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@clouddbae oh? @2suktg i didn’t say i have balls. don’t come and give me case😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by sukia hit airways is now a restaurant
Retweeted by sukikindhearted but the want me on a destruction ting
Retweeted by suki @RuesWhore i‘ve seen about 50 tweets of nipsey hussle quotes today brodamn nipsey hussle said all that?i just deeped the death of the girl who was drugged. it hurts, even from afar, it hurts bad.
Retweeted by sukiI don't reply some texts because it can't be me you're talking to like that.
Retweeted by sukihmmm @ayyooyluap happy birthday g ❤️🥳Hey hey hey just make the cards, we’ll make the rules
Retweeted by sukiYou could die alone in a car crash with no witnesses and Ghanaians will rewrite the whole story and say you were dr…
Retweeted by sukii tweet and mute oh dear. you’re arguing with yourself rn 🤡🤡🤡
Retweeted by suki🤝 internet gets depressing day by day.
Retweeted by suki- SANTI 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by sukibifurious 💀💀 bloggers should be a topic for another day... another useless group of people smh!!!!
Retweeted by sukiLet’s all report this tweet
Retweeted by sukiterrible headline, even more terrible article. A lady lost her life to a rapist but you couldn't even point that ou…
Retweeted by sukiCousins are either gang or snakes. No in between
Retweeted by suki @2suktg @_staque_ that part off me @_staque_ yeah. @_staque_ oh she has a pointa lyrical masterpiece kartel really said “if your pussy bushy, me a travel with a comb”
Retweeted by sukisame @mariegabriellla it's not even green anymore 😔 @EfuaIsEnuf @afadjato they don't want to see us happy 😔Successive governments have no proper plan to generate funds to run this country than to tax the ordinary ghanaian ridiculously.
Retweeted by suki @afadjato omo destroy ne farm nso 😔ganja planta nyɛɛ mo hwee na mo destroy the soul inside.
Retweeted by suki @KM__U oh i see. thanks @KM__U yeah i just googled it and apparently it is a real condition so explain this. cos what is the truth? is going to capitalise on her latest meme, then y’all gonna be upset about it.
Retweeted by suki @KM__U that's what the boys sayThere's nothing like blue balls. Never.
Retweeted by sukiIf she didn’t die and she came to tell her story.... would you guys have been this “upset” and “disappointed”? Woul…
Retweeted by sukibiggest shock of my life was when i found out that blue balls is a scam"Ladies, be careful when you go out" As if we're not careful our whole lives, not walking at night in our own neigh…
Retweeted by suki @ivybents there are white south africansand nana kay @SageGoddesss shahid to the mix. my boy dey forceI don’t know who needs to hear this but stay strong sis, you’ll get through it x
Retweeted by sukifacts 22 years ago 2 people had sex and now i have to go to work everyday
Retweeted by suki @ivybents oh nothing ahahai hate niggas.’all want Dwayne wade to hate his child so bad.
Retweeted by sukitalking to yourself >>>>
Retweeted by sukiDear lord may I never find out I’m pregnant when it’s too late to return your angel to you 😭♥️
Retweeted by sukiAbstinence. Abstain so you can be first position in heaven.
Retweeted by suki @effthedj i scream it with all the energy i have in me @effthedj BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHdecember hack: never share your okada's contact with anyone
Retweeted by sukiOne thing that took me a looong while to learn is to stop tolerating people out of pity
Retweeted by sukiIf there’s one thing I’m grateful for it’s that I kept my virginity tbh
Retweeted by suki🌴
Retweeted by suki @__bigmike___ open your mindme and my okada guy strolling through all that traffic
Retweeted by sukisometimes i add the -er for a little razzle dazzle
Retweeted by sukithat's @softcasual oh, not me attends get togethers at their house sometimes. He loves it because they are so hospitable and generous. He know…
Retweeted by sukiThe woman probably had to clean herself up and go to work with a smile on her face. When this man sees her with her…
Retweeted by sukiToday he will walk out of his house and greet the man like a brother. Maybe even invite him over for a drink some t…
Retweeted by sukiThis is exactly what “not all men” looks like. Exactly this. This is the man who doesn’t abuse women but stands by…
Retweeted by sukii can
@ivybents wo gyimii no @ivybents belinda???ma’am? @RuesWhore look who’s here @Oc_Nattie happy birthday 🥰🥳The TL > my relationship
Retweeted by suki @ivybents 🤣🤣🤣POLICE 🗣 @ivybents doggymy mental health is missing, she’s gone bro i can’t find her
Retweeted by suki @NaaDei____ same @clouddbae loool byeex-crush? oh lebron what happened? @clouddbae no @Earn_Gambino @aethelred___ please remove my handle. i don’t condone any form of heathenrywhere’s the problem here? @Pamelaaa_A happy birthday 🥳🥰anywayyyy, *chef’s kiss* 🌸
Retweeted by suki @gyasiwa_ must be something in the air @2suktg borga go house go house @thecocoapod_ @niacerise 😂😂😂😂😂dark moon flower new @Shane_Eagle project vanya feat santi & bas
Retweeted by sukinipa ny3 mo hwee na mo destroy the soul inside
Retweeted by suki @ivybents @atswei_xx skkslkskjdwknldkjnfnd'nwndjokfrlorvnv v @ivybents 💀 @atswei_xx @ivybents oh yeahhh you didn't know? @atswei_xx don’t test me bro @gyasiwa_ horny no get timetable