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Feminist (non-protagonist) web developer. He/him. That's all you need to know.

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@LaPaulinaAR Buenas, hay forma de obtener información nutricional detallada de sus productos? Es decir, % diario de…
@athlegan @tobiassjosten Great! Thanks for your time and knowledge, I appreciate it.
@athlegan @tobiassjosten I understand, see the reason I'm looking into this is that I'm trying to reach a ballpark…
@athlegan @tobiassjosten Inversely, if soy beans have a PDCAAS of 1, would that mean that the 8gr of protein per 1… @athlegan @tobiassjosten I've read up a bit on the subject after asking you this, if wheat gluten has a PDCAAS of 0…
@tobiassjosten Hi Tobias, I have a question about your article in vegan protein In your li…
The woman in that viral airplane video? She has severe back issues & all of her cervical vertebrae are fused. She s…
Retweeted by blank @sxnicyxuth Cómo quedó? @holtbt
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Oh, thank god.
Retweeted by blankThe Australien Government has made an ad about this summer’s fires and it’s surprisingly honest and informative 🇦🇺🔥…
Retweeted by blankguys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys MANY OF US ARE NOT GUYS I know it’s difficult but pl…
Retweeted by blank @heydonworks happy could be wrong but I think the squirrel sliding down a greasy pole video is even funnier when reversed and set to…
Retweeted by blankThe name is literally Rage Against The Machine people did you think they were like just really angry at microwaves…’d be shocked how often.
Retweeted by blankY’all are extremely entitled to peoples time and as a licensed mental health professional none of the things qualif…
Retweeted by blank @paupKa La madrugada, los problemas del ayer ya terminaron y los del hoy aún no empezaron
I prefer the term busy professional, thank you.
Retweeted by blankSlow news day
Los libertarios sobre los científicos del CONICET/ Los científicos del CONICET.
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I use the KonMari method for code organisation ✨ Does this code spark joy? ✨ YES -> /src NO -> /util
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@houseofhazel Her dress is almost as illegitimate as her state of birth
Retweeted by blankYa sé que las abejas son importantes para el medioambiente pero mierda que son pelotudas estoy tratando de sacar un… watched Snowpiercer For reasons unrelated to the film, Bong Joon Ho is now my favorite director
Retweeted by blankHumans give little gold humans out to other humans who pretend to be other humans the best
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I'm walking around my apartment now being quite dissatisfied with the non-cake nature of my things.
Retweeted by blanki say this with nothing but love in my heart, but the arabian sand boa is the dumbest fucking animal ive ever seen
Retweeted by blankNadie les pregunta a estos por qué llevan las caras tapadas. Fuente: usé Tinder y tampoco estoy en contra de la gente que lo utiliza, pero fíjense lo perverso que es el algoritmo…
Retweeted by blankMy favorite thing is dropping "When I was homeless" into conversation with people who are talking negatively about…
Retweeted by blankDo insecure guys apply their dating logic to other things? Like, do they turn up at a restaurants like "I need you…
Retweeted by blankI'm walking to the train a few minutes ago and a woman walked right up to me and gave me a tight hug and whispered…
Retweeted by blank @krmacb3 Sócrates meets René Descartes
this anti-homeless rainbow rock is basically pete buttigieg
Retweeted by blankFellas is it gay to be able to see???
Retweeted by blankme: wow this is so tasty i wonder what's in it the food: @dhh The email signature is where frontend development goes to die
En Tucumán hay una mujer desaparecida desde hace 1 año y 4 meses. Hace 3 meses, le avisaron a su mamá dónde estaba…
Retweeted by blanktired: - llevá forros wired: - llevá sábanasé helado a jason move
@MiriSuzanne You dare have a solution that fits your use case in this industry?! Everything must be an absolute tru…"There's just so many Chinese people here. I need a mask." This is a request a nurse received from a patient in a T…
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Retweeted by blank @MiriSuzanne de nuevo Salem @stefanjudis Which is in turn syntactic sugar for `̶͖̫̜͍̭̳̲̤̿͜#̴̛̖̭̜͕̐͑̂͒:̴͎̠̮̰̘̤̝͔͔̪̤́̉~̶̢̮̫͂͊́͒͒͌̉̐̓̓̅̍͐͘… @LuuMen_JS
2020 drinking game: drink to replenish the tearsGod: you’re a sloth. Sloth: what does that mean? God: you do things very slowly. Sloth: like what? God: Sloth:…
Retweeted by blankpete buttigieg is a gay icon for straight boomers who voted for reagan in the 80s and are trying to atone for the A…
Retweeted by blank @AndreusCafe Vas a comprar el celular con la mejor relación precio calidad del mercado ono 1er aviso @AndreusCafe La mejor relación precio calidad del mercado the reasonable assumption to make is that this is one restaurant that serves menu items from all 3 restaurants…
Retweeted by blankTengo 5 títulos universitarios y jamás he pensado que yo debería ganar más que, por ej., mi suegro, quien se ha pas…
Retweeted by blankSo I always salt my pasta water before cooking, but today, I accidentally did that for my instant ramen Here's what I learned: 1. Don't
Retweeted by blank @guaadacruz @jpcrin Geez leave some assholes for the rest of uswe allowed bolivia to be taken over by right wing christian fascists for less than what's going on in iowa
Retweeted by blankIt’s wild that you can just do anything. Date the wrong person, choose the wrong career. You can go outside and sta…
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@dadatina El bot chamuya por dm como si fuera una pancartaremember that "punishable with a fine" just means "legal for the rich"
Retweeted by blank @seppo0011 Totalmente @chobrcmnt the person who figured out my honeypot is a honeypot could you please stop putting the picture of Pooh bear with…
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how much later can this capitalism get?
Retweeted by blank @sxnicyxuth Yo en cada cumpleaños escucho esto en el fondo de mi cabeza @sxnicyxuth
Joaquin Phoenix accepts his Leading Actor award for his performance in @jokermovie #EEBAFTAs #BAFTAs
Retweeted by blankfellas is it gay to care about the environment see my mom scribbling something on her car with sharpie so I go outside and find this
Retweeted by blank"It's anything but a peace plan." What's next for Palestinians? Human rights activist and @BDSmovement co-founder…
Retweeted by blank"I know you from Twitter" - Embarrassing for everyone involved - Humiliating - Too online "Your reputation preced…
Retweeted by blankThis is peak 2020 we can only go down from here Les regalo la primera vez que Eric Clapton toca Tears in Heaven en vivo sleep is good: • time travel to the near future • be horizontal for a change • recharge shitty human batteri…
Retweeted by blankNumber of states in which _________ has the most donors: Joe Biden: 1 (his home state) Elizabeth Warren: 1 (her ho…
Retweeted by blank♥️ tickets. Without a ticket, the work never happened. It is invisible and anecdotal. You can’t defend your…
Retweeted by blankfound a guy
Retweeted by blankFor my entire career I have fought to protect and expand Social Security. After we defeat Donald Trump, together, t…
Retweeted by blankshakespeare: we have congreeted english teacher: yeah, that's not a thing shakespeare: this is disgraceful engli…
Retweeted by blanklmao
Retweeted by blankif i ever tweet something that i’ve already tweeted before then don’t say anything i have like 5 thoughts in total and all they do is rotate
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People, my friends' parrot controls house features through Alexa and I don't think any Amazon user testing anticipated this. 🤣😂🤣
Retweeted by blankGuy catches adorable groundhog eating his veggie garden — and lets him have whatever he wants 💚
Retweeted by blankGood grief. What is wrong with you @hillaryclinton? In 2016, @BernieSanders did 39 general election events for yo…
Retweeted by blankMi psicologa: Macri Botana no es real, sólo existe en tu imaginación Macri Botana:
Retweeted by blankCómo les gusta a las marcas encontrar soluciones atrevidas a problemas sociales inexistentes.
Retweeted by blanksomeone in my office ordered a pizza with cherry tomatoes but it came with maraschino cherries
Retweeted by blank @flortundis Flor, tenés a mano algún texto que recomiendes sobre esto? Ignoro completamente el temaThank god. Now we are finally free to...
Retweeted by blankfellas is it gay to drink cold beverages