple seeds that will become…
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@Bluejay12345 @ellygriffiths @spahl_l @mksomerset @LisaLongDuffy1 @DavidGilly6 Excellent. This can definitely work. @spahl_l @mksomerset @ellygriffiths @LisaLongDuffy1 @DavidGilly6 Cathbad met Erik at ... did he study at Cambridge? @katie_blaze Take care Katie. @LisaLongDuffy1 @ellygriffiths He .... could have his own spin off. Just saying. #Cathbadlove @katie_blaze Oh gosh. I know exactly what you mean. I just put clean sheets on my bed and expected to have my finge…
This is shameless I know, but quickly: if you'd really like to help a book do well, the best thing you can do is pr…
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @Morton100 @willbrooker @Kizzia30 I agree! Good neighbour. How to use roundabouts. Which side of the footpath to pass someone on. 🤣 @michelleeb @Drunk_Austen Nice! @jenjenmace I have a little bowl on my bedside table for them and my rings. Maybe try that? 🤣 @msemmajameson And my husband thinks it would be fun to live in the States. No. thank. you.Just been for a walk and there was a man playing the violin for an audience of 2 ducks and I doubt I’ll ever see so…
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @katie_blaze Poor Katie and poor kitty. Have lots of hugs. I hope he’s not in pain.
@hikermel @LaurieRKing @2crazyimps @DarleneCypser @deannaraybourn @msemmajameson @ellygriffiths @CathWritesStuff I…
@Geekgirl163 Is baileys the alcohol or something else? @2crazyimps @ccrdmrbks @LaurieRKing @DarleneCypser @deannaraybourn @msemmajameson @ellygriffiths Well Bel and Riot… just have to share the most exciting thing that happened to me all day. It’s not that I exactly blame… photo was supposed to load before. @hikermel @LaurieRKing @2crazyimps @DarleneCypser @deannaraybourn @msemmajameson @ellygriffiths @CathWritesStuff Yo… footage of me👇 tweeps. Looking for my next great mystery... series?? I love @LaurieRKing, @2crazyimps, @DarleneCypser,… it’s my husband’s birthday today, (therefore I never get to ...celebrate Valentine’s Day on the day) this makes… anyone who's feeling a bit depressed about Valentine's Day, just remember: All the good chocolate goes on sale on the 15th.
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@msemmajameson Hugs Emma. Why do our brains do these things to us? Sigh. @JeremyCShipp I sincerely hope so. Just the fact that he does this makes me *wonder* what he has to hide!
@ArthurHKitty ^^ actual footage of Gus going out for his walk last night. It wasn’t even raining and somehow the bl… very large, very old tree getting mulched after it was struck by lightning and came down on Sandgate Road near…
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @CarlaKCoach @Gemsallen Carla is right. Grief doesn’t make sense. Take one day at a time. Sorry for your loss.It’s more just river levels rising as water flows off into them. Glad it’s not king tide time.Dam levels here: #Brisbane #BrisbaneRiverCity #summerrainsHere are Dam levels, Gold Creek Dam wins at 129.4% of capacity. Funnily enough, it’s spilling. Brisbane main supply… feel like we should be placing bets on how long til #BrisbaneRains cause #BrisbaneFLOODS!!Context: been reading about the Hound of the Baskervilles. Speaking of Holmes, I just went to the bathroom at work… random reminder that the villain of A Scandal in Bohemia is the King and not Irene Adler, kthxbaaaiiii.
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @nerdsnerdyland @ratemyplatenow Can’t help but think of the Bristol Stool Chart when I see that too 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ @BobMadia1 @BaronVonBork I do a home visit with a lady who lives in unit 221; every time I go there I want to add a b to her door number.
@Geekgirl163 @ellygriffiths Wish I was there. @harmonypuss @shiftms Haha you’re right. However, last time I had a flare up my neurologist put me on a high dose o…
@harmonypuss @shiftms If you are having a relapse they can let your neurologist know who can do something about it?#Snortgiggle @SandonAsh @richove @bodleianlibs Well there you go. I was only a millennium or so out! Never ask me for history. 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️
@SandonAsh @richove @bodleianlibs I may have completely misinterpreted it. But that is what it brings to mind. @Aristofranes You may never consider beavers in the same way however 🤣 @Aristofranes That is classy and classily hilarious. Happy birthday 🥳 @annamb14 @ellygriffiths Yes. That sucks and I am sorry for you. Unbelievable in this day and age. @mary_russell They are indeed fascinating. @SandonAsh @richove @bodleianlibs I agree it is beautiful, but it does feel a very western interpretation of the scene. @SandonAsh @richove @bodleianlibs It’s the story of Jesus’ disciples picking food from the fields, and the Pharisee… @amandapalmer @kingofblackacid @thejillthompson Your wish = my command
Retweeted by jen 🐝Paul I really think this says something about what you write regularly. Mine is much more boring. I am Jen, patro… @jaynecleaves479 @ellygriffiths You have so much enjoyment ahead of you! I always envy people reading favourite books for the first time! @EmmaPeach2 @ellygriffiths Rereads help a little. But I still want more and more newness. There is another Elly G b… @ginafordthomas @deannaraybourn @LaurieRKing You should win with that for sure!!! @ellygriffiths Well, then, chop chop. (Opps! When you say chop chop to a murder mystery author... 🤣) @baxter_writes @ellygriffiths Yep. Nibble nibble. Next time. @ShosoinHirayama @221Bcrow It is beautiful. @HeleneJoon .@pjberkman 🤣🤣 we should tell them. They really need to know the truth.Well a year long void in my soul. Sometimes that feels endless I agree. @ellygriffiths I finished The Lantern Men y…, don't throw up. Please don't throw up - the desperate and futile words of a cat owner
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@GrahamMoonieD IKR. Like they didn’t even know who he was. I was talking about his vocation but had to tell them who he was!!! @ArthurHKitty I’ve read the first one. The second is on my tbr list. (I think there’s a third now too..!)I’m astounded to say I was at a dinner party with 5 other adults last night and only one of them knew who I was tal… favourite animal., another Facebook question for you. What does your Holmes think of these delightful beehives? @katie_blaze Oh Katie. You and me should hibernate together. Your tweet is way too close to home for me. 😔 would like it on record that I would give all the damns and shits and fucks if someone shot my husband. I kind of…
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @mary_russell Affection and romance can be implied and doesn’t have to show bedroom scenes. Looking forward to The Moor 😊 @mary_russell As one who just finished rereading A Letter of Mary, I can hardly feel that affection shown was bread… @natasha_pulley Well that didn’t work. 🤦🏻‍♀️I will write one on goodreads for you though 🙌 @natasha_pulley Sadly I can’t help you. It’s not available for another week here... I will preemptively rate it for… @ItsAlways1895 Me either. These creatures know how to deal with grief better than any human. Beautiful.I wasn’t quite prepared for this 🥺
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Nelson: thank you Cathbad. You should go on Mastermind. Specialist subject: general weirdness. 🤣 #amreading #theLanternMen by @ellygriffiths @katie_blaze Impressive! Makes me want to take fat cat to the vet to see what happens. Hope he’s feeling better now his teeth are fixed. @katie_blaze I’m late. I always enjoy your tweets, photos and opinions about all things in life. Keep being beautiful Katie Blaze 🔥
Boss: why are you late? Me:
Retweeted by jen 🐝.@neilhimself always wins the internet for me. Of course dragons exist. In many shapes and forms. I only hope he is… @ShropsFidgetpie That’s pretty standard for me. Second time round everything fits so much better together and makes…
@Morton100 I just spent 1.5 hours playing a mindless game on my phone and listening to a book. I feel slightly bett… @Morton100 Thank you. Living is hard today.When you tell your husband that "I'm a bit depressed at the moment" and he says, "alright, I'll talk to you later." Tired of everything. 😔
Spoiled brats are not a new phenomenon. 🤣
Retweeted by jen 🐝We live in a topsy-turvy world today: Brexit. Impeachment trial. 2020 election cycle. Coronavirus. Recession fears.…
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @jesspcampbell @joditaylorbooks Welcome to the mayhem of St Mary’s 🤣🥰oops
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @OHow1 You made me lol. I have actually done this to a physical photo... with the same effect and the same feeling 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️Me, on T, W, Th, and F. @jesspcampbell @joditaylorbooks *Fans @jesspcampbell @joditaylorbooks Just sharing the Jodi love 😁