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its a real fucking shame no one is around to throttle me by the neck and throw me in a dumpster like an empty coors light bottle @syzygyzip i want thisevangelion was never about "Evangelions"Please please if you have david ryu on your ballot vote for Nithya Raman instead!!! LA city council is so obscenely…
Retweeted by isaac @hiamymai hes goodWE ARE ALL SLAVES TO SENSATIONS!!!! *SLAMS DESTORTION PEDAL*Big Corporations that came up during slavery Aetna – insured the lives of slaves in the 1850s. Bank of America –…
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its bullshit that you have to get out of bed to piss when you wake up in a cold morning @mushbuh ballsnakc
Retweeted by isaacsketches, old and new 🧑‍🦳
Retweeted by isaac @kiraku_synthboy heres one for u from streams
Retweeted by isaacheheh think we should bring back netsuke Dodge ヤバい。日本で展示やらないかな
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@han_tani2 @mushbuh @moltobalordo im glad youre better @han_tani2 @mushbuh @moltobalordo what does this mean @han_tani2 @mushbuh @moltobalordo hes probably doin ok, hes gettin jobs @han_tani2 googo... @han_tani2 i suppose clicking it activated something @han_tani2 it started happening after leon posted linksim getting one too many ads for disneys twisted wonderland朝から悲しい記事を見て、涙が止まらない
Retweeted by isaac @q_woru i need one of those phone mountswould you like to see my bicycle @plaest2k here you go @A58507822 ふーん…趣味合うじゃん @zenayi_ @bansheetweet @crystalblisters insane how that was 2020
@nameoftheyear can you manbun for the people @mushbuh i think you will dig this @mushbuh @sharkstomeetyou blissi smell too goodi just poured an entire sample thing of comme des garcon wonderoud onto my body before bedi smell goodwe aint snitches mc bitches「ナスカの地上絵」新たに発見 丘にネコ科の動物
Retweeted by isaacMy japanese friends. I need your attention.
Retweeted by isaac @devin_vallco ive deleted the evidencediscord wilding
@fussybabybitch tf did the states stay conservative after the vietnam war @q_woru ok @bawwsadface pouring out a hyouketsu in your honor @acnh_genie tis tha seasongoing to combini @mushbuh i think they should keep adding symbols to this flag, then it will rule
@clugley i think she likes lisaライブハウスが潰れていくの、どうにかしたい人はとりあえずこの、アカウントのフォローを。@Save_Our_Space_  文化芸術分野の公的支援の改革を国に求めています。 情報を共有し、RTして拡散するだけでも効果はあると思う。拡…
Retweeted by isaacmom is getting into black pink what do i do @AHuynhArts of course, he’s the main character @AHuynhArts lmfaoo @AHuynhArts akjvnrbajkbfdcbngrfsd @AHuynhArts LMFAO i was over here thinking you were thirsty for the dude who cries and cums at the same timeオードリー・タン氏の話で日本と台湾が圧倒的に違うと思ったのは、若者の意見を政府が聞いて政策に取り入れている事。各大臣に若者評議委員が一人ずつついて「助言する」仕組みができているし、これは東アジアで重要なんだけど、君たちの意見は儒教的な上下関係より優先すると明文化していること。
Retweeted by isaac @AHuynhArts you are completely out of your mind @mushbuh the pants are smart because it knows who to punish @sharkstomeetyou theyre probably more into indirect lightingchuckling to myself about this for some reason thought about participating in the current personality test trend, but i got characters that i am not familiar wi… @mushbuh _| ̄|○
@mushbuh its 30% cold brew 60% regular water @mushbuh its the water brewed coffee double watered down because i dont want to change the grinds @han_tani2 they had a whole tourism campaign set up around just thatthis is what my coffee looks like🍓 this month’s sticker club sheet ~ 🌼 🐶 story of seasons / harvest moon 💛🐄 stickers are vinyl weather proof ~ sign…
Retweeted by isaaci think yall would be a lot happier if you actively stopped engaging with discourse created by minors
Retweeted by isaac @camilairl followed @mushbuh died horny @crystalblisters looks like ranchHoliday market coming soon! ☃️ Opening this Friday 10/16, ends 10/23
Retweeted by isaac @atothe_d its the butoh performer maro akaji! @atothe_d
@kiraku_synthboy lizzie i literally cannot imagine you in any other type of outfitSome tips and advice for freelancers working in the concept design industry. Hope this helps with some of the quest…
Retweeted by isaac @from_online_ it is well known that things smooth itself out after a controversy if you lock your accountQuarterly reminder that most of you who say “burner phone” really mean “disposable phone” or “protest phone,” and l…
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yukio mishima wrote books and got his head hacked off in a dozen strokes by his twink. i write posts and will be ki… @naominikola good one【インタビュー】自分のゲームを笑われたって構わない。『Everything』『Mountain』にこめられたアートとは何か?鬼才の開発者David O'Reilly氏ロングインタビュー
Retweeted by isaacpeepy fan art @itemLabel @spacejunkgaiden rt discretely @devin_vallco who is he @maxhuffman*clutching my head* RRGHGHhghg..... step back.... lskjsaj..... dont come near me... KLGKKDRRJH..... im horny...i put 2 risograph print runs up on my shop 😊 roughly 10"x8" (25cm x 20cm) on heavyweight paper…
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@trekmatthews beautiful!!queen of the night and chrysanthemum arranged in a hexagonal vessel audio is from Igor Savin's "Childhood" #b3d
Retweeted by isaacBunny Hill! a cute and cool game by Brendan Roarty! OST by me! coming to steam october 23rd…
Retweeted by isaacthrowing a bad frisbee is akin to death @zenayi_ @moltobalordo hopefully enough to cover the cost of all those dam alexas @2DHIME :OOOOOO @moltobalordo @moltobalordo it’s not even funny like that it’s just an ad @2DHIME how much for these visvim boots