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Twitter account dedicated to the 501st Sergeant, Denal. Sometimes tweets about Indiana Jones and Captain America. Profile art done by @H1COX.

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@REXSKIRATA the new president in town 🔥 (via @GOHS_official)
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @Corey_WolfPack Shame it’ll be a long whilenooo how dare they make a show about a group of clones that i care little about😠😠😠😠 let's complain on twitter inst…
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In coming!!!
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @REXSKIRATA It’s been a roller coaster seeing you react to this lolClone Wars. Rouge One. Solo. Resistance. Rebels. All of these stories started off with “who asked for this it’s g… was either Sonic or 1917 jeez that was so pong ago @DevonToews You got me there I can’t deny how cool of a shot this is @tspofnutmeg Ahsoka is supposed to be in it a bit and it was literally just announced. @BobaRC_ It’s still so early in the canon man I imagine we’ll get a story of them in the future. I like delta squad… know this upsets some people and I get it but I think there is a lot of potential here. We are gonna get clones d… @BobaRC_ Well at least they’re canonThe cavalry has arrived! Star Wars: The Bad Batch, an all-new animated #DisneyPlus Original Series from Lucasfilm,…
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@StarWarsBill I’m sorry for your loss
@zenkenobi I love those @ScoutTheTrooper Then why was it? To compare Landos role in ROTJ he had a huge role and there were different directors for empire and Jedi. @ScoutTheTrooper Of they stuck with the mankind is capable of doing this without ares or other gods interfering the… @ScoutTheTrooper * could FUCK I CANT TYPE @ScoutTheTrooper I’m a bit more excited for it now tbh. The first one was fine until the end. Kind of Killed the movie for me @ScoutTheTrooper Who cousin forget the incredible farting wedding
@chadthedad7 *sips droideka tears*
I’m gonna rewatch Batman v Superman then roast the shit out of it on my Then nobody can sa… @StarWarsBill Is that Chris Evans in the last pic? @OutlawNoah But the main focus would be on how this trooper would learn how connect with the force and to learn inn… @OutlawNoah I have an idea of a force sensitive clone trooper being trained secretly by a maverick Jedi. The troope… @TheTreyinator It really shouldn’t work but it does. Doesn’t top Winter Soldier for me but it’s so close
@chadthedad7 Coming to Virginia when? @ScoutTheTrooper Take a shot everytime Scout bitches about Filoni @FinFett Finfett version when? @CaptainGalxy Rango is criminally underrated. I don’t say this lightly but it’s basically a masterpieceif y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
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@chadthedad7 @REXSKIRATA We were truly robbed#JonesJuly Day 2: Wow what a moment. These Russians have heard about Indy but they clearly don’t know him. As Indy… @treyonfilms Stan gay icon @LoochMcGooch @finiggle Long time dude is your parrot still loud?It’s my dream one day to pitch my idea of a Star Wars movie to Lucasfilm. Thought the story I have might not be movie material. @ScoutTheTrooper @BluesCluesVEVO A 98% Bruh way too high imo
#JonesJuly Day 1: To start us off is Indy’s reveal. The fact we don’t see his face up until this point just makes t… @ImpSenatePod Mmmm felt kinda conflicted. The acting was meh but the cinematography was top notch @chadthedad7 Oh the guy from skylanders @isayitsallgood I don’t him any child merch yet so hell get all the attention"The law couldn't do anything to help that little girl. But I could."
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @humandoormatt69 What happened @finiggle Korean WarRetweet if you enjoy Shazam
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Since I’m bored and want to bless Indiana Jones stuff on your timeline I’m gonna do #JonesJuly. Basically everyday… @GenericName0042 @macnolann Fun fact of the Lost Ark is one of the best films ever made
Retweeted by Dead Clone DenalRT if you want more of Qi'ra
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @LumberjackNick Awesome can’t wait for him and the others you out in thisIf you've never heard a fox laugh, you’re welcome!
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @MollieDamon I’m sorry about that. I lost my mom almost two years ago and it still hurts everyday. It’s overwhelmin… if you enjoyed this.
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @sithblooded @bonnystill It’s okay lol was just making sure but we definitely need helmetless OT Boba Fett content @sithblooded @bonnystill This is from the force unleashed 2 comic @JoR_DaN16 Bruh robins in this lol @501Denal @chadthedad7 Here is a flag version for the M33BR Squadron symbol.
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @ethan_strode @chadthedad7 YOOOOO THIS SHIT SLAPS @ImpSenatePod Bbbbuuttt space bombsYou either die a simp or you live long enough to see yourself become an incel @eyeoncanon That is too cute @chadthedad7 You drawn standing triumphantly over the parts of destroyed droidekas with a M33BR Squadron flag @finiggle I feel you dude deadass @chadthedad7 I’ve got an even better idea @finiggle Trust me doesn’t work as well as you think
@chadthedad7 @MadisynRossbach @ScoutTheTrooper Man you follow everyone except me come on scout @ScoutTheTrooper Second one @ScoutTheTrooper Fuck C’ai rest are coolOoooooooooooooooooo @notQusai @NightmarePetrol @this_vid @balsin3d @NightmarePetrol @this_vid @ScoutTheTrooper @chadthedad7 @AlphaPlank77 Chad trying to one up me cuz he can’t fill out an application @AlphaPlank77 Look up twop chartsThe Shadow Collective @LumberjackNick Denal in the future? They look really good btw @finiggle I’m non political @YT_SplitScreen Fire intro man @chadthedad7 @GenericName0042 Wait till you see mine @GenericName0042 Damn gotta get in the inner circle @TheTreyinator It’s a whole other dimension @anakinslie @skyguysaga head Accurate head
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @H1COX Couldn’t ask for a better pfp @Ark3ros Dub @funklord_vader @JATactor @HamillHimself Holy shit dude damn nice work
@finiggle Damn she lookin kinda bad thoJust a reminder that Attack of the Clone is actually a sleeper hit. 😳 Let's not discuss as you know I'm right.
Retweeted by Dead Clone Denal @BobaRC_ Don’t tempt me @ScoutTheTrooper Only reason C’ia exists is because at the end of the film when the falcon leaves they put the Ello… Ello Asty is the OG Abednedo Resistance pilot. C’ai Threnalli is a fake wannabe bitch. That is all.… @JayPurpleMan I’m in the outer circle unacceptable I must change this @chadthedad7 Inner circle gangIt’s back finally @ScoutTheTrooper Star Wars fans are hypocrites what else is new @chadthedad7 @rianjohnson Lazy bum took you this long smh but yea one of the best films of 2019 @ZannyVids S.I.M.P