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Peter Larkin designer of Parliament Funkadelics Mother ship has passed away. Here is on of my favorite Parliament s…
Retweeted by 41 StrangeJumping Spider hiding out in its little leaf house (Photo: u/sudosussudio) relative of the elephant - the Platybelodon
Antique Sewing Boxes in shape of miniature pianos, 1800s Ghost Crab Dream. Digital Art by Justin Lee. Story by Junji Ito. ( by Japanese manga artist Hideshi Hino Nakajima and Momoko Kôchi on the set of Godzilla - making art from inkblots. Pioneered by Justinus Kerner (1786-1862) Century French Sideshow Poster’s a baby Albino Turtle forming a heart with their tails Maine Coon Kitten Cage in Walgreens in the tampon aisle woman firefighter of the Achille Serre Ladies Fire Brigade in London, 1925 Sci-Fi Illustrations by Yugoslavian artist Nikolai Lutohin baby Golden snub-nosed monkey, found in the snowy mountain ranges of Central and Southwest China. (Photo: Cyril R… Valentine's Day Cards in Vintage Ads's books written by Ruthven Todd in the 1950s, chronicling the adventures of "Space Cat" mystical sci fi & fantasy art of Gilbert Williams ( Hunter D by Japanese Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano made from trash by British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster. ( water deer don't grow antlers, but they have long canine teeth, gaining the name "Vampire Deer". Otter using a stick before Chairman Meow ( most chillin acorn ever Toad the Malachite Kingfisher with its beautiful crown of feathers (Photo: a normal #Caturday night... 🐾 🌙
Retweeted by 41 Strange @jNOLAmetangere 😂Here’s a baby Kangaroo Mr. Fox (2009) Director: Wes Anderson hi to the Goliath Beetle' nest fuses with wooden statue. Sweet dreams! think this was one of the punishments in Hades.
Retweeted by 41 StrangeHappy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe, born January 19, 1809. “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness i… Haunted House (1921) Buster Keaton Bee hummingbird, world's smallest bird tries to eat a tomato of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor (1578 –1637) couple of party animals having a blast in the pool starting a cult this why people drop off the grid and leave the city behind? I definitely could get into having a bunch of these…
Retweeted by 41 Strange3D Street Art by Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith @odeith a Giant Panda Wearing Iron Man Armor, China. By Chinese Artist Bi Heng. Mardi Gras Costumes sleeping prize to anyone who could guess what this figure at the bottom of the swimming pool is.
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Here’s a baby Sloth by illustrator k0ella ( Cats By Portuguese Illustrator Luis Coelho ( Monster Sea Sponge (Photo: Mauricio Handler) by Finnish Illustrator Tove Jansson Art from 1960s Pink Panther Away (2001) Director: Hayao Miyazaki Hepburn’s guide to beauty metal caterpillar African Clawed Frogs standing on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building ( Horned Boxfish Kodiak Bear in the morning dew. By German photographer Jens Kolk. (…) shining through Gecko’s Earholes’s a baby Horned Toad love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. - Oscar Wilde Sun Protection Modeling Bathing Caps with Faces on Them, 1950s (Photo: Ralph Crane) Winnie the Pooh Day! Winnie the Pooh as Hellraiser (Illustrator: Picasso Dular) stage actress Sarah Bernhardt wearing a bat hat, 1882 of a child with knife and chocolate bunny, circa 1890s Black Heron employs a hunting method called canopy feeding - it uses its wings like an umbrella, creating shade…’s a baby Tree Boa Cross Fox (red fox with partial melanism) go area. Painting by German Artist Michael Sowa. ( smol birb Caturday! Vintage Japanese Matchboxes 4 horned Hebridean sheep door stop Grade Bible Godzilla...
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Retweeted by 41 Strangebumper to bumper traffic on the 101 freeway but with a 3 minute shutter speed it now looks like an abandoned Los An…
Retweeted by 41 StrangePan's Labyrinth (2006) Director: Guillermo del Toro’s a Pomeranian dressed up as Paddington (“Jeremy, where are you? Stop screwing around, we’ve got to get to church! Jeremy?”
Retweeted by 41 StrangeMeet the Cantor’s Giant Softshell Turtle. It only lives in freshwater, lacks a hardshell, and only surfaces about t… Pigeon Costume Chameleon sculpture by Italian Artist Laira Maganuco ( Bicycle. By Artist Eric Tryon. ( feet heels at night by Photographer Liam Wong @liamwong columns stretching high above the fog in Iceland (Photo: Arnar Kristjansson) Corgis rare deep-sea anglerfish - known as Black Sea Devil spectacled owl staring into your soul (Photo: Kiira Gilvear tiny bat taking a nap on its caretaker’s hand concept drawings by Bernie Wrightson for Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN Art by Stephan Dupuis for David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986) Hand of Coexistence in South Korea