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jen 🐝 @3_piets 16525kms SE from 221B Baker St

i get emotionally attached to fictional characters. i may be a spy or just working undercover. #disastermagnet #sherlockholmes #gaimanfan #livingwithms

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@221Bcrow With coffee! Brilliant!!
@msemmajameson I don’t share your fandom of x-men- I’ll be honest! But having no exposure to them doesn’t help. Enj… @msemmajameson Oh wow Emma! That is serious surgery. Anxiety is a ...mildly put with no swearing... bothersome pain…
Snort. have two sane cats. Pushed our luck getting a third.
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@2crazyimps Huh? ... I love chocolate. Tea however... (don't tell anyone but I really just don't like it. Sacrilege… ALL my followers RT this petition? We need as many as possible to see it "To establish a Public Inquiry into…
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There are many works of fiction Christians should read, but here are eight you might start with.
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @2crazyimps It’s ok. I’m impatiently waiting. Anything I can do to help? Send chocolate? Tea? But never chocolate tea I promise.As any right thinking person knows, this is wildly untrue and he knows it. It has always been possible to complimen…
Retweeted by jen 🐝Good heavens so do we! But that’s ok. My TBR pile is quite sufficient to keep me going. As much as... just keep goi…
I offer the same service for you too @2crazyimps 😁😘 even recommended I read To Kie in Vienna? Not even listening to it and I can’t put it down!! #Thriller pretty s…
gMORNING TWITTER! The car goes in for an oil change. Would that I could undergo something similar. Old age is not for sissies!
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @R_Calico 🙌😱👇 (didn’t know if you meant 5 down 🙌, 5 across 😱, or 5 down and across 👇)After agreeing to go for a walk with his brother, Abel finds himself walking straight into heaven. He then realise…
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @FrogAlaPeche The suspense is killing me. @natasha_pulley Now you know if you need someone to write an early review or something for you, I’m waving my arms…
@DarleneCypser @woolworths At home now and still only one bar. I live 2 k’s from the central business district. 🙄 @DarleneCypser @woolworths Hmm. That’s pretty interesting. I have an iPhone, no idea of antenna size. @DarleneCypser @woolworths 🤣 and yes but that is standard in Australia. @DarleneCypser @woolworths Yes and no. I went to look and the app needed updating. That has helped. 😬.@woolworths this is getting annoying. Suggestions? Two days now...
@woolworths hey guys, is there something going on with your app? Or should I uninstall and reinstall? @221Bcrow Looks fascinating.
@2crazyimps Ohhhh sounds good!! Steampunk 😁😍 @2crazyimps Yes, what was that with Sarah and Jin? I think I missed that.I’ve finished Uncharted Waters, @2crazyimps when’s the next one due? 5 🌟 and a bonus for the beautiful ring!!
Happy publication day to @LaurieRKing’s most recent Kate Martinelli! Hashanah begins at sundown this evening. Shanah tovah um'tukah, happy new year.
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @Stridskatt90 @ellygriffiths I thought he was going to ... watch out for your toes @ellygriffiths @ddknightmare Nah I’m in Brisbane. I didn’t mean to spring clean though 🤣🤦‍♀️
seriously considering starting a devotion to the RELATABLE MYSTERIES 📿 Jesus takes a nap 📿 Jesus eats breakfast…
Retweeted by jen 🐝Ah. So the collective noun for a group of Crowleys is a Saunter.
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @ddknightmare Hey Diedre, I seemed to have missed the fact that you are in Australia. I inadvertently spring cleane… every child ever.
Good memories: Me, at the end of grocery shop: please keep the mints and chocolate out, I'll stick them in my bag.… @luffdee @KatlynSkett I stand by what I say #HarrietJones4PM.
#HarrietJones4PM Petition starts here 😂🤞
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @luffdee @KatlynSkett Some people may deserve it metaphorically though. Just saying. #HarrietJones4PM @luffdee @KatlynSkett @Thehopper7 @Reverend_Makers @tom_watson You really should be more open about your political beliefs. 🤦‍♀️A rare bird in my city gets retweeted by @neilhimself 🙌! @nm_campbell @KatlynSkett @luffdee @Thehopper7 @Reverend_Makers @tom_watson *you’re. And really? Something I was not aware of about you Deb 🤣*hosingI think there is wet stuff falling from the sky outside. What is this thing? Why is someone hiding my roof?… fans give us a hand? #harrietjones4pm
Everyone retweet this 👇 @3_piets We should have it trending #HarrietJones4PM 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @DeerstalkerThe I have never before been tempted to pay to promote a tweet as this one 🤣🙌
She'd sort this brexit mess out in a jiffyHarriet Jones for #PM 👌🙌“Given the Prime Minister acted unlawfully, the time has come for a figure the nation can trust to take charge...”…
Retweeted by jen 🐝The moment Lady Hale revealed that the #SupremeCourt has unanimously ruled "Parliament has not been prorogued."
Retweeted by jen 🐝My random thought: Harry Potter response to English news? The Supreme Court response: "In fact I was inundated with…
@FrogAlaPeche School holidays here for two glorious weeks. That means you’d have two weeks of procrastinating about doing your marking 🤣👌If he loses in the supreme court I wonder if Johnson will appeal to the ECHR.
Retweeted by jen 🐝 @Geekgirl163 @TheImmoralCrow Not you Afton. I know how you feel. Crow?
Me 5 decided to drown his electric toothbrush in the bath on Wednesday night. It stopped working -of course. I have…
@grumpstress She had such a light step (even more so when she lost weight but still had strength to climb and get a… problem (?) with losing a much loved pet is see her when she isn’t there. Oh how I miss you Fel-Cat.… heavens there’s another one coming.’ve finished RoTD now, anyone want to have a mini book club and chat about it? #kasasiancrew @TheImmoralCrow @Geekgirl163 Have you read it yet? @Childtastic We should probably talk about this. Where are you up to? I’m at chapter 96...
@EspineuxAlpha Omg that looks like great fun! If I lived with a Sherlockian, I would definitely buy it for them....…!!! Congrats @ellygriffiths!! I’m over the moon for you! @Childtastic The media here seems to think it’s not a bad option. 🤷🏻‍♀️
@Childtastic Am I the only one who has trust issues with Mr K? 🤣😢
Also, extremely disappointed to find that today is in fact Wednesday, rather than Thursday. Does anyone else ever have this problem?To show to Gus 🤣😍 of Mr K, does anyone know who these people are? #kasasiancrew would just like for this author to give his heroine 🦸‍♀️ a break and let her find someone to love. #amreading @ellygriffiths @ddknightmare @willrdean @booksellercrow @OneworldNews @QuercusBooks It’s ok. She was very sick so s… @ellygriffiths @ddknightmare @willrdean @booksellercrow @OneworldNews @QuercusBooks I totally agree about the name!… is certainly not the same without him. @ddknightmare @ellygriffiths @willrdean @booksellercrow @OneworldNews @QuercusBooks Is Gus your cat Elly? Here is m… thousand likes 😁😍😁
Sleep in peace dear cat. The house is empty without you.
@OHow1 I saw a tabby cat that I thought was Professor Mcgonagall. @EspineuxAlpha Is there any other state to be in with Telstra?
Relistening to HP & the Prisioner of Azkaban, and Snape says “how very behind they are” (as third years) because th…
.@ellygriffiths where would I purchase a Cathbad cloak? ... just what I feel like st the moment.
@ellygriffiths Party!!!!Wow!! I’m speechless (almost). Thanks so much to the amazing Quercus team and to everyone who has bought the book xx
Retweeted by jen 🐝Vegan is possibly outside my life goals. All the rest I could possibly manage. @luffdee She is a lovely cat. Full of catonality. But very generous with her cuddles at the moment. Every day is a gift now.Cat cat being comforted by fat cat. She was not responsive before but she just climbed onto of me. Oh lovely cat. @EspineuxAlpha 🤣🤣🤣 @EspineuxAlpha And fires. Fires everywhere here now. City is cloaked in smoke. 😪 @EspineuxAlpha Sorry Margaret. Should I delete that tweet? 😝🤢
@Childtastic I know! I so regret not having more photos of my Ma. So click click flash flash my cat who doesn't hav… @Polar_Bear_Edit At work? You work too much! But that is a different matter. Enjoy your eye candy. @DarleneCypser Indeed. What does one call a person who doesn't learn from history anyway? @DarleneCypser I wonder why. Cake also seemed to keep people dissatisfied in days gone by. @CeeceesCoffee 8 years is too soon to lose her. I am sorry for your puppy loss. Pets capture our hearts for sure. @ellygriffiths In this day of vertical schools in Australia I agree. A 10 story building can house a lot of student… @DarleneCypser I believe the last 3 years have been a circus. I may be wrong... @EspineuxAlpha Because I know you were asking me, dust storm here exacerbates by 1000’s of people attending spring… @Polar_Bear_Edit Who is the chipotle girl? At the moment I am in love with chipotle flavour. I would like to meet this girl.