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@anbuaplayerr @woahvolume @aributstupid @ghst1337 @ramp__ i don’t know what that mean dudetwitter getting me soon dude @woahvolume @aributstupid @anbuaplayerr @ghst1337 @ramp__ ur a pussy dude @emilyactingup here @yanrelle ur welcome @prentiss4pres @saucy_lawsyy how much dude @saucy_lawsyy hey dude can i get a feature @prentiss4pres dude but i’m slimemarcosBest 12 year old rapper 😎
Retweeted by marcos @ieatchawarma @blindmanwalkinn no it isn’t @ieatchawarma @blindmanwalkinn no it isn’t midget @prentiss4pres let me get a feature dude @prentiss4pres hi i’m ur biggest fan @AZER0_999 holy shit @blindmanwalkinn it’s this guy dude @MallWhoreJason L @MallWhoreJason f off dude @blindmanwalkinn dude that isn’t even me f off @blindmanwalkinn that is not me dude i am swag @MallWhoreJason why are you relying on both acc @Jason4XX not me @MallWhoreJason that not me @MallWhoreJason i am @Jason4XX i am @domtweetedthat @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup un tagmost underrated 13 y/o???
Retweeted by marcos @ImALilSus @marlaisdownbad @emilyactingup yes dude i’ll murder u @domtweetedthat @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup fr @domtweetedthat @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup fr @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup okay what ever dude i hoep he grooms u @xoxabstract me @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup he’s a racist pedophile don’t say i didn’t warn u. @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup who cares dude @bitchwatchit would u. have sex for me @ieatchawarma @KirbyFrostt thank you @sellerofdrugs hii @ieatchawarma @KirbyFrostt dude swear to god right now @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup oh @ImALilSus @marlaisdownbad @emilyactingup ignore this guy queen @marlaisdownbad @ImALilSus @emilyactingup can we have sex @ImALilSus @emilyactingup and it works @ImALilSus @emilyactingup yes it is @emilyactingup can u. have sex with me please @emilyactingup hii @yanrelle @offtheleen @daacyy d o you want me @rachellbrockman hii @daacyy @WherelsRed @offtheleen @yanrelle dude where did everybody come from @daacyy @yanrelle i won’t @daacyy @yanrelle dude not under my reply please @daacyy @yanrelle what daacy mind ur own business @yanrelle can can we have sex @ghst1337 tf @NataliaDumb we can just have sex instead @NataliaDumb ouch. @NataliaDumb can we fck please @toriaiezu sorry queen that crossed the line i’m sorry @toriaiezu can. u have sex with me @pogjah @anbuaplayerr i thought u were white @toriaiezu hi @pogjah @pogjah @pogjah no i not @pogjah what’s nine plus ten1 @boogfym @daacyy @KGatcum @UmbraSZN @HYPEX 😧😢 @boogfym @daacyy @KGatcum @UmbraSZN @HYPEX dude a girl is a girl @fIawlesslucki @ouchmf @itsjusj_ @WherelsRed @mxrkybackup @flexako @hiinicolee @cozella_ @yanrelle @offtheleen @womenkitchen_ sorry @emilyactingup hi @womenkitchen_ can u. fuck me @emilyactingup hii @daacyy @yanrelle @fIawlesslucki @hiinicolee @anbuaplayerr @ouchmf @itsjusj_ @offtheleen @WherelsRed @wtfaimbot @yanrelle hii2 @xdVRLD @ieatchawarma lung pussy @anbuaplayerr @jaywrldv5 nahhhh @anbuaplayerr @jaywrldv5 ? @obrndo noti @anbuaplayerr @domtweetedthat @daacyy ddue why @anbuaplayerr @domtweetedthat @daacyy STOPPP @anbuaplayerr @domtweetedthat WHYYYYY @anbuaplayerr @domtweetedthat to quick @hexbby yea @daacyy @domtweetedthat @marlaisdownbad dude what the hell @viagraonfroy hmmm @domtweetedthat @daacyy @marlaisdownbad not my pfp or @ nice try @daacyy @marlaisdownbad dude stop photoshopping i could get into real trouble @daacyy @marlaisdownbad juice me to 400 dude what the hell @daacyy @marlaisdownbad so fake @daacyy @marlaisdownbad dude why @anbuaplayerr LMAO @dsenchp gm @anbuaplayerr LMAOO @anbuaplayerr LMAOO @ouchmf u won’t gain 8 @af4iry me @af4iry when i. hit 400 will u. finally groom em @marlaisdownbad dude it will take the rest of the day to do it legit