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20, sometimes i fly but mostly i rant. 🌹

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sekilas mirip stephaniewose PM who is earning RM93,841.6 monthly is asking for civil servants to have pay cuts.
Retweeted by shifaI would have loved to fly this @yayaemyus Where 2 buy n sure after i get it ill text u 👀 @yayaemyus what kind of flowers shld i putwhy is twitter weird @yayaemyus yes hihiI wanna do this once i get my album 😳 @incompleteIife binchhh💀💀💀
the moon is a loyal companion @yayaemyus semua salah yaya💀😭😭😭im naming my next cat lexie grey @sexy_gyoza Binchhh💀💀💀ye kau lah terpaling gangster.. korean men have mandatory army service lelaki melayu koko pun ponteng ada hati nak…
when the imam gets to ayatul kursi
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@niesaackerman Omg cerita apa tuIt’s really important that we start to dissect the word sustainable. If a garment is made from recycled fabric, but…
Retweeted by shifa⚫️🟡 Jude Bellingham = youngest Champions League goalscorer in Dortmund's history! 👏 #UCL
Retweeted by shifai will say this until my last breath: if you are donating money, you should prioritize individuals over organizations. every single time.
Retweeted by shifaBiden: "There is absolutely no justification, none, for looting" says the guy looting oil in Syria. The audacity of these hoes.
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@wildestfairy tweet on main then 😁👍🏼give them their netflix show now @asdfghalyjkl hahshs ada je sis!! but thank u xoxobut seriously guys that serum really evened out my skin tone and fades my scars so well. you can get bareskin lab p… also tried this brand punya moisturiser and since it has hyaluronic acid my skin drinks it up like water. I lov… then after that these are my essence and moisturiser. During the day i use this sunscreen but tbh i think ever… empty empty lol i love it it suits my skin so well cleanser i use hyaluronic acid & @bareskinlab facial serum. My holy grails. this serum! It has alpha arbutin… for cleansers i guna either one of these, both feel good on my skin and my skin tak rasa tight after using them… filter on the pics and i was not wearing foundation, i rarely do anyway!) Ok so i think this is long overdue,…— updated skincare routine, a thread u should start a youtube channell ?? ☺️☺️ — oke what would u like to see ppl say ‘omg ur indo is so good’ maybe for like 5 seconds? i can barely hold a 5 minute convo in full indo 😭💀… thing is i actually hv indo frens outside of school, they are family friends and we all grew up here in malaysi… do you met your indo frens? is it during your foundation year?? — yes there is an indo club from a surabayan beside town! btw pls reveal ur bakso spot around here 😔 — my mom buys from her fren 😭
@tengkuamelya CANTIKNYA YOUUU @_srhhssn HAHAHAHmacam d.o kan
may I know what course you take in your foundation year? — i took communication! city do you prefer to live? — new york fact that she didn’t post any pics from this day is just criminal just wanna say that u are so prettyyyy😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭 how to be pretty like you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 — streaming red velvet’s music… florida ada malaysian community tak. Malaysians students yang belajar kat uni sana — dekat tempat i ada sorg… what are you doin rn? I mean are you studying or...?? — Absolutely nothing rn im gonna convert my license hope… you good at math? — i love math (but not addmath 🙄‼️) @hellonlutfiyah aaa happy engagement day you look so pretty!! so happy for you🤍🤍🤍 @wildestfairy LMAOOOOfreshhhhhhher than you
Retweeted by shifaEngineers, architect, construction workers, plumbers, town planners, ANYBODY WHO IS INCHARGE OF MALAYSIA’S INFRAS…
Retweeted by shifa @watashitrash i like the washable blackest blackkk sbb at the end of the day easy to remove hehe
@gotenkxx i dont see it but um wow thank u👀 @myr4dz 🤍🤍Hi, i’m opening order for both mascara 🥳 If nak can join my telegram group 😘
Retweeted by shifaloreal telescopic very nice you guys should try! @al1yuh girl coming from u 🥺 @pacarkamubesok aaa too sweet thank you🥺🤍 @watashitrash Aww 🥺🥰 @Kiranarg_ aaaa thank uuu @anandarivii thank you sis!!!❤️❤️Salam and greetings to all! I am Hani Adriana, a final year psychology student from UPSI. I am looking for responde…
Retweeted by shifa @icematchalattte Thank you🤍🤍🤍after bakso face, very happy
HELP vocal god 😩😩
Retweeted by shifashe’s insanely good @arinansrdn beauty queen @dipinggirbulan Wait yeah their service very slow dah lah overpriced... ive only went a few times n keep ordering the same thing hhhhh @dipinggirbulan oooo isnt their food good whats the teaaaaa짜잔~~~ 놀랐지이? 어플이다아~ 오늘 첫방 너무 떨렸는데 러비 덕에 힘내서 했써용💙 #웬디 #WENDY #Like_Water #레드벨벳 #RedVelvet
Retweeted by shifai feel like u can pull irene somehow 🤔 — we’re besties u fly to korea and steal irene pls — sis dont tempt me ... 😳 you ever fail academically? — really can’t rmmbr but probably addmaths once? failing a subject doesn’t determin… i want to ask about the flying school you went. Does it has hostels? Akak rent house or macam mana — yup my hou…
money can buy happiness sweet cutie i love girlsWendy’s first live performance of Like Water 🥺💙 #웬디 #WENDY #레드벨벳 #RedVelvet @RVsmtown
Retweeted by shifa @incompleteIife HAHAHHits good tapi tak boleh relate sebab tak pernah kena tinggal dah siap, majikam report, x perlu bayar gaji, macam tu? Kaya kat dunia, akhirat nanti merangkak kau cari di…
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Men have fucked up the world for centuries the LEAST they can do is send women on the internet money for no reason
Retweeted by shifa @dayanaizani_ aaaa pretty prettyyy congratulations on ur graduation !! 🤍milk first before cereal is the ugliest word to ever exist joy shading sm 😭
Retweeted by shifaWell I know which anti homeless architecture I prefer
Retweeted by shifa @wildestfairy sia2 aku block baik kau reblock before i steal n sell ur phone 😤 @wildestfairy Y R U STILL FOLLOWING @wildestfairy whats his @
the burning of the library of alexandria
Retweeted by shifa @crabbycuts 💀😭 @far8sya Thank you🤍🤍 @myr4dz Aaaa thank youu🥺🥰 @asdfghalyjkl hahaah😂🥰 @hooomanmeat BYE @aamirulhusnii HAHAwhen i catch you ...let me repeat this for all you sexual predators and groomers out there Minors cannot give consent