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@mrfunhaver @ExaltVAL shinta gold menu ong @krnnguyen_ 🫳💍 @krnnguyen_ marry me rn for the green card and I’ll move ong @Warbirds_ vouch
@mayuhri_x1 this is so cute @SilverNyx_ @lykachu_ vouch @OkeanosQT @Bjorlulu joe? @bbylapras OKAYYYY LMK @bbylapras wanna hold hands on the cne ferris wheel 🫣 @bbylapras the carnival ferris wheel scene 🥰 @sfX_x1 @jD_fps JASPER I DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH TOXIC PLAYERS @frostyZK why is this your brand now @OkeanosQT @FrostyValorant @9nerve ? @KrispyKim @TheGrizzlyBiz @wavesgaming_ I’M IN @robynhfrost @ruyrebollo @lykachu_ <3 @wavesgaming_ BROOOO I WAS GONNA BRING A SMALL POT WITH GRASS IN IT FOR TVAL BUT THIS IS WAY BETTER
@krxschan @papashlomo :D @jD_fps this is what tourney admins deal with regularly btw, please be nice to them LOL @ItsWhiske @OkeanosQT vouch @Ban_Val @T1 @KnightsGG W BAN @OkeanosQT PLEASE 🙏 @OkeanosQT now you have to watch another horror movie witj me sofia and andrew @bettea22 i get to see betty again 🥰 @Accelerante when did you leave @krnnguyen_ 💍! 🥰🫵 @krnnguyen_ i will literally ask for your hand in marriage there @WickedHaiku @pineconetv SHEEESH @spicyypyro VOUCH SO HOT AND TALENTEDhiya! my schedule currently has openings for host & caster work - i would love to help you bring your production to…
Retweeted by 606 @spicyypyro @papashlomo 👰‍♀️🤵‍♀️💒 @ScrewFaceVAL the rocket is an odd excuse to do that @boyc3_CS @papashlomo i have 2 copies i think @papashlomo how ab yugioh
@jenchiiii_ YES MA’AM LETS DO ITAll I’m saying is last TVAL passes sold out in 45 minutes after launch, don’t wait to get them :D @TorontoVALORANT @wavesgaming_ MARK YOUR CALENDARS @TorontoSRN @TorontoVALORANT @WasteManOP @kaytea_xp SHEEESH @soph_obs ohhhhh i forgot it did that @TorseFPS you right @kaytea_xp they had to nerf us @sierradawnx3 valorant leaks 🫣 @TorseFPS ITS FUCKED RIGHT @TorseFPS wait let me send you a screenshot of my cracked phone screen @papashlomo idk man it seems right to meis this normal, asking for a friend @KingFPS__ all good @VerninaEllana @KnightsGG VERNINA SUPREMACY @ItsWhiske @bbylapras if i had to see it everyone else does @bbylapras when does it end @notrxchel its bi-monthly, next will be October @bbylapras i am muting you @tcheemac serious question - when you lean to one side, what leg do you put more pressure on @bbylapras all these red lights and you’re still hitting the gas @bbylapras 🫣 @bbylapras kait if i see another me and him tweet from you istg @SimpleAloe @riotgames @valesports_na W ALOE
@SilverNyx_ @breedmylove @mayuhri_x1 @zandertoo it wouldnt be a competition at that point @TenrekYT we love men’nt @KnightsArena @seshiriaa_ ily knightsarena @seshiriaa_ good luck bb ily :)) @seshiriaa_ we’ll start later when school starts <3 @SniipeZer0 @JakeSucky they don’t want the smoke @harrygillvo - notion and spreadsheets have templates you can find online so you can find something that works for you and adjust it @harrygillvo - if you struggle with procrastinating, block out what work you will do each day (spread it out) and s… @harrygillvo - notion is great as long as you can keep up with it (no point if you’re not consistent) - for time-bl… @harrygillvo it is so worth it and will save you many headaches @OkeanosQT @Marved6 I just wanna say thank you and don't stop what you're doing. Mad respek fam mans is icy wagwan… @OkeanosQT @Marved6 I just wanna be the first to say that this piece of music is a masterpiece. When Prettyboyjay c… @ApothVal @NRGgg good try vince, proud of ya 💜 @papashlomo @marks_wong @RavishingCasts you see it dont lie to me.@ApothVal ???? OKAY
Retweeted by 606 @902Creed COME @RavishingCasts @marks_wong why you using the govy
@RavishingCasts @marks_wong everything after like 25 is the same tbh @RavishingCasts @marks_wong bitstrips got acquired by snapchat so the bitmojis are a character design from bitstrip… @RavishingCasts @marks_wong oh so you’re THAT old @marks_wong @brocalonii @RavishingCasts something ab his posing and expression was so oddly familiar LOL @The_Matador_X1 😎 @marks_wong @RavishingCasts ravish reminds me of a bitstrips character @sud8x @archiesullivan when they killed off **** like 10 minutes in, i was too stunned to speak @sud8x TLOU was sooooo good, i was actually so sad playing throught TLOU2 @sud8x SAME BRO @The_Matador_X1 idk if i should be offended @MoonBlueFPS y’all living life on the edge tbh @JTayy_ VALIDDDS @JTayy_ THIS IS VALID @seshiriaa_ fair @seshiriaa_ how y’all remember stuff @benitanov @mac1_val NP my queen 🫡 @sarcopels bonding over spreadsheets 🤝 @brocalonii @mac1_val oh god and Christie station has a reallyyyy nice park beside it called Christie Pits, super n… @jenquackers the e stands for esports 😍🥰 @sarcopels LOL I LOVE THIS @bbylapras waitttt this is fire @jenquackers i love notion but everyone complains ab how the calendar doesnt integrate to google calendar so i made… @jenquackers @WasteManOP MVP of the staff team @sarcopels ITS SO HELPFUL I PROMISE