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@50taruns grats brothaare apex servers just deep fried rn? @reckxr blame @Frexs , he inspired me. Knew this guy back when he was playing FN and now this guy even had enough a…'m currently learning controller for Apex. @0wubz LMFAOOO
@CoachRuin Yeah i was kinda confused too. I think it has to do with seeding? But idk this whole one group being rou… @zacgreer_ @marcoluka_ Hype that you’re linking up w marco for a show, you’re two of my fav artists rn. Kill it young 🐐 @theJagmeetSingh @Northernlion HugeThis game is so back and forth man what a nail biter @theJagmeetSingh @Northernlion LETS GOOOOI’m enjoying my time outs with a side of valorant right now! @Bankroft @The_Matador_X1 The two-dose vaccine still works very well in preventing people from getting seriously si… game has been so good to watch. Berlin is not disappointing @Bankroft I’d love a source for the “majority of infected are vaccinated” @Bankroft Feel free to not get vaccinated. But realize that it’s also fair to be demied access to certain things due to opting out of it. @Bankroft In order to be in schools you are required to have certain vaccines. At least in my school area. There wr… @AmaxFPS BuT tHe LoNg tErM eFFecTs! Yeah man. I’m sure they took their sweet fuckin time making the polio vaccine w… these ppl fr apposed to the mandatory vaccines like they didn’t get them in school 😂 you just sound dumb.And ofc can’t forget our incredible replay/observers and production teams 😍 the unseen heroesI’m also so happy for the talent we have in all aspects in valorant. Players, analysts, casters, on air talent. We’… @seangares IM A PAPERBOY AND IM PROUDI’m honestly extremely excited seeing how competitive even the smallest regions are in VALORANT. It’s so fun to see… @bradyzlol Just send the kids away honestlyI’m extremely impressed with all of the asian regions and how much improvement they’ve had since masters 2. Vision… @brissdali You ever think about how we just. Like exist. Like we can type and understand this random language. We t… @brissdali this is so wise. thank you briss @JessScharnagle he's so funnyIM DEAD BRO LMFAO how can you not love this team morning, @pprxteam 🪥 #VALORANTMasters
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦 @ExaltVAL bet, installing it now thenis this vampire bloodhunt BR any fun? @prodbyswazy Binding of isaacThis depression shit really beating my ass. Who tf taught them how to fight man. @JayFNBR Hbd young blood. Hope it’s a good one 🤜Yeah... there is no way in hell Jett should stay at this level of pickrate. We cant get another agent that has sim…
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦Soaring in Style #50 by Ninjask @seanpcc Big
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦 @HeatherZWeather we gonna be all right of those nights. 🥲 @NRGbikeage good night jaime xoxo @amaanderz Normal human for sureeeeEP 10/1
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦 @KegShouts @huslorr
@xxfuneraI Worst part is one of these pictures is from a missing persons report. The lady was later found dead too @SilverNyx_ Red ink is sooo fire. @Shaemmon @thegamehers I got you congrats shae!🤜.@nukkye on raze is a personal favorite for me. @seangares you're doing a great job. Think overall the breaks do feel a bit stretched though, but not due to your 3… does this image make you feel @kmoethekid Right now, he like nardwaur he just appears @LazarFN Pretty sure you can overnight it. @LazarFN Air ship it. Take the ram and gpu out and bring in your carry on. Air freight is super safe @kittkingdom @100Thieves LETS GOOO CONGRATS @AdnFN_'m playing caustic rn. Just wanted to let the timeline know that.never felt a image more in my life. Have a good night everyone joker is the real hero of batman @BrockCruess
@Boostio @Boostio let's play apex again man we were running shitI fr need a game to play. I'm so bored @glaive tweet about video games, or stream on twitch. probably will do the trick @brutebrutebrute sounds like someone got syphilis and doesn't want his fiance to know LMAOBRAND NEW SONG. Think You Right with @glaive & @ericdoa out Friday.
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦 @whethanmusic @Alkaline_____ @glaive @ericdoa Yess @LionBlaze246 @Shock_RL @RollDizz 🐐We've kept you waiting long enough. We are excited to welcome our roster heading into #RLCSXI! @RollDizz
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦 @GhostGaming @RollDizz @Shock_RL @LionBlaze246 @fakey_jaryd @AllaireMatt LETS GOOOO welcome @RollDizz @Shock_RL can… @kaaylen_ @basicallyleaah It’s so funny bc I legit had to watch this show in elementary school french class 😂 @kaaylen_ I like @basicallyleaah pfp 😂 un ananaI REALLY wanna see VS win here man.Absolutely insane first map from BuZz. He took TWELVE opening duels in this game. Important to note, not only wil…
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦this icebox map is going to be insane. A real showcase of the Jetts #VALORANTMastersLMFAO MAKO FR JUST PICKED HIM UP @Bankroft 🤠 @C0Mtweets they're all playing incredible. @robw1z LETS GO ROB!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO THE CANADIAN SENSATION.@rb0f1207 looks so good on the skye. Guy is a beast! @prodbyaustyn idk if i've wore jeans once in the last 4 years man. @CSpikoski @Shaemmon @COPEgg already done! Ya'll got this. @effysgo WHY DO THEY DO THIS SHIT EFFYS. IT'S LIKE WATCHING A DIFFERENT VIDEO GAME MAN @poisedFPS fucks up all the lineups thooooo. @backlightorg LMFAO @ericdoa you gonna hook him up??? @oderuscs i think there's better odds of him rebuilding a new ENVY roster than any other org letting that man vacation on their billlmao all of envy just yelled across stage "we'll pause for you!" to KRU and then proceeded to take a tac pause for them #VALORANTMasters
Retweeted by Ghost Creed 🇨🇦 @priusOBS LMFAOO NAAAHHH @RealStrongLegs i gotta find a way to make that shit my alarm. I swear i'd levitate outta bedMan, these groups games have not disappointed. I cannot wait to see playoffs. @GhostGaming @FortniteGame corny crops 🤓 @VellyCasts my absolute fav man LMAOO @VellyCasts i miss optic gears trash talk man LMAO never forget xplosive PUT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ON IT @AspectFN_ Dick mountain @rrrujo people fr voting for em too bruhhhh @rocazor turn the stream on big man, let's watch the processif you donate any money to them, you're literally a walking lick. I just want you to know that. @realmocking @omgitspotter @itskaplan @robw1z @JoshRTz sentinels been real quiet since you said thisIt's really nice to see the transition from Player to coach working so well for a lot of people in VALORANT. It fee… @mel_anji you and all the other women in VALORANT are really paving the way to a truly integrated esport and it mak… @GhostGaming @RLEsports this is one of my favorites.