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Omoniyi Israel @__Omoissy Lagos, Nigeria

E be tings shaa. DON’T check my likes please.😭 Business: +2348142810342 ;

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That Wizkid’s Smile never grow on me yet shaa.
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @OlajideDMW @histuta @AsaAsika @wizkidayo You sabiNo cap
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @Dchukkie @DorcasWakama LmaoooChris Brown is actually untouchable when it comes to this talent thing! Most talented artiste alive.
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @__Omoissy No cap 🧢
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @Anambravirgin I just Dey smile shaa as I Dey listen to an. @Olaiturn_ @IfejesuAJ @ObongRoviel I said versatility Oga. @oluwadamilolla Lmaoo OK @badniggafela sensation ECool (@ECoolOfficial) dropped an amazing song titled ONOME (visualizer) with Dremo, Zlatan, Mayo…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelSupport the people around you with their business, patronize them you won't die!!!
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @Dehkunle @Smile_Bwoy Dehkunle no Dey lie na😂 Tope Alabi bawo?😂 @Dehkunle Omo na suicide if you tell some Marlians to fw Post Malone. it just me or there are other people with no particular music “taste “ ,I just listen to any song that’s pleasi…
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @jimmie_tobiloba Lmao how?? @TechDrey @Dehkunle Lmfaooo I’m sorry😂😂 @Danielscott989 What? @manlikefola_ Alright GEmi loamy soil!! I’m patient shaa. @daddys_girlT Nigerians be living rent free in y’alls heads ever since Cardi happened. If I was Ghanaian, me too go vex ngl.😭😂That Wizkid’s Smile never grow on me yet shaa.Online learning for your kids with over 200 fun learning games on all subjects on the 9ijakids portal. You don't ne…
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @_laoke How so?😂😂😂😂😂 dkm bro
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @IfejesuAJ @ObongRoviel Lmfaooo What is This question Lmaoo. Just realizing😭😂 @IfejesuAJ @ObongRoviel Lol CB is actually more versatile than MJ. Singing, dancing, graffiti. Let’s not even enter this topicI will follow you for this boss man 👨 Correct gee ✅
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @royzkingin They’re all posting but almost half of my contacts are still cake still.😂If everyone on your whatsapp doesn’t flood their status with Wizkid, you need to check if your whatsapp isn’t cake.
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelFactssss!
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelMay we not be a victim of rogues named Nigeria Police, while I was running this story, I asked myself how we got to…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelI’m going into “The House” some people are doubting me, wait until you see me there, sha support me.🥺
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelThe reason I haven't patronise you is because you don't sell account balance enlargement cream
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @theayobami_ is about to bring good music to your ears! Are you ready??? Follow @theayobami_
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelChris Brown is actually untouchable when it comes to this talent thing! Most talented artiste alive. @VixenPR_ Yktc😂Make online learning fun for your kids. There are over 200 fun learning games on all subjects on the 9ijakids port…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelSome ladies get disheartened when their bf cheats on them and they feel relieved by revenging (cheating back) If y…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelThis challenge go sweet ooo 😂😂
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelA thread of Wizkid being one of the best dressed artiste🔥🔥 #WizkidAt30
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel😂😂
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @tobi_adejimi Omo e be tinzAfter God, fear photographers. PC: @Ajibolatweet
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelThis video is cracking me up. ❤️🤣🤣🤣❤️ Happy Birthday Machala. 📌 #WizkidAt30 #WizkidaDay
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelSometimes it's better not to say anything, than to say how you truly feel and ruin everything or make things worse. 😩
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @AnAfricanteen LmfaoooEverybody @-ing Wizkid so he can retweet their tweets. went to an herbalist to do ritual. He say make you find goat wey no get hair. You shout “Jesus Christ”. Now, ev…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelSaying you do not have any friends doesn’t make you the cooler person .
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelNothing looks Real Anymore... Just Cake 😭😂😂😂💔
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelPlantain Appreciation tweet! All lovers of plantain should gather and share addictive experiences 😍❤️
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelIt's #WizkidDay #WizkidAt30 Wizkid once said? Mine :" Boya Loma dele no bi Loma kudi" 🎼 🎼 🎼 Drop yours
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelIt’s #WizkidDay What is your favorite Wizkid’s song? Mine is “Olofo @wizkidayo ft @Iceprincezamani” #WizkidAt30
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelSaw this on my way out this morning.....a man kneeling in the middle of the road to beg LASTMA officials from towin…
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel"We're nothing but pencils in the hands of the creator" RT if you remember this.
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelDo you know that @John_Doeex Buys Bitcoin At The best Rate? He also deals in iTunes, Litecoins, Google play, Amazo…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelLadies on low cut fight for food at weddings.
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelFACT: 90% of Nigerians have someone selling plain tees on their whatsapp list .
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelAre we human or are we cakes? 🤥🤔
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelWorld #WizkidDay 🔥❤️ celebrating the King here with Bigi Soda and some nice chow. 🤩 #WizkidAt30
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelWhich is your Celebrity crush? You just might me their spec 😉😉😁 . HOT SEAT with SIMBAL ♨️♨️♨️🔥 Cc @WediaAgency
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelLexus LX 570 2019 MODEL Available for Sale! Dm me if you’re interested. Price: N65M ORIGINAL DUTY ✅ Please RT my…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelGrow and build your brand with ease. #TheOwlet to the rescue on this one. Get thousands of views, likes and followe…😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelWe offer errand services in Ilorin, Kwara State. We guarantee quality service and swift delivery of your errands!…
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @Boyfromoyo @Tife_fabunmi @waxzyy_ @BigMan_Xander @Crhedrys @_MitchThagod @dejiimole @Tochi_jr Congrats bruh✅ertified
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @Temi_topeJ @volqx 😂😂😂 @volqx Small thing. @volqx How many RTs for one MacBook?Who else saw that Transcorp’s Video? I’m really amazed at how much technology has advanced over the years and it’s…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelPlease help me RT , this is my other hustle . I have over 8 MacBook Pro’s for sale . 16GB RAM 1 TB / 16 GB 512 GB…
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelOnce this Football season ends, na BBNaija go take over the TL. Omo😓Auckland to Doha on Qatar Airways is the world's longest flight by distance at 14,525 kilometres.
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @Elcrucifixio Education used to be the key until “Connections” changed the locks.Lmao they’re having the school board meeting over zoom because it isn’t safe to meet in person TO DISCUSS HOW THEYR…
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @Lyonkinge Say na winning platform @Philz_adamz He hit the guy when he was distracted tho. But that guy was definitely bred in Mushin😂 @holardamolar Greenwood @brysonadahcole @holardamolar It is your uncle that’s overrated.Happy Birthday Machala The GOAT of Africa The King of Afro beat #WizkidAt30
Retweeted by Omoniyi IsraelHappy 30th birthday to the King of Afrobeats!! A beautiful thread of Wizkid as Bigi
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @OG_Joshhh At all @Sporf @Zhamicah @nglkante @theofficialfwa Very humble and sweet.😌 Ngl I didn’t expect his English to be that fluent. @the_olaoflagos I saw what you did there 😂😂Fly wouldn't stop bothering me, so I had to teach it a lesson
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @dino_melaye @olugbemi_eniola May her soul RIP❤️ @osazua21 Amen ooo😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @iamoluwasemire Yktv @NenyeChelsea Lmfaooo amen o @luke_obeng Amen my brother. @BoluwasefeC Lmfaooo @Lyonkinge Lmaooo they are not my clubs na.Crystal Palace and Sheffield United, everything you touch tonight shall turn to goals. Amen🙏 @wammiri @Martial_15 @Ore_akiinde @Tife_fabunmi @ursafe_app @manlikefola_ @damilare_alves @shank_comics @meettherichard @Fayokunmii @ObongRoviel UrSafe App Now! This app protects you in any assault situation. It instantly audio records the situation, sends…
Retweeted by Omoniyi Israel @MrAfobaje Wtf😂😂😂