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@CapX15 my plan going forward is to use my Monday blogs to address grievances I have. Whether it's worth society, takes… @PatrickONeill75 I've followed your for months now. You disappeared @PatrickONeill75 Look at that smile
@andypic17 That's not fair. There's way too many to count @TheBrokenAnchor I'm mildly upset I wasn't consulted on this question @TheBrokenAnchor Chicago dogs are served in a sesame seed bun, with mustard, onions, sport pepper, tomato, relish,… We just put our first real ad together. New to The Broken Anchor? Watch this.
Retweeted by Old Man Larry @andypic17 @TheBrokenAnchor So proud of you!!Mookie Betts is an incredible defenderJethro Tull getting a spot on Fox's game 7 broadcast was not something I knew I needed to hear @CapX15 Perfect if you need a nap and football gets you a little too riled up 👀👀
@CapX15 @John_Fanta All my homies hate contextI love inside jokes. I'd love to be a part of one someday.
Retweeted by Old Man Larry @CapX15 @dennisdayton Waking up from a nap and watching more sports 🔥🔥🔥 @Tonyd1940 @TheBrokenAnchor I know lots of people who swear by just drinking through their hangover. I just can't p… @DFluckesFans @andypic17 @CapX15 Big facts, if true @CapX15 Go Muskies @TheBrokenAnchor @Tonyd1940 Sleep all day is the correct move here @CapX15 @andypic17 I wish I was kidding. That was the story of how middle school went for me @andypic17 @CapX15 True story - one year everyone I was with got fun dip but the house ran out. I was the only pers… bomb scene @andypic17 Tomorrow night is gonna be a great, but I'm mad the late game tonight is even a thing
@andypic17 Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Every so often my opinions match everyone else's @andypic17 Not gonna name names, but HBET will have some contrasting opinions @TheBrokenAnchor @andypic17 Andy, I love the shade thrown here 😎😎😎I don't know why anyone here would want to hear what I have to say, but if you do, here's today's blog on what Octo… one is an easy choice. Milky Way is clearly inferior to the other 3 @andypic17 @CoopLed @MusketeerSZN Shameless plug, if you really feel this, both of you will appreciate my blog when… @TheBrokenAnchor Andy playing chess, not checkers
Retweeted by Old Man LarryThe FBS Independents that are playing this year are now collectively 13-1, with the only loss being Army to #8 Cinc…
Retweeted by Old Man Larry @andypic17 Worth a try on my part but I respect that @3YearLetterman Cc @CapX15 @andypic17 Sounds like the perfect time to roll it out then
@JpCarlesimo @andypic17 Deep dish is fine. It's just tourist/suburban food. Thin crust cut in squares is true Chica… @andypic17 @JpCarlesimo You probably think deep dish is real Chicago pizza too... @JpCarlesimo Yea... Cap and Andy definitely don't love me for this particular take, but that's on them @JpCarlesimo *correction* chili is good, Cincinnati chili is not @RickBroering Big Tulsane guys in Xavier Twitter @CapX15 @dennisdayton @andypic17 It's ok Cap, I finally accepted my real age recently. Once you realize the truth e… @classyxavier I'm blocked as well. Logged out and took a look, seems nothing has come up since this afternoonCan anybody explain playoff Clayton Kershaw? How can he be so good for 6 months a year and consistently have someth… @CapX15 @FundamentallySD @andypic17 couldn't agree more!!
@andypic17 And then UC fans get mad when nobody takes them or their conference seriously. If fans weren't their "in… @andypic17 Asking Chad to understand anything that isn't perfect for UC is futile. Dude is the definition of a fanboy @AnishESPN Gentlemen, even the worldwide leader believe in the cause #RankCoastal @CoopLed @andypic17 @CapX15 @QBallFor3 @CoopLed @SCooper9 @CapX15 @jstufft20 @andypic17
@JpCarlesimo @dennisdayton @andypic17 Bill Walton is a national treasure, as long as he isn't calling your favorite team's gameX @CapX15 Is it more or less than I owe rounds at @Danagardens . Which I swear will actually happen sometime in the next 2 months @JoeLaughlin17 @CoopLed @andypic17 I guess that's fair. I remember when I was 19 and only drank beer I could chug @JoeLaughlin17 @CoopLed Can we rehash the fact that Andy thinks Cincinnati is a *bad* beer city? He doesn't deserve a pass for that takeWho would you rather listen to for 2 hours?
Retweeted by Old Man Larry @andypic17 @CapX15 @RollBlobPod I'm so happy you both averted this seriously and both had the same answer. For th… @CapX15 Hey, at least give me credit for finding the gold mine 🙃🙃This is a totally rational response from a fan who is definitely not #madonline @andypic17 @gkoosh55 @RetireFiftyTu Xavier Twitter stays undefeated!! @TheAthleticCBB @GBrianBennett @RollBlobPod is this Xavier's version of the Michael Porter mystery? @TheAthleticCBB @GBrianBennett Do we have a new mystery replacing the age old question about how old Steele is? Did… @CapX15 Speaking of goats
@DFluckesFans @CapX15 @andypic17 @RollBlobPod @andypic17 @DFluckesFans Just because he can actually spell, and you and I cannot, doesn't make it right to bully people Andy @CapX15 @andypic17 @RollBlobPod Which bear is best? @andypic17 #cansoled @andypic17 Your the one disagreeing with Joe... @andypic17 @TheBrokenAnchor Bringing up deep dish tees me up wonderfully for the blog I'm thinking of for Monday morning. Coming for the haters @ObviTravSteele Who the hell voted no?No, I'm not deleting this because of the typosYou should watch this, or listen to it in whatever podcast app you use. They guys get into this week's new hires (i… @CapX15 @JoeLaughlin17 Big Jesus guy @CapX15 @JoeLaughlin17 Jesus Christ not being listed first was disappointing. Definitely my go to @ContextFreeCBB I've always said you need to make shots to win in college basketball. Any opinion @clubtrillion @CapX15 @American_Conf Wait until UC fans catch wind of this. WHEn aRE we jOINiNg tHe BIg XII? @CapX15 That's gotta be what's holding the deal back right now. Steele can't talk with "CJB" and something is getting lost in translation
@andypic17 You can't rush art👀👀👀 @Oliviawitherite @BleacherNation @TheAthletic @CapX15 if you want an excuse to spend even more time on Twitter and… like the 5 of you who know me in real life, if you have any interest I'm going to be blogging a few days a week… @CapX15 @JoeLaughlin17 A lesser man may be offended by this, but I will wear this badge with pride @CapX15 @CoopLed #CapIndustries @CapX15 Somewhere between 6 and 69
@CapX15 Rumor has it Eddie Ekiyor is driving him, they just made a quick detour
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@andypic17 @BluffCityFriar I still remember this shot. I freaked out when that went in. It was awesome @andypic17 @NoEscalators As a fellow non-graduate, I'm gonna say no. We can all stand in solidarity against the AAC @andypic17 I mean, you said you'd edit out your singing, but I thought that was great. That was the only other thin… @andypic17 I'm trying to figure out what mistake your could be referring to. That seemed like one, thinking if the… @andypic17 @RollBlobPod Andy not knowing the difference between Loyola and UIC had me worked up for a minuteI don't think I agree with this. All I ever hear is that Twitter is a cesspool of negativity 😝😝 @davidcaffrey @BIGEASTMBB Like David West and Kyle Korver being Big East legends, Carmelo is one of the best players in ACC history @RollBlobPod New suggestion for next week - pixar movies
@BeaverReport @carlitoscafe11 Definitely the second one, she's not self-aware enough to troll people @fans_tbt @musketeerreport @davidcaffrey @BIGEASTMBB Don't know what you're talking about. David West and Kyle Korver are both Big East legends @andypic17 Completely agree. Even without Stanley, this team looks better than the last couple on paper. If he is e… @BIGEASTMBB David West v Kyle Korver one of the goat Big East games @andypic17 Andy the eternal optimist 🙃🙃 hope you're right my man