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24 he/him | Talent Acquisition @GhostGaming | Former @NRGgg | Music & Esports

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@iliadiis @Cented7 you realize you also have pronouns, right?
Retweeted by Ghost Creedthrowing myself into the TFT trenches if anyone wants to accompany me @not_jack1 @branted707 linda.
Retweeted by Ghost Creedgaming. @alexisfps what does this mean.. @GraceVanDien @BcJFPS HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE HOPE ITS AS GOOD AS YOU ARE AT VALORANT <3i am so bored @ejmarchini up 9 rr rn @seshiriaa_ welcome to the cool kids tablethis is so me rn here to say my hair is safe thanks everyone7/8
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @fairyfps congrats dude well deserved :DWHATEVER YOU DO DONT TYPE MSFMORBIUSSWEEPFORTNITE IN NSG CHAT
@RazzJoey @gorboob @iLumpee @hydrojt @BoloTact @GoatedDave @Mxlpass retweet this tweet, everyone who retweets this i will give 100 dollars!if c9 white loses I will cut my hairplease to any coaches looking to make waves in the GC scene start here. I fully believe in this solaire roster and… we have never had a coach and are definitely interested in some help!
Retweeted by Ghost CreedSolaire has definitely had some ups and downs, some roster changes, some days we wanted to give up. But I appreciat…
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @fawniwnl proud regardless, can't wait to see this team evolve @Cented7 I've been around you since the beginning. I was genuinely shocked to see that clip man. I am disappointed… @GhostGaming ONLY one? I got two who need that @1johnqt @OfficialAproto .... @cybertrashsucks I can’t wait to hear that shit 🔥😭
Retweeted by Ghost CreedEverytime I hear things that esports orgs attempted to do I realize they all have no actual idea what they’re doing… @duckybtw @GhostGaming @BrynicSolutions 🔥 harddd @0wubz Yes @Jerome_Coupez @TenZOfficial @finalmouse Ok, but you got me right? @GhostGaming Yeah im grinding, my teeth. In my SLEEP @Sarsarcha So the “offstream” games did NOT go well. Unlucky really @npcSara YESSSS RETALIATION THEY DESERVE I WILL ALWAYS FUEL THIS FIRE GO GO GO @papashlomo Me playing the bass slots @papashlomo I find a woman who can put up with me I will truly ascend @x0Starlight While it’s important on a break to get some reps in on valorant still to stay fresh, the first thing i… @karraof Play some other games or do other things to decompress! Enjoy your break karra! @LynnieNoquez @Pterodactylsftw Nah the ibs comment is evil 😭 don’t wish a flare up on us that is fighting wordsjaber#6969 and Habibi#0213 duo q'd together, says this abt the riot buddy and calls me a whore and then continues t…
Retweeted by Ghost CreedI don't think i've seen someone go lights out like that in so long @sapphiReGG @_TeamOpulence @sobersushi01 @babysoapsud @brookelynn__n @ItsMileplays @Lexval0 @manualVALORANT @jinkxFPS @N8Vgg goat shit @Pterodactylsftw this you with chamber deag fr @fawniwnl @N8Vgg @basicallyleaah so proud of u and the team good shit :D @basicallyleaah @N8Vgg UR CRACKED LEAH! so PROUD @HollywoodQQ @N8Vgg so good HOLY amazing gameplay
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Retweeted by Ghost Creed @itnothan_ <3 love u han, chin up yall got next ur so fucking good @super_sophia11 ggs soph, great run from yall @katriggered you're truly a beast. bounce back arc. @madafps
VCT Competitive Ruling: Cloud9 White #VCTGameChangers
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @jesszcs @goosebreeder Welcome. @goosebreeder I felt necessary to draw what im seeing here you go @goosebreeder for some reason the farther away piece looks like a dog with floppy ears and i cant unsee it @super_sophia11 ahh damn, definitely worth it when you get a new desk >:) you're about to go demon time FR @super_sophia11 you should look into getting a new mount for your monitors, that stock mount looks so bad omg @fixedfortommy YOOOOOOOO @fratqt sexy fuck @GhostGaming 📈📈📈📈📈CATCH THE NEW RECAP FROM STAGE 2 BABY WOOOO Valorant VCT Montage - Stage 2 #GoingGhost
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @SilverNyx_ yaI am usually always on the TO side, but this one seems a bit ridiculous @brissdali @yonggary_kaiju My parents @aEvilcat @Minions U wanna go watch the minions movie i just ironed my suit @goosebreeder Nt goose! You all rock ggs @ejmarchini Have fun liz but there’s gamechangers to watch! @Annie_Dro Danny devito in the back just chillin @mectos @GhostGaming Welcome to ghost gaming
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @myra__davis Say hi to @Rudeclaw and @punsandbunsgg for me @seshiriaa_ @GorgoKnight @GhostGaming @Aeolus personally, I wouldn’t have thisThis is so real and true @juliaaiis I tried that not workinghow you be happy @alexisfps LMAO YOURE NOT REAL BRO @avit69lmao on god? @ScrewFaceVAL i'mma send his ass to the shadow realmwhich one of u is this @ScrewFaceVAL @HollywoodQQ this journey is wild and I am here for the whole ride SOLAIRE #1 FAN HERE @super_sophia11 @SanriosVal yall were so good! good luck tomorrow cheering yall on the whole way @seshiriaa_ @SanriosVal yall looked amazing, was super fun to watch good luck tmr! will be cheering you on @basicallyleaah you are so good, the whole team looked SOOO good, please keep your head high ur the bestday 2 #VCTGameChangers II ggs :)
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @itnothan_ ur nuts W is a W @HollywoodQQ u all played so fucking well i literally was so hype watching that back and forth, good luck tomorrow!!! @starriebun wait you hit that shit tho @DanimalVal @seshiriaa_ ur fucking nuts ?!
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @1yzma @version1gg ur the goat, ggs esmeeeeeewho wants to join @GhostGaming 🧐Facing a familiar foe in @TorrentHQ to close out Week 3 of Seasonal Shootout! LIVE 🔴➡️
Retweeted by Ghost Creed @cybertrashsucks @pastaroach this shit is crazyHANG TIGHT w/ @pastaroach . 7/13/22 . PRE-SAVE IN REPLIES .
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