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You get whatever you want when I love you.All my St. Louis people say these three words and tell me if they sound da same when you say it lol. “Lying” “Lion”…
Retweeted by 7If I want it I’m gone get it.Just put a couple more hundreds in stocks.
Adore medon’t wish for it, work for it.
Retweeted by 7love and peace is all i need.
Retweeted by 7First thing in the morning i put my mind in my business...
Retweeted by 7playing my part, but never my heart
Retweeted by 7When ppl know they did you wrong they avoid you..
Retweeted by 7Bitches don’t be competitive at all.. you tell a girl u got a few bitches and they wanna run off .. girl earn yo sp…
Retweeted by 7if its not sitting well with me ima speak on it, idc time, day, or place & idc how much time went past, ima say what i gotta say.
Retweeted by 7Muscle all the bs 🦍I don’t know what a loss is"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well...."
Retweeted by 7Dreams require disciplineI’m more talented then I give my self credit for.Nah i really went crazy on this 🔥🥴I just made the best damn chicken ever told myself wen I got some money I was gone stunt on everybody that used to laugh at me.. but now that I got it .…
Retweeted by 7Diana Taurasi.As a man... Lead her spiritually. Challenge her intellectually. Encourage her emotionally. Protect her physically. Take care of her...
Retweeted by 7This the Baker I like to see #DawgPoundNo rush on greatnessMy dawgs and I just want it more.
Natural born leader ain’t no getting nervousToo much money out here not to make it.Them excuses adding upA bully 🦍LBJ in 2016 😤🧪🏀📝🧠👁Create good habitsI’m passionate.
Retweeted by 7Got to feed your brain good foodExpect nothing appreciate everythingWho said you couldn’t be great? @jgreeen_ Yea honestly! @jgreeen_ But I’m overseas tho. Don’t know address. @_MAN_5 You right 😥No more pre orders 🤦🏾‍♂️If we have to ....Yea 🥴 @imahustlababy_ Just gone pray for em. @imahustlababy_ 🤣Wowww I’m getting this idc idc
Retweeted by 7Should I pre order this PS5
🥴🔥👀 disrespect @RealDealBeal23 @NBA y’all smoking dick.I’m over this packing shitMax Kellerman really sat on national television and said Kawhi was better than Kobe. @espn I want him fired immediately
Retweeted by 7 @iamiv Switch ? 🤨God don’t like ugly DO NOT BRAG ENOUGH ABOUT GOD ON HERE.. HE IS A HEALER , PROVIDER & WAYMAKER 🥰
Retweeted by 7 @InMilesWeCan He C. He ain’t been the same since the injury if we really think about it.Listen Kawhi and PG are tier B.Paul George sick @iamiv 🤣🤣Clippers getting clipped
92’ with the Benz tintedThe older u get you just wanna get money & find somebody that’s good for your soul.
Retweeted by 7I’m sorry I’m grinding
Retweeted by 7It really ain’t too many of usSome losses teach you more than always winning ever could...
Retweeted by 7MindsetI just want to keep traveling the world.Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺 via: seayou.later
Retweeted by 7Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰 via: henry_do
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Got to get to itLaughing good for your soul3 years old sayin “Take this pic for me and put it on Instagram” 🤣
Retweeted by 7😩😩😩
Retweeted by 7Dawg look at Jada & Tasha Smith in 96 😍🤎
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4:44👁Ever watched a show backwardsI need some pressurewhat my back needs
Retweeted by mercy on my kids 🤣
Police in Georgia pull over a Lyft driver then assault a passenger for not having his ID
Retweeted by 7Everything that’s missingOur restaurant has been struggling since COVID hit so I made a music video to try to promote us in a different way!…
Retweeted by 7 @SlimHardaway_ Appreciate you fam🙏🏾This game really took me all over, only God🙏🏾🌎 such a classicA soul food burrito would go crazy 🔥 somebody said it to wait 72 hours before i react to things. If I’m still mad about the shit 3 days later then I’ll react bu…
Retweeted by 7You let everything on your chest get to your headLearned not seeing eye to eye could be fixed with a heart to heart.KNOWING HOW TO COMMUNICATE WHEN YOU'RE UPSET IS VERY IMPORTANT>>>>>>
Retweeted by 7‼️‼️‼️ idc how people think of MPJ, he was right to say what he said. The kid can flat out hoop.self-care is fundamental and is NOT selfish self-care is fundamental and is NOT selfish self-care is fundamental a…
Retweeted by 7I know y’all love baecations and buying Christian Dor but this is what I look forward to in relationships
Retweeted by 7Smile, lips and booty on a woman 🥴
Hold your head. Guard your heart.
Retweeted by 7Show up, support and show out.A rock and a hard place, I’m stuck.Look at the sun 🔴GOD MORNING🙏🏾Workout #1☑️🦍🤝