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just bought a ninjutso origin x wireless :^) hyped to try it out, looks really cool @rb0f1207 hbd!!! @Slandyyyy Same. Silver 4 is a warzone tho fr be readyi have no idea wtf to get my dad for christmas @Tanzer @vohlii @TylaDecker she really doesn't know @GhostGaming @Tensafps @JoshiAliAndres @qtclaps happy birthday goats @jaymcIain I wish @jaymcIain i'm excited for you to move to LA
Man.NOOO THAT CANT BE HOW IT ENDSThat is the craziest retake holy shit @JoshiAliAndres Hbd 🐐 @Rudeclaw @omgitspotter @LiN_fps @Etothac @rocazor @branted707 @phoFPS @Boostio @ReformedVal @EvilGeniuses Ilysm so… @yayFPS @AcendClub Storylines baby @ahad Hbd ahad! @MonsterDface Facts.Pain and sufferingPlease envy @Niztopia @rouri404 🐐just found a absolute gem @KOLER1337 To another sick yearI wish it was easier to find new artists on any platform. I am so interested in hearing new music especially from a… trying to gameit's late. you guys should go to bedwho's up @CoachTrippy @jcrueL_ @Guiiimond get em officers
TODAY IS THE DAY 😱 join our new discord community, with support for music, gaming/streaming, video editors, art and…
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @heyGuhRL SENDING GOOD VIBES @pandxrz @SickksT9 @ImMadnessTV @slowiscool you sure?VAMOSSSSThis is literally going to be a case study on what not to do in esports competitive rulingsVAMOSSSSSSSThis is hilariousOh man twitters gonna get a field day out of this one
Retweeted by Ghost CreedWait it’s 7-0 and they start on pistols??? @mythicaval Ninjutso wireless @juliaaiis Twins fr, which mouseJust impulse bought a new mouse turns out this whole time i've had my windows cursor speed on 8 and 7 instead of the defaults of 10 and 6. I'… After further review, we will be replaying the Acend vs VK match at the start of today’s broadcast with Ace…
Retweeted by Ghost Creedmore FMA time @aEvilcat rbgH free! @whycantiseeu i had a&w @chloe_hime7 This is so funny
We have the best camera operators in all of Esports #VALORANTChampions
Retweeted by Ghost CreedWith a few context clues I got a feeling that we’ll be seeing a half replayed at the end of the day. @NRGbikeage @JakeSucky Not aceu, that’s for sure @JakeSucky @NRGbikeage You look so good for 40 jaime!! No way @JakeSucky Omg it’s @NRGbikeageI could watch @nAts__ss play the game all day #VALORANTChampionsthat timing is so tragic LMAObrazil >>> VAMOSSSSS @GeorgeCGed @Activist_K1D rolling schedule but roughly 3~ hours from nowscream just radiates confidence. This SEN vs Liquid game later is gonna be so fucking hypeee @yayFPS surely fucking this point i just feel so bad for all players involved.what the heck goin on could never go back to wired mice. Wireless is just too convenient and practical @sapphiReGG @priusOBS Care to comment? @priusOBS @Furiouss wasn't talking about that specifically for competitive. Just meant that the map and overall idk what it's… @Furiouss trailer* same thing, all i know is that I saw mfs swinging from webs LMAO this looks fun, idk about competitive thobro... this new fortnite teaser LMAO what the hell is going ON @reckerBYE 24 episodes deep. love it so fartime to watch FMA Brotherhood :)Happy birthday @Niztopia I know we don't talk all the time but you're sucha fucking good person, really glad we met :) <3 @OPERATIONFORK Did someone say chaos? Come to brazil?really hype watching @pandxrz @SickksT9 @ImMadnessTV today. Well played boys!! @CoachRuin real shit @Vansilli the rules around what is an isn't an exploit are upheld in an inconsistent way, and the rulings themselve…
Retweeted by Ghost CreedI just mixed 7UP with @GFuelEnergy Hype Sauce. After almost making my shaker cup explode the end result is deliciousNA | Day 9 Groups B vs A Match 4 Results and Overall Leaderboard #ALGS
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @PlayApexEsports @ImMadnessTV @pandxrz @SickksT9 LETS GO BOYS12 KILLS FOR THE MATCH 4 VICTORY 🏆 @SickksT9 @pandxrz @ImMadnessTV #GoingGhost | #ALGS
Retweeted by Ghost Creedthis should have been enough for this bug to have been fixed. That is all I have to say on the matter. This situati… @MatthewCElmore @CoachRuin @dcopGG oh absolutely, was just posting the image for context. I doubt it's the same cam… @KingFPS__ @CoachRuin @dcopGG yeah, that's my end point. the biggest issue is that we've already seen a team be dqe… @CoachRuin @dcopGG is there not just 10 dry feeds of player POVs for replay? maybe I'm wrong on this @CoachRuin @dcopGG, I'm going to be completely honest. This bug has been in the game since july? a team @GiantsGamingENG was alre… @Poach and then one for "economical damages" whats that???Yes they bug abused, yes they should be punished. But that cam wasn't the reason why they won the series. Shit like…
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @NiSMO_VAL @VivoKeyd VAMOS @EsportsPUBGM @GhostEsports @s2gespor @uol_pubgmobile LETS GOOOO @GhostEsportsabstract gardens, march 25th 2022
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Retweeted by Ghost Creed @yerspringseeds W
@ImMadnessTV Aye 😎 @POISEDFPS This guy is FEELING it bro holy shitMURIZZZ?????But I’m a dumb idiot, they look insane this is gonna be a sick seriesI saw the comps and figured this might be an issue. Reyna jett as a duo on icebox feels so overwhelming. Would have… @POISEDFPS Im so in on the brazil hype train @IanImmi Nah no longer must pick but definitely still has a use @POISEDFPS I got vivo keyd 2-1VAMOSSSSS @forpzy Go bug brandon leave me alone man 😭Esports esports esports esports