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Ok, so, there's no parade, no fireworks show, no Esplanade concert... but there *is* our Festival of American Orche…'s your favorite American composer? What's your hometown orchestra? We're playing music by composers and orchest… night at 7, join us in the (virtual) Berkshires for an encore broadcast of this @BostonSymphony concert wi… Independence Day! Tonight we're spinning tunes by great American orchestras from 6 to midnight. Impress every…
Sunday at 7pm! Mozart and Mahler to kick off our Tanglewood Mini-Festival on WCRB: needs to go to the Esplanade for fireworks? We've got 'em right here -- well, musical ones, at least! Hear our… night, skip the crowds and have your own musical July 4th celebration -- we're throwing a Festival of Amer… year, July 4th looks different than it ever has. It's a good reminder to honor our heroes -- hospital workers,…, we're in Brighton, but mentally, we're in the Berkshires, getting ready for our Tanglewood Mini-Festiva…
Just in time for the holiday weekend, the Children's Orchestra Society's "America the Beautiful": us the shameless plug, but we'll tell you the composer's name, *and* you can listen to us anywhere:… July 4th, don't go down to the Esplanade -- stay inside (or in your backyard!) instead, and let our Festival of… Sunday at 7pm: we're launching our Tanglewood Mini-Festival with our friends Mozart and Mahler, plus…"In years past, on July 4th, I would sit there, in the sometimes stifling heat of a summer evening, and feel chills…, too, can take us anywhere when you download our mobile app: if you *really* miss those fireworks, make your own!
Don't risk getting caught in a crowd this July 4th -- stay in and listen to our Festival of American Orchestras ins…'s a new biopic being made about the life of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges! Read my post about on…
Retweeted by 99.5 WCRB, Classical Radio BostonLooking for something to listen to today? Here's a suggestion: @beatricerana playing Chopin, Ravel, and Stravinsky…
There are some pretty good orchestras in this country! Hear 'em July 4th from 6pm to midnight on WCRB: here:'s July, if you can believe it! Catch our latest updates in today's email newsletter:… July 4, join us for a festival of American orchestras on WCRB! Learn more:'re so happy we could help you discover something new!
Even Bach's harshest critics couldn't help but love his shimmering, brilliant Italian Concerto. Hear it on The Bach…
Okay, so it's Sunday, but we'll still be singing "Guerra! Guerra!" on WCRB In Concert, starting right now:… is TONIGHT on WCRB In Concert with @BostLyricOpera! Will you be listening? for one night only: Bellini's "Norma" on WCRB In Concert with @BostLyricOpera! Listen at 7pm:'s Serenade No. 2 starting soon in our @BostonSymphony encore broadcast on WCRB! Listen in:
Tonight's a pretty good night for Brahms, don't you think? Listen to our @BostonSymphony encore broadcast at 8pm: night is your chance to hear @BostLyricOpera's "Norma" on WCRB In Concert! See dress rehearsal pics and mo… else needs an evening of Brahms & Schumann after a long week? 🙋🙋‍♂️ We got you, tonight at 8:
Consider this week's WCRB In Concert unmissable:'s Serenade No. 2 is a piece that Christian Zacharias loves to present. Hear him explain why:'re obsessed with Hildegard von Blingin': asked for more #BLONorma, so here's our answer: hear it this Sunday at 7pm on WCRB In Concert with… night at 8: Christian Zacharias joins the @BostonSymphony for an evening of German music as both the piano…
Want to feel like this again? Our 24/7 online stream will get you there. 🌃🚗🎶 March, we partnered with @BostLyricOpera to bring you Bellini's "Norma" on demand. This Sunday at 7pm, it's comi… March, we partnered with @BostLyricOpera to bring you Norma on demand. Now, it's coming to WCRB In Concert! List… at 7pm, tune in to WCRB In Concert with @BostLyricOpera for a special broadcast of Bellini's "Norma"! We rec…
For more, plus a playlist full of more than a year's worth of our favorite music, go here:"This funny little movement... is wistful, happy, and a bit sad, all pretty much at the same time. It’s trying to f…"To put it simply, @BlackViolin rules." @KendallWCRB recommends "Showoff":"For the past few years I’ve been trying to look beyond the standard "dead white guys" of classical music to find m…"This album is perfect for listening with a cool glass of lemonade in hand, as we enjoy the late spring/early summe…"It's fun, it's full of feeling, it's whimsical and I love hearing Phoenix's hit in this orchestrated form!"… has been thinking a lot about activist art lately: "Nina Simone is a staple.""The vocal performance through the album is as magically spectral and welcoming as the watercolor harmonies of Debu… to hear the tunes we've been bumping this June? Now you can! (Thread) ⬇️
There's a new newsletter today! Read it here: Subscribe here: other year, we'd be gearing up to spend summer weekends at Tanglewood, but this year, things look a little diff…
This week on The Bach Hour, brilliant pieces for voice and violin:
Film Night with John Williams and @TheBostonPops starts right now on WCRB! at 7 on WCRB: Film Night with John Williams and @TheBostonPops! now on WCRB: Mahler and Grieg with @BostonSymphony!
Tomorrow night at 7, it's the last of our series "Sunday Night with the Pops!" And -- spoiler alert -- it's a BIG o… at 8 on WCRB: Mahler and Grieg with @BostonSymphony, @andris_nelsons, @LeifOveAndsnes, and Genia Kühmeier:'s the longest day of the year! Kick back with some of our favorite tunes:
Tiny stringed instruments, a typewriter orchestra, an audience of potted plants... all this and more here: this program is STACKED and you have nowhere to be Saturday at 8, so tune in and get ready to cry - for many r…
Retweeted by 99.5 WCRB, Classical Radio BostonSunday at 7pm: Film Night with John Williams and @TheBostonPops! Listen only on WCRB: honor #Juneteenth, we're highlighting Black musicians, conductors, and composers all day on WCRB! Everything you… friends at @995WCRB are celebrating the work of Black musicians, conductors, and composers to mark the occasion…
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Saturday at 8pm, hear Mahler and Grieg in an encore @BostonSymphony broadcast also featuring @LeifOveAndsnes and Ge…, I'm legit leaping around the studio playing impassioned air-violin right now, I just love this piece SO MUCH…
Retweeted by 99.5 WCRB, Classical Radio BostonTomorrow is Juneteenth, and we're marking the occasion by featuring Black musicians, conductors, and composers thro…
Are you subscribed to The Note? Today's newsletter has a bunch of summer updates we don't want you to miss:…'s the second (and last!) day of our super-short summer membership drive! Score yourself one of these coveted WCR… is my Chico (tote)bag...a @995WCRB thank you gift if you can give $10/mo or $120 all at once. I’ve been using…
Retweeted by 99.5 WCRB, Classical Radio BostonThis morning's music is listener supported! Make sure it's here for you EVERY morning and help @995WCRB make this d…
Retweeted by 99.5 WCRB, Classical Radio Boston @AkaThurston Thank you!
@AmandaLinnea Hi Amanda, we took a little break from the 5:30pm trivia but it'll be back next week!It's the first of our 2-day summer pledge drive! When you give today, you help us unlock $15,000 from a generous gr…
Brand-new to Leipzig, Bach wrote his Cantata No. 75 -- hear it on this week's Bach Hour, on demand now:
WCRB In Concert with @TheBostonPops is starting now:"Simply Sondheim" tonight on WCRB In Concert with @TheBostonPops! @BostonSymphony encore broadcast with Mitsuko Uchida starts now on WCRB:
Tonight at 8, Mitsuko Uchida plays Ravel with @BostonSymphony in this encore broadcast:
Listen to @laradownes's stunning home Tiny Desk Concert:
Sunday at 7pm, sing along to Sondheim on WCRB In Concert with @TheBostonPops:
Saturday, 8pm: Mitsuko Uchida plays Ravel in an encore @BostonSymphony broadcast on WCRB:
"When you’re an improviser, there’s a certain shimmer to the motion of things. It’s a dance.” Keith Jarrett and Bac…
Bach for new beginnings, on demand:
@MikeBilow We apologize for the interruption and the stress this caused. We have little to no control over when the…
This encore @BostonSymphony broadcast starts now on WCRB!
Tomorrow night at 7, hear @sfosternyc on WCRB In Concert with @TheBostonPops! In the words of one excited member of… at 8! Hear Sir András Schiff play piano and conduct the @BostonSymphony: things you didn't know about @sfosternyc: (We'll add one to the list -- you can hear her tomorrow night at 7 on…
Excited for WCRB In Concert with @TheBostonPops and @sfosternyc this Sunday? Here she is at the 2011 Tony Awards: you think of Tanglewood, what music comes to mind? For @classicaljessie, it's Ravel's "Daphnis et Chloé." We'd… this orchestra is stuck in a castle surrounded by wolves. Oh, and it's also haunted by the ghost of Frederi… at 7pm, the incredible @sfosternyc joins @TheBostonPops for an unforgettable evening of music of WCRB In Con… close and personal with his beautiful Bösendorfer (pics by @bkmccreath!): rumors are true: András Schiff brought his own piano to Symphony Hall for this concert. Find out why in this in… has starred in every Broadway musical from Annie to Shrek. Hear her with @TheBostonPops this week on W…
This week's WCRB In Concert with @TheBostonPops: Broadway star @sfosternyc! Listen Sunday at 7pm: behind-the-scenes look by @whatsnewDN at how @995WCRB brought a @YoYo_Ma performance of Bach's Cello Suites t…
Retweeted by 99.5 WCRB, Classical Radio BostonA behind-the-scenes look at the "herculean effort" that was required to produce Sunday's live @YoYo_Ma performance…
Retweeted by 99.5 WCRB, Classical Radio BostonSaturday at 8pm, hear András Schiff play and conduct in an encore @BostonSymphony broadcast on WCRB! Can't wait? Th…