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imagine being almost 40 and still act like a 15 year old who gives a silent treatment over a thing that you done yourself
Before inauguration day I would make a rumor how it's gonna be the satanic bible but on day of it'll just be a copy… another thing to set me back money wise! Fuck why is it so expensive to fix phone screensKamala Harris
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Didn't cry at the Inauguration, but this got me 😭
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜killing with up b offstage is a beautiful thing
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜this is the only day you can retweet this
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @KitKat__Katrina Just got mine and definitely feel the healing🤣🤣🤣 in all, quite tame for a satanic ritual.
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Dude still in denial! 🤣🤣 Mashing at the speed of sound in Sonic Mania!
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Imagine fucking someone then finding out that their dad is in the KKKShe found him & the police couldn’t? Useless. Let her go.
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Imagine going to a DJ set and hearing the DJ play a track that sounds like a song you made a demo of. But the thing… (before covid) @MRD0000M It's more the fact they don't talk about before that land bridge crossing. Like there's evidence that wer… @MRD0000M Yea it was huge land mass that connected Asia to the Americas. A lot of schools teach that no one was nat… Commission Sheet. Likes and RT's Appreciated!!
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @MaxKetchum_ Do we need special gamer brownies too? @professor_mgw hey pssst in question edible ain't shit @XaviBunn This the book. Found it in my dad's garage. He said he got it mainly to get inspired by Inca art work started this book called 1491. Talks about the history of the natives of the Americas before Columbus. It's ve…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜More Americans have died from COVID than the number of US troops killed in battle during World War II.
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜callout to shitty merchandise everywhere
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@ZaneAFK Yooooo!Vintage cowgirl 🌵
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Love dancing to salsa or freestyle with dogs. Idk why it's fun but fuck it's fun @professor_mgw Def def. You should record or stream your practices. I would watch it or use it in some mix @bigtittygothgf 1 or 3 def. Prob more on the 3 than 1A fuzzy baby to brighten your day! DOne in stream :D
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @professor_mgw I'm still much in beginner but I can def teach ya what I know. When you free?Susie Creamcheese hope your day going wellThere's also seeds in it! Lucky ass dayWe shouldn't just honor my father on one Monday every year. We need to honor my father each and every day by living…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Holy fuck some person accidentally dropped a tube with 2 big ass pre-rolled joints on the subway!Just got this! Can't wait to get home now a whole factory reset on my old laptop, now I can use for just DJ stuff. Currently ripping a whole bunch of my family's old cdsI wish George Floyd was asked nicely. I wish Breonna Taylor was asked nicely. I wish Trayvon Martin was asked nicel…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜I’m gonna share this video every time I see it. So many people struggle to conceptualize how large of a number one…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Giving away absolutely nothing Like + RT + Follow Not drawing anytime soon so eat shit 🅱️
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜By sharing Martin Luther King Jr. in color, it reminds folks that the civil rights era was not that long ago. The b…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜I have a golden Sylvanos lying around so I’m doing a giveaway with it Retweet + follow to enter I’ll draw the win…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @CalliGrn_Greens @rainyirl @Lattecafespice That Noivern is so fucking sick!The MLK quotes *they* won't use but you should know, a thread
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜i love you @RaguSaucey but this is bullshit and you know it
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜The people have spoken! I got a spare Twitch Absa from RCS Finals so I’m giving it away! - RT/Follow me to enter -…
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@axgriffith Azz* sorry @axgriffith They ripped DVDs. One was called hittin' dat white ass 3Cleaning garage again today. Found the family's old porn stashFriend and fellow activist @zarakayk remains trapped in Tanzania, the "charges" not charges at all. The authorities…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜weed will either make my anxiety 100 times better or 100 times worse. and i gladly take that risk every time
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜MLK deserves actual study. If you haven’t had the chance to, use today to take in his work. Places to start- Spee…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Over 53 years ago... Why white people never use this Dr. MLK, Jr quote?
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Woke up at a great time for laundry. Sadly my dad last had the laundry card and he's asleep still. Guess just clean… @milkche_ @minaginagitan @Pommy_sucks Exactly what I was thinking @Nullificationn Ayyye laundry day lets goTop 32 starts now for the RCS 5 Season Finals! Huge thanks to @CasualScrubOH for creating the perfect way to kick o…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Yooo he go mad hard! If only we had a VCR
The more I'm in this garage I just want to cry. 21 years missing with this family. He literally kept a whole box de… and my dad were cleaning the garage and found his old OCs didn’t fit in the photo #digitals
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜Ahhh it's done! Thank you so much @fosbat ! the first week of 2021, Big Pharma jacked up the prices of *636 drugs*—including the two most expensive drugs ta…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @Cam_Tizzle @dylastacey @BillEdwardz @boobricahrd @NeverVoteEvil @yeahrightgirlhg It's also only at certain chains.… @JenovaSSB Lame welp I'll just be sad forever @JenovaSSB Just come over here then we won't be in the clubIt's 430 am and no one to cuddle. Sad timesCan't play rivals with @CinderSlash anymore dude just went I'm a kragg addictIt's official I'm a furry. Just commissioned my first anthro @KillerKofi SUPERHEROOO STATIC SHOCK WOOP WOOP @goth_isabelle That literally looks like the other part of the mask lol
@FezTheDracky Always knew I hated myself @2GGstrides Literally just saw an episode of superstore with this exact subject last night. @professor_mgw I wanna know who gonna be in! Sounds like an awesome timehey i'm commentating tetherball doubles come watch :))))))))
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @Love_Galore_ Just listen to Daughter. Pretty much all her music is sad. Or even The Head And The Heart. Not really… Kung Lao was from the Bronx
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜As you go to say no you say yes insteadJamie Lee Curtis is trending, and I thought something bad happened lmao. Thankfully, she's fine, so I wanna remind…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @Chroyo_ @xdre_roa Why is this too trueWhat the fuck is this WandaVision I'm so confused @SoulSurVGC @RottenTomatoes I'm definitely watching the shit out of this! Might make a drinking gameOh I forgot to mention that the link in my profile contains approximately 1000 videos from Jan 6 that were pulled f…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @IAmLui_Jesus Just starting again. I only did here and there when quarantine started. I just get to anxious sometimesI had the idea and I instantly made it... Popoggers #PuyoPuyo #PuyoPuyoTetris2
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜No stream tonight. Too exhausted just wanna smoke and watch cartoonsPayouts: Tetherball Doubles: Top 3 (2 players per team and $500 total) Rivals Doubles: Top 4 (2 players per team…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜 @MRD0000M It's not something that needs to learn but if everyone knew it or at least a basic form of it, it'll be v… you ain't doing the kissing noise on Prince's song kiss. Don't talk to me @milkche_ They both are great. I think the companies teaching it would be good for the people out of school but hav… can't drown my demons, they know how to swim…
Retweeted by 💜Noivy💜American sign language should be a requirement for schoolsOn the prowl to commish! Looking to get my first fursona madeFinally on the way home. We'll see how I feel once I am home