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This new perfume i brought is my scent 😍I couldn’t sleep for shit lastnight... i just drove around listening to music 😂i don’t mind being alone, so it’s either the highest forms of love or nothing at all.
Retweeted by little-er KimI wanna be a better person. A better friend. A better lover. A better me. Just better.
Retweeted by little-er KimMannnn DaiDai kno these ppl dnt love me fr 🙄💔I finished my late client , now I’m just up 😭
Since Valentine’s fucking day 🙃🙃 I can’t take any of this much longerWaiting to exhale taught me 4 main lessons !!!mf’s going to poundtown🤯meanwhile I can’t even get to cuddletown..barley link city
Retweeted by little-er KimIdk who is fucking worst me or @QuiaQuiaa 😂😂😂 cause WTFNah this not what me & my girls do for fun... that’s drugs 🥴 don’t have no tints on my car to be crying so hard in there 😂😂 just be ugly af i hate itNiggas be trynna “you okayyy , you can always talk to me” their way into some kewchi 😒This lady really rushing on my feet... well i got news for her 😂Can’t expect somebody who isn’t self aware to be aware of you and your feelings, them mfs don’t even acknowledge they own shit
Retweeted by little-er Kim @nelno9 Like Nel im over here screaming 😂😂😂 he one of the main alcoholics bruhI can’t believe they’re falling for his bullshit lmao
Retweeted by little-er KimNot letting DaiDai who drink Casamigos and wine everyday tell y’all to stop drinking everyday 😂 @Osama_Heybob Lmaooo one minute you love us , the nxt you dnt... pick your side immediately 😂 @Osama_Heybob I hate you 😭😭😭They said im shaking the table , lol sorry guysI miss Britt sooo much moe... ugh @keeeglock Girl that is me , like damn i hate it so bad 🙄😭I really like being nice. I hate when I have to be a bitch!
Retweeted by little-er Kim“Just because you love me , doesn’t mean i feel loved by you”Y’all gotta stop putting me in situations where i have to carry y’all 😭 i just wanna be niceFuck i didn’t wanna go to the mall today , but i gotta take all that shit back cause I’m busy all week 🙄Nobody go hard for me... i do that on my own. I got me.
Retweeted by little-er KimWhat do these bitches want from a nigga 😭I need somebody to put this shelf up for meee 😭😭I’m actually in a really good mood this morning 😇🥰I’m OUTSIDEEE
Retweeted by little-er KimYeah i fucked myself over sleeping w this window open 🙃🙃You love something let it’s crazy cus you never know if a person fw you cus of you, or what you can do for them.
Retweeted by little-er KimIt’s so peaceful here ❤️ I’m actually not leaving my crib today.I cannot stress enough how important it is to speak up for yourself when someone is crossing your boundaries or dis…
Retweeted by little-er KimOhhh shit 🤯🔥 vocal in your relationships about anything you don’t like cause brethren anything you see there you’ll see x2 in marriage 🤝
Retweeted by little-er Kim"Size not available " is the worst thing to see when you really wanted it 😂
Retweeted by little-er KimY’all pressed for Ari & Taina... y’all parents never co parented before 😂😂 yall dnt have step mothers ?Imagine having a baby with a man who still chasing bitches. No way. I couldn’t do it. I’d be in jail.
Retweeted by little-er KimDo i wanna get wine drunk tonight ?? 🙃🙃🙃I found some tobacco & nicotine free shisha... my poor hookah is about to be tired of getting used 😂
Lmaooo i got the PERFECT video ima make when my baby gets her company car 😂😂Wasn’t Twitter just talking about if Prince Philip died.. I’m sorry but that aged well @keeeglock Smoke some hookah & drink some wine & blast some love songs❤️😇😂Mannnn Live just SPANKED me 😂 that’s how i kno my week was rough
Lmaooo i haven’t been myself lately & everybody acting like i haven’t addressed it. I hate ppl.I DONT LIKE NIGGAS , I DONT BITCHES... I DONT LIKE NOBODY 🗣Kavon frying me rn 😂😂I’d be alone by myself before i be w a person that’s inconsiderate... but jump for everybodyyy else 😂😂I gotta learn to just not say shit, keep it to myself
Retweeted by little-er KimMy body not perfect but I really like it
Retweeted by little-er KimLmao this girl at chickfila really pissed me off... i never had bad customer service there till today
Guess I’ll enjoy my lil meal replacement shake 🥲💔Got off work early enough to clean my house and get my wax 😭❤️ it feels like FridayyyyI got on clubhouse they arguing about a air fryer... i logged right tf off 🙃😂Simply grateful for all that I have, all that I am, and all that is coming my way.
Retweeted by little-er KimLord, please bring me closer to what's meant for me.
Retweeted by little-er Kim @SayItLikeJay That’s how my parents got their dog... yeah they break out that shit FAST 😂😂😂😂 damn is a LUXURY. a lot of ppl don’t even have money left over to save.
Retweeted by little-er KimUnsure about me? Just leave me alone. Very simple.
Retweeted by little-er KimSpending time where you’re wanted feels different 💕Asking feels too close to begging for me... atp don’t worry about it 😇Lmaooo see hookah at the table for now on 😂😂The hookah burned my carpetttttt 😭Im lying im going to brunch on Sunday 😂💔Im not drinking nomore 🥲
I shouldn’t enjoy isolation as much as I do...but the world just be doing too much.
Retweeted by little-er Kim @SignOnThe_X Lmaooo it’s the princess peach for meeeee 🤣🤣😂🤣😂Some of yall want an independent women but aren’t independent yourselves lets talk about it
Retweeted by little-er KimLiterally once my mom say im not wrong... i could give af about anything after thatMy fuse been reallll short w ppl lately 😂😂😂 like please gtf out my faceNow ima do that shit on my time.. my assistant ain’t kno wtf was going on. We busy and be trying our best 🤷🏽‍♀️I be trynna be nice cause i kno these ppl.. but idgaf y’all reachingLmaoo you kno what 😂😂.. let me go meditateLmao my job pissed me off already & it’s ONLY 10am 😂I didn’t believe my professor when he said they’re eventually gonna use technology instead of ppl for jobs 🙃 ain’t never been this ready for summer in my life😭😭😭
Retweeted by little-er KimHad the most intimate moment w my baby without sex being involved 🥺“IF I PoSt mY LOcaTiOn I Already LEft” .......first of all absolutely no one is looking for yall😭
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‼️ tension be more fun than the sex itself
Retweeted by little-er KimI need a drink 😂This show has me boohoo’ing rn 🥺😭Omg i thought this was sung by a Clark sister 🙃🤯 i want another job already 😭Change of plans but we always get what we want 😇im so happy, i dont know what exactly shifted in me but i feel so ready for myself. excited and just genuinely uplifted.
Retweeted by little-er KimIf your page even LOOKS fake to me im blocking it... @moxfolarin_ Lmaoo ima start praying about it nowI could be at my grandparents church when i see that bitch and ima STILL do her sooo cruddy 😂😂 we ain’t forgetSeen that video of DaiDai... this nigga head was touching the ceiling bruh. Like wtf 😂😂 just dumb tall @_TyraChanel I hate that for themmmm 😂💔😭 i like both of themmm omg @_TyraChanel Lmao that was Ronnieeeee omg 😭😭Can’t wait to get off work & come home to my baby 😇niggas be loving these Verzuz battles but when I get the aux it’s a problem 🤦🏾
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I am so deserving of this kind of love...........💜 I love this for me, man.
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