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@Beef_lurky lmao, I had to tweet my survival!see!! @Beef_lurky it was really the first thing I thought about doing once it stopped shakingWE ARE SORRY @GOD
Retweeted by 88.AND!? about to fall asleep california trying to kill us: #earthquake
Retweeted by 88.Akademiks made it hot for Bronny, he prolly ain't want his dad to know he be burning downBro, lmaoooo @_tiffanytan lmaoooooo @domtragicc DittoT B H
Retweeted by 88.Did the aliens arrive yet
Retweeted by 88. @SHASHAKIMBO I was pretty scared ngl... @domtragicc the culture don't need that right now @SHASHAKIMBO I booked it to the door so quick lmao @DaBigTuna perfectly timed4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred 0.62mi NE of South San Gabriel, California. Details: Map:
Retweeted by 88.xactly really thought it was gonna be "the one" I'm in the middle of cooking a steak, shook twitter wya
Retweeted by 88.My heart fucking dropped I thought it was OVER lmaooooAt this point all we have to comfort us is a fucking tweet
Retweeted by 88.We do not need that right nowon brand
Retweeted by 88.I was finna run out the crib with my dog in my arms swear to godddddddThat was a lil scary no cap!!! ass earthquake !
Retweeted by 88.Was that a fucking earthquake!?To me the idea of building community in multiple places and experiencing life styles different from which you were…
Retweeted by 88.I actually don’t think anyone should really live in one place for their entire lives. I realize it may be privilege…
Retweeted by 88.People with mixed music taste have the right personality for anything.....
Retweeted by 88.I’m trying to learn how to play tennis
smoking weed before going to smoke with people >>>>>
Retweeted by 88.creating solutions > waiting for opportunities.
Retweeted by 88. @zoebrincess 💀💀💀I don't care to see tweets people "like", is there any way to change that in the settings?Had to mute gofundme because ya'll be dragging it, that shit is supposed to be for absolute emergencies not support…, Validation and Acceptance are all EGO!
Retweeted by 88.Women flirting
Retweeted by 88.Imagine if this came out today LMFAOO
Retweeted by 88.Black Culture is new, African Americans are still defending what’s OURS it’s a lot of people with their hands & voi…
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Range Rover Sports TruckEveryone on here is rich but also qualified for the $1200 stimulus 🤣
Retweeted by 88.peace to Gerard DepardieuLil Jon “Kings of Crunk.” Throw it up, I don’t give a fuck, Rep yo city, Play no games, Nothin’s free, Ohh na na n…
Retweeted by 88.I don’t need any more suggestions on how to survive in the white mans world. I live in my own world
Retweeted by so tired of bots bruhUzi did this for free to some strangers but y’all friends gotta beg y’all for a retweet/repost.
Retweeted by 88.Wow this is not fair but Coach Carter for sure will come between me & my running session I do not care what anyone has going on. lol
Retweeted by 88.Niggas said NLE Chakra 😂💀
Retweeted by 88.YO @DevonKronenberg It’s super hard to keep up with Gucci mixtapes, especially in that era. He was cranking them out constantly. @XavierTopFloor Shit was getting on my nerves 😂Be like 21 Savage .... own your masters & publishing .... and if u can’t out the gate make sure it’s ways when u ar…
Retweeted by 88. @XavierTopFloor Facts Tariq bossed upAdd It Up!! when Kanye posted his whole contract:
Retweeted by 88.You know who never a signed a contract and owns all their masters?! DOM KENNEDY
Retweeted by 88. @slickjit 😂😂😂 @ThatIsSoNick That’s real!🔥🔥🔥 artists can keep releasing new music but if you don’t put a proper push behind 1 song and give it time…
Retweeted by 88. @ThatIsSoNick Was Hawk but he turned heel 5 episodes into Season 2Seems like everyone can be bought
Retweeted by 88.The things i'm feeling right now listening to this.. LAYERS could really go for some cheddar bay biscuits from red lobster
Retweeted by 88.THIS is how you do it for the people. Not that quick profit, fix-it-up-and-double-the-price shit y'all be doing. Bu…
Retweeted by 88.I bought a house. I fixed it up. I rented it to a single black mom. I fixed her credit. Took her from 500 to 700 i…
Retweeted by 88.I shouldn’t have bought those Patagonia shorts in a Large because now my waist is a Medium 😕 My body with the last laugh, alwaysYe going off tonight, for good!🙏🏾
Retweeted by 88.#NowPlaying "That Bag" by Ziico Niico on @TIDAL and wreaking havoc lmao but 🎯scorpios and wreaking havoc....
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Retweeted by 88.Lmaoooo want my friends lives, they want mine. The grass is greener effect.I need the vibesAs much as I love working out in the great outdoors, I can’t wait until Equinox reopensppl be cool, not friend material tho.
Retweeted by 88.reasons seasons and lifetimes
Retweeted by 88.Stussy stepped it the fuck up on the shirt quality, damn
@Leonce the watch is DIFFERENT. Now I gotta close my rings and hit all my steps or I'll feel lazy afLord if I can't take care of a snake plant, I probably don't need kids...I'm bottom feeding my snake plant rn, wondering if I should do the same with my ZZDoes anyone know about "bottom feeding" plants?Dover Street Market lagging hard with the deliveryIt’s time.
Retweeted by 88.I only look forward to Tuesday’s because it’s studio day!!! @angelplaysmusic @kush_jones_ I felt the same, people are so weird about love being shown to them so I stopped. I j… Black was FIFTEEN when he dropped no flocking
Retweeted by 88. @Glock__Lesnar 😂😂😂 @coryjking Ima clap when I see you 😂
RT TO SAVE A LIFE! If you have serious anxiety and frequent panic attacks, always keep a fat bag of ice in you…
Retweeted by 88.Can't wait to get bank to The Pank (The Pynk)Like WHAT!?