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@alnikkk NO I AM DENIS ORI bangsat1. I do not use any dating apps 2. Misell 3. comel itu apa misell :( bet loe @den"Sudikah egomu karam?" #DikandungKhayat
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Retweeted by dendenIngin dihargai
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Retweeted by dendenMe happy abt my work Producers
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Mon maap nge-the adams dulu
Retweeted by dendenTetap tenang dan sejuk yah moms and bunnds✨
Retweeted by dendeniya want to hug my Dad forever
Retweeted by dendensehatin mental > sembuhin mental @yesitsmesliza Fix gara2 gwBecause The Internet (Indomie Telor Kornet)
Retweeted by dendenMahligai, 27 November 2020.
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Retweeted by dendenAre u shitting me right now did this before and my mother did not appreciate it who needs to hear this but y’all not together
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Everything your going through still matters even if you have absolutely no one to talk to about it 🌹🤞🏾🙏🏾 love you ❤️
Retweeted by denden @FannyChandraW TidurRealism and pessimism gotsss a thin line buddyJiakhh ujung ujung nya bakal buruk jugakMalammmmmm luuuurrrr malam ini overthinking apahhhthe nyangkuts thank u @triastirtoaji 10 party tips anjingAAaaaaaAaaAaAaaa
Retweeted by dendenGet ready for a new album from @JulienRBaker
Retweeted by dendengara2 @RaissaFaranda di otak gwua ke replay “nyami nyami face nyami nyami face”ih ancua @rigaskara bacot bet🔥⚡🔥 akan datang 🔥⚡🔥
Retweeted by dendenI haven’t felt fly like a g6 lately
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taking some time to take care of my energy today
Retweeted by dendenFrench people after natural disasters be like oui are the world oui are the childrenfrench police be like: oui ooh oui ooh oui ooh
Retweeted by denden“I’m in a painting” but take out the ‘a’ before painting and take out the ‘ting’ in paintingSome people have a girlfriend, some people have a boyfriend and all i have is asam lambungThis maag rlly aint it brothers:-)
Retweeted by dendenBored might fuck around and be mentally stable for once 🖐🏼😗bored might start analyzing my face to figure out what else is wrong with it
Retweeted by dendenWhyWhat does my heart and wallet have in common! Both got voids!man upon the hill - stars and rabbits
Retweeted by denden @HAGARA___ Ceban pertamaluv @HAGARA___ @turbokidzzz BhaaaYeet!
Retweeted by denden @Rdtya_s Gausa komen y kmSometimes i tweet and delete it 2 mins later because i am not funnyAri Lasso a cowboy or smth?he he seru bener pala banyak bat isinya mantapppp adrenaliiiinnnnnn
Retweeted by dendenHow I spoil myself
Retweeted by dendenI’ve been doing great nonethelessWrote a song so sad every time i hear it i wanna hug my mother
Retweeted by dendenIm weak’m your little butterfly
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I was 9 years old singing S&M by Rihanna these 13 year olds will be OKAY
Retweeted by dendenOh to have a stage name as badass as PJ HarveySpontan oui
Retweeted by dendenMasalah tidak selesai hanya dengan tidur.
Retweeted by dendenUp til earlier this year i thought Barito was a mexican food place
Retweeted by dendenWeather’s perfect for sinking into the motherfucking voidGitar, gitar apa yang paling pasrah? Fender.... fine, nder.... maksaCuacanya enak nih buat ngopi sampe maag
Retweeted by dendenNormalize “thats enough for today”
Retweeted by denden @Rdtya_s iya tante🤍 @wordfangs Anehwanted a lil boo and got a lil hurt instead
Retweeted by dendenI clean up frequencies that humans can’t hear
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I love father john misty so much im gon cry“ft Kehlani” Kehlani:
Retweeted by denden“The loneliest people were the ones who always spoke the truth” -from Misread by KOC.
Retweeted by denden @Rdtya_s halahhhhh alesan lo aer acarevery time i pray before i eat and make the cross sign everyone stares at me like i just summoned something else whyDemocracy dies in darkness, so the students have turned on the lights. #ม็อบ18ตุลา #whatshappeninginthailand
Retweeted by denden911 i’d like to report a murder in middle school i got grounded for calling a bully a “lil prissy ass bitch” and my parents took away TV and e… @Rdtya_s Pantes apa? Gaada yang suka? Ngomong aja dit gue udah terima kokyour workspace really does describe you huh pagi @nicsap
Retweeted by denden"Without downloading new pics, what's it like dating you?" Ladies and gents i give u a royal mess....🤏🏼… this song
Retweeted by dendenBuru loe smua halo @Rdtya_s Yang penting lo nyaman dit, sabarin aja @Alfuzz96 @OrangeCliff @sigmuns HAHAHAH SORI2
@intanfazaa sini sini peluk