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Joined Twitter 4/2/15 @k2spritebeans @mahad1k @UziUber @imisspopsmoke You have alot of people saying you don’t you @JayXOTWOD @snootid @ovocartier @4gramsindawood up
@ssvjjx @Polo_Capalot Relax 😭 @4gramsindawood @Weekndsintern @imisspopsmoke @xaneiys @VegetaWoke They can never put my name next to a man that ac… @imisspopsmoke @4gramsindawood @xaneiys @VegetaWoke I don’t you do @imisspopsmoke @4gramsindawood @xaneiys @VegetaWoke Why do you moan answering phone calls @imisspopsmoke @xaneiys @VegetaWoke That’s Yb lyrics unrelated to your comment but what about this @xaneiys @imisspopsmoke @VegetaWoke Don’t let him fool you @imisspopsmoke @VegetaWoke @imisspopsmoke @VegetaWoke 1st one exposes you for sending that tweet to the gc, second the gc name was changed an… @imisspopsmoke @VegetaWoke You’re finished now @imisspopsmoke @VegetaWoke How much are you paying this bitch to syd like this @VegetaWoke @imisspopsmoke You stfu you fucking sideman acting like he’s dropping bombshells fuckin pussy @imisspopsmoke Why tf are people liking this for its false @4gramsindawood @imisspopsmoke This ss not even sus on my part I didn’t say we beat @imisspopsmoke You Stan that pedophile lmaooo he dissed pop smoke n you was defending him like mad😭😭 @imisspopsmoke Doing up fanboy for a song relax @tayksintern The gay streets @imisspopsmoke Thinking about ending your pathetic fucking life @fbgwayne Ima just do what MGK did @snootid There’s a link in my bio click it I’m going viral every minute @lherealchieff Fucks wrong with everyone on this app @totallynot_ibz @uzislomeinIG @patekszn @4gramsindawood @imisspopsmoke Blocked your boyfriend for that weird pic @fbgwayne Why do you have to put this on the tl @imisspopsmoke @uzislomeinIG @patekszn @totallynot_ibz said he watched the vid multiple times and you were in the in it💀 @totallynot_ibz Blue @stockkompton @totallynot_ibz Who tf drinks out a bag @imisspopsmoke That’s supposed to be you you fake count @tobeyworld N I robbed you @lherealchieff RIP🥳 @BBCAlgeria This can’t be
@AbsDuFromage upgraded his bitch fr @fbgwayne I mean it ain’t that deep @grandwizardcn @imisspopsmoke Ong would’ve thought he’d like him @imisspopsmoke @grandwizardcn L he sound like Roddy @yoppawontmiss @fbgwayne Austen is the problem here tbh @yoppawontmiss @fbgwayne Yeah n you sus too guy @lherealchieff You’re a convicted sexual predator @fbgwayne Get your boy @Akademiks TalkHating popular songs don’t get you cool points btw @totallynot_ibz @2900Tommy You’re tapped @k2spritebeans Watched this couple days ago @cartinomics @agenthatemymeme @k2spritebeans Roddy better @808melo How comes you moved @k2spritebeans Horrible song g @tayksintern @OvoSteph7 Hype for wlr so deadthis song is too fucking cold
Retweeted by 6 @ausnoff Qts don’t know music smh @TopBoyJemz Thought that was gekoThis account kills me he’s always first reply with some quote 😭
@SsrJose1222 @KENZOCAPALOT @LilReese300 @WeInHidingRn Spittin @OvoSteph7 Who’s story I need to vote yeah too @vaeredd 🥴 @yoppawontmiss @4gramsindawood You: slow @4gramsindawood I know you took at least 30 minutes to get it like this 🤣 @k2spritebeans Something about 21 savages on god ad-lib @softest_hard Right shown some ass @k2spritebeans @imisspopsmoke Don’t lie that was shit @DamarionMatchem @GGYOUNGBOY Suck your fuckin mum @GGYOUNGBOY You down bad @OvoSteph7 He bangin 4kt @totallynot_ibz @imisspopsmoke You qt men snogging @TopBoyJemz No keef doesn’t have as many good projects as durk @AbsDuFromage Said this Chicago’s Jay ZSmh how’s it 70% saying keef in 2020 @fbgwayne
@jozuintern Had 0 bangers stop it @AssKickersOn A bum @OvoSteph7 I roll up a L inna lobby @RamenMaid44 #thinking @TopBoyJemz Shot up the roof @drippyxdrank Gotta take that on the chin n keep it pushing palPower ghost 2 3 for 3 next ep bout to be crazy @PrinceTatted Watching Gotham @k2spritebeans That vid Used to scare me @k2spritebeans @OvoSteph7 That was a weenie baby @Akademiks Plat* @Akademiks Flop considering he went play before @tayksintern You folded with nahmir stop it @ZER0CRASHEDIT 🧢 that’s when summer ends 🥱 @k2spritebeans Nvm didn’t even see what you tweeted just wanted to say that 👍 @k2spritebeans Your losing 2-0 btw @OfficialFPL Again @fbgwayne I’m eating.. @fbgwayne When you get a qt and reply but you can’t see 😒Lowkey know that money won’t bring complete happiness but still pushing the agenda that it does>> @drippyxdrank It will work one day @playboicarti @icemackp Whyyyyy