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AA Joey @77Joeyy Chicago, IL

16 | Radiant Sova | cc for @AlphaAllianceGG | @BERE14_ @t1ffsny

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@tiffsny45lol tiff u r obsessed LOL @t1ffsny ur a biggie bag LMAOO @BERE14_ ur a daves triple shutup @t1ffsny yep, and ur a daves singlei like the person ive become :) @itskimota holy fuck kiss memy whole playlist of all the songs i like is on shuffle and everyone single one that got randomly picked is matching the vibe rni hate that it gets dark out so early bro, like it really be 4pm and it looks like its 3am wtf
@Klamran @itskimota @kxtieoh fuck u guys @kxtieoh @Klamran ur a feller @Klamran @kxtieoh no not rlly i have good ones now @Klamran @kxtieoh watany cute single girls out there? @Brush is looking 🥺
Retweeted by AA JoeyPutting myself first from now on.
Retweeted by AA JoeyThe most aesthetic thing you will ever see on Valorant
Retweeted by AA Joey @1mehzy 5
FT @BERE14_ and @t1ffsny playing unrated, call me L1NK the way I be locking up site.
Retweeted by AA Joey @t1ffsny thats kamran but okay 😭 @t1ffsny HBD WHOPPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR @BERE14_ @t1ffsny WHOPPER JR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!30 days sober today. Taking it one day at a time. Quit all drugs/ alcohol cold turkey and I don’t plan on turning b…
Retweeted by AA Joeydude why do i feel like shit
ZOMBS FUCKING NATIONSCREAM GOT HISscream 0-11 0 ACS unluckyvikings choked unlucky @nico1wnl Sadge13-11 fake comeback @ValorantEsports It is the same camera but the punishment was different please be consistent and give equal punishm…
Retweeted by AA Joeynah gambit needs to ffsacy took that sova ult outta my book no cappa @PrimeMCD omfg @HOUSEPORN___ @BERE14_ @t1ffsny our future house? dw ill give u guys space @iamhcu u suck deez nutsmy fingers are actually dead from osu, goodnight twitter @elluhval LMAO all good
@odkiyu ayo?? @Thunderstfu LMAO FS MAN ILL GET THE KEYBOARD OVERLAY TOOtwo things i gotta do, make a sova guide for each map and make a "joey montage" of all the dumb shit i pull off in compi like myself more when im tired. prob just cause i don't give a shit when i am @anntfkk what the fuckkkk @anntfkk holy fuck this blew up @odkiyu i really love chicken tenders @Australissss i needed this LMAO thanks @notrxchel after the semester ends i will be, but i want my friends to be home too lol @notrxchel yea real badly
@qtanth thats what im sayin manwoke up and i feel like shit, im goin back to bed fuck school @ciaolyx ongfuck spotify wrapped i want her wrapped around my arms
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@Mvysuna one day... @Mvysuna i wonder how I didn't get hopeless romantic @wunjii its oki im one toodrop ur spotify auras down below i wanna see them need to post more clips @sycotr what the fuck chris @Brush @FacebookGaming thats actually soooo fking huge good shit craigy. im happy for u :Ddamn, it's december... @sovr17 whats ur rank? @wrovve @AlphaAllianceGG cuz i dont wanna be compgoodnight twitter i had a wonderful day im goin to bed hella early, expect streams and content in the near future
@anntfkk <3 @anntfkk yaya ofc @qtanth @AlphaAllianceGG <3 @milk1x @AlphaAllianceGG LETS GO DYLANNNN @qtanth @AlphaAllianceGG LETS GOO ANTHONYYYY @turbi55 @AlphaAllianceGG WWW TURBI @GobiFPS @AlphaAllianceGG GOBIII LETS GOOO @AspectsXv @AlphaAllianceGG WWWWWWWW @Thunderstfu @AlphaAllianceGG THE BIG NICOLASSS @arrtryu @AlphaAllianceGG WWWW @kev_fps @AlphaAllianceGG cap @AlphaAllianceGG @kazonlegacy @odkiyu @AspectsXv @suzkiVAL @Thunderstfu @zacheys @milk1x @turbi55 @TingoVal AA’s Valorant Roster!❤️
Retweeted by AA JoeyJoined @AlphaAllianceGGthis comm is impossible to enjoy. everyone is just constantly trying to bring each other down, they focus on others more than themselves 😭
Retweeted by AA Joey @YoloVAL_ when i was 14 i genuinely had a ~140ms reaction time but now its only around 160ish if im dialed and 180… @ShiiroQt @7lilay @Klamran @n0rmaIize alr wtv all good just stop mentioning her i hate her @ShiiroQt @7lilay @Klamran @n0rmaIize ......... @7lilay @ShiiroQt @Klamran @n0rmaIize u don't know what he actually means by this @ShiiroQt @Klamran @7lilay @n0rmaIize chakib ur gonna find urself blocked @Klamran @7lilay @n0rmaIize its ok kamran you'll find her one daycrazy how much better i am everytime i make my sens higher its so fking weird @anntfkk .42 thats mine @sexhaver1510 medude ive been up since 12am im sookkkfking tired gn everyone inhope everykne gets rest and accomplishes their dream… @odkiyu everytime i log on it gives me and val 68 or val 84 and kicks me out the gameim pretty sure ppl who live in central timezones are getting fucked rn with val
@oliviamagyla LOOOOL @t1ffsny @annettaaval @BERE14_ josh q with her bro tf u doinu are pathetic if u keep bringing up shit from someone’s past
Retweeted by AA Joey @MoonKiller_VAL bro there was this one day where this legit happened to me, in the morning it was around low thirti… @DoLphinvalo MF WHY'D YOU TWEET FROM AN IPAD?? LFMAOAO @t1ffsny @scrollval tkwkekekwtkt2ly2ke @odkiyu yoyo woah wtf @DoLphinvalo @n0rmaIize LOL BRO? @revoltizzinhoo @COLBEEval kindly suck deez nuts @COLBEEval @souleater_2010 LMFAOOOO @COLBEEval i got hacked