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So far the number of backers donating books exactly matches the number of backers getting books for a £1! I was ex…
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻How can anyone choose just six?
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻 @CCAnimation_ Tell Tom beautiful work from me ☺️Lovely 😌😌😌 @CCAnimation_ This is beautiful!!! Who of you were involved in this? Awesome work 😌😌😌👌💜I love this, smells like lovely girl team positivity 😌👌 @neonlanterns Oh that's so sad, I'm so sorry to hear. I hate it when little bubs have to go before their time and it's such a shock :'( @wh0sherface I "met" up with someone yesterday, by that I mean we both walked to a place close by to both of us as… wish I had a lovely human and a dog or cat to be locked away with so we could chill together and be a little family. @alibelle Stress eating to fuck X( @CaseyBerk @LeftistConnor @RottenInDenmark This is really interesting to me, I came away feeling ultimately Joe was… @RottenInDenmark @CharlieVivante It's interesting hearing these opinions, makes me feel like it must be entirely pe… feel so chronic-fatiguey today more than usual 😔 the aches and exhausted feeling without the need to sleep. It… you are black and would like to be drawn as an anime character leave a comment,, please rt if you support black representation ❤️
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻I helped draw a thing 😌👍 @68tilinfinity Blimey, Why does there have to be a good guy/bad guy? I came away thinking they were all awful human…
sorry reuploading cause I can’t stand twitters cropping >:^(
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻Looking forward to watching are majesty at 8
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻Yo thank you ? 😭 Ps. I could do super detailed art if I wanted to. I just don't like the style. So sue me! It takes… @UntoNuggan Dyspraxia ! The same reason I can't tie shoe laces, always put the wrong buttons in the wrong holes and… page of Spector Protector up, and we’ve already found a character committing a grave sin. Check out the…
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻hai heres my sixfanarts thingy
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻 @BozoRobo Omg what are your colouring materials? The usual? Just the textures are fantastic 💜It says so much about my circles that Everyone has suggested such a great variety of of unusual characters so far,… @BozoRobo FUCKIN VINTAGE @captainclaude 😆 Funnily enough, @theorah was sneaking through some shit and we found some old wolverine fsbart I d… @CharlieVivante Holy shit! Idk why I thought that was an 80s tune hahaOkay "pissing in the wind" by badly drawn boy - pretty accurate - I'm lucky 2001 was a pretty good year for music @CharlieVivante Cher was around when you were 12? Nah that's bait @Ushio_Tube God I wish I had spare cash. Such s good idea.Pls don't close the parks government! My 20 Min walk around a park is the only joy in my life RN! Just be more on i… that's kinda how I feel about all gender related things - feel however you wanna feel about your body imag… @CharlieVivante Lmao ffs yes 😆😆😆😆😆😆👌I'll do this starting tomorrow if anyone's keen... (Do 6 ppl even see my tweets?) 😆 Well up for doing people's OCs… @jenn_woodall Personally I watched it because I didn't know a lot about the exotic animal trade beyond a Louis ther… @BelgianBoolean I wish everyone felt this way! I don't really get jobs because I perhaps go a bit too far when appl… is seriously the coolest thing I wish I was bold enough to do this for my housemates @neonlanterns I definitely have PTSD about excel now lol
@Tallychyck That was totally me in a job interview last week heh @Jaymajaym Lilo and Stitch :D @magzipan Lilo and Stitch :) @Meiidiocre Wow that's stunning. Wowwwwwww. You ought be proud I hope you are 💜💜💜💜💜 @CharlieVivante Fuck I'm so familiar with this struggle. Wait can I challenge you to a game? :0000 @EnGingerboom @sammyborras I'm off to the shops now but I AGREE and this is why I stay away from anime and fandoms… @sammyborras Yeah totally!! Wherever you go you're going to find toxic elements, like @EnGingerboom said as well th… @DeePeeArts Oomgggg @EnGingerboom @sammyborras Ya that's totally what it is! I definitely personally enjoy it BC of that too I think b… @sammyborras Some of the nastiest shit I've seen has been from some of the AC community - but I think it's emphasiz… always true for me, but most of the time yeh!! and I think it's BC all that chat is just fuckin chat and insecu… @CharlieVivante I love the dinosaur theme 😌😌😌😌😌👍👍👍👍✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ @wyldflowachloe @ArmosKnight ...I again didn't notice how much I need to just physically get out and stride off my… @wyldflowachloe @ArmosKnight It's interesting for me BC when I'm not stressed I feel like I'm in my element/finally… @wyldflowachloe Totally with you! I've done "social" things but it's all been gaming from home and I can leave when… okay, there's a chance I can legit get this sorted out. Thank you very much to few of you to helped me out, I… @setarimi OMFG what is wrong with these people @Tim_Burgess @bellaunion Beautiful album design too 😍 as beautiful as your voice-!!Please. I'm not well enough right now to go and get a cleaning job like I normally would. I'll do commissions, I'll… guys at @GOVUK weren't honest about how much money I'd be getting and now I won't be able to afford rent in may…
Hey check out this comic I drew and @mysticmike8 wrote, give it some support and love in these dark times!!!! Xxxxx @saskeah @UntoNuggan @AspieHuman @sarahemm Personally I have hand eye coordination problems and listening for this… @candiemac @CharlieVivante Nah you can see an optician! They're still considered essential, my housemate is going t… @DUALIPA No hate intended just... Credit the artist okay? Our industry is underrated-!! Pls, look after us :) 💜 @hanavbara @DUALIPA Thank you for crediting yourself bro, following you now 💜
Spectre Protector’s coming out tomorrow! 3 pages Friday, and one page on Sunday. You’ll soon come to realize that V…
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻 @bittecl @amandapalmer Try live your life in quarrantine without your memes, your tunes, your Cushty Netflix, your… seriously have zero idea what more skills I could be giving to people in my portfolio and interviews 🙃 this is so difficult.I just wanna sleep. I am one of the most hard working people out there, after a while and after lots of ppl telling… was all motivated to try and make a comic pitch but I didn't get the only job I think I'd be any good at, and how… @submarinecoat I closed the game properly and it updated and now it's HERE aaaaaaAAAAAA 😭My animal crossing game glitches and there is no egg day for me but from what I gather that's greatnew followers: you might only know me from MR BOOP but I also made a game called HEARTBREAK HIGH that you can buy f…
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻Bubblegum Crisis feels like if someone set out to make a camp, drag version of Blade Runner, and they were given th…
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻
@bengelinas Lady your guy has a fuckin passion, deal with it and stop acting like you're in highschool ffs @DelonFim I never watched ben10 I was too old but I feel like I'd have loved it as a kid. The one after alien force looked like total ass @DelonFim Yeah I hear it's pretty good!Cats make things just a little bit easier sometimes
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻 @wearetsukemono Hey guys! Do you have a menu? XxNever EVER take out 6 month Saver Delivery contracts with @Tescos, because even tho you cannot book any slots due t…
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻Me n shojo manga can't find the link but there was a post on tumblr that said this and it's all i think about when i wash
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻Example of excellent parenting ✨👌 earliest comix were the Beano and my granny's dandy annuals! As I got a little older, my first first comic was s… like a nightmare because none of them would wanna sleep with this guy @ThisIsTomLittle A lot of folks grow to love shows after a while because now everything is bingable these days, the… dog is not coping well with the lock down and social distancing! #coronalockdownuk #COVID19 #DogsofTwittter
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I was feeling rebellious about the fact Disney bought Simpsons but admittedly it's ni e to watch early Simpsons bef… time I commissioned Paul Dano's head on Machamp's body because I could.
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻 @AnipalCrossing @DelonFimWE ARE GIVING AWAY 5,000,000 BELLS! We dont want you in debt any more! To enter: Retweet Follow us and turn on not…
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻It's pretty bad that I saw a blue butterfly on some rando TV and and immediately wanted to catch it with a net for sweet sweet bells 🙃 #acnh @docky Also the games are really universal, silly stuff, essentially digital pictionary or charades ect. Hillarious and good for all :) @docky Literally having a jackbox party tonight! It's a party game, as long as one person has a game and twitch , E… I've been working on a comic project with a lovely writer human :)💀
Retweeted by 🌻 Sarah Burgess 🌻
@Coelasquid Thank you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @DelonFim HOLY DHIT U GSCE NE INE OF THOSE AAAAAA @bowendesign I loved it, yeah! It seems like marmite - I had really big discussion about it with a frirnd because m… @DelonFim .... howYass! I hope we can learn from eachother! As introverts give extroverts some compassion, empathy and survival tips/… @C0RMC0BS HOLY SHIT I'M GLAD I'M DOUNG THIS THEN