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This edition of #DetroitLove❤️ puts you front and center in the Detroit hood with @sheefymcfly “Watupdoe” as well a…
Retweeted by 繁登Who gonna b my dumpling date tonight
Retweeted by 繁登made a mix for a radio platform i respect a lot. think it came out aight :) @PGSOUNDS #DAG Dark at the GarageClimate Change Apocalypse Tie Dye T’s & Snake Tanks are SOLD OUT thanks 2 who got 2 grab em. Shipments should b don…
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Today is about @xdannyxbrownx #DannysHouse Danny’s house at Danny’s house
Retweeted by 繁登 @__SHIGETO @HeidelbergProj Out September 20, 2019. Feat: Marcus Elliot on tenor saxophone and flute Ian Fink on k…
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#NewTrack @ghostly anuncia un nuevo EP de @__SHIGETO con versiones en clave de jazz de algunos de sus temas y comp…
Retweeted by 繁登"MCW" by @__SHIGETO an evolution of "Field Day" from 2011's Lineage, through years of jazz performance and collab…
Retweeted by 繁登Versions, GI-340 Music: @__SHIGETO / @highbiasdetroit / @finkianfink / @_marcuselliot_ / @DJDEZANDRES Mastering:…
Retweeted by 繁登 @MARTYN3024 broooooo 🖤hit u wit the *dance EP in da summa hit u wit the *jazz EP in da fall.Versions, @__SHIGETO's first ensemble EP. “I wanted to show how different these songs can be when you take away t…
Retweeted by 繁登NEW YORK 8.24 DJ SET 7pm - 8pm @MoMAPS1
WYD tomorrow friendz
Retweeted by 繁登LOS ANGELES 9.26
monday is the new monday.watching crowds that haven’t seen @DJDEZANDRES before freak out is a favorite pastime of mine
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"Terrible things are happening outside...Families are torn apart; men, women and children are separated. Children c…
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@beerded1 @ICEgov gotta rep :) @kamaalwilliamsDJing tonight at @DeluxxF with @matthewdear come say hiiiii some hot ass coffee on this summer day cause #FUCK #ICE @ICEgov
TORONTO 9.12 @AdelaidehallTO SHIGETO LIVE ENSEMBLE Marcus Elliot: Tenor Sax, Electronics Ian Fink: Keys, Synth… @PGSOUNDS @DamascenoPF @tokomurase @sanjosejazz @AdelaidehallTO @TheJackLondon @NectarLounge @_marcuselliot_'re thrilled to present @__SHIGETO Live Ensemble, bringing his vividly beautiful, beat-driven electronic producti…
Retweeted by 繁登 @tokomurase @sanjosejazz @AdelaidehallTO @TheJackLondon @NectarLounge @_marcuselliot_ @finkianfink @BrennanAndes @tokomurase @sanjosejazz @AdelaidehallTO @TheJackLondon @NectarLounge @_marcuselliot_ @finkianfink @BrennanAndes
UPCOMING LIVE ENSEMBLE DATES: 8.12 SAN JOSE @sanjosejazz 9.12 TORONTO @AdelaidehallTO 9.21 PORTLAND…ᴺᴱᵂ site is ᴸᴵᵛᴱ with a new EP out today & new merch up *ᵛᴱᴿᵞ ᴸᴵᴹᴵᵀᴱᴰ this site is essentially a “shigeto” archive…
Retweeted by 繁登my sincere apologies to everyone who bought tickets or anyone who was just bummed out about the canceled berlin sho…
New 4 Them... @DJDEZANDRES is the new monday. @Slugabedmusic @MoonGangs The ScroTones @aerielist if you’re playing tunes u love and the $ is right? *only 2 minute beats set in a modern art museum for 5K ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Music is existence, the key to the universal language. Because it is the universal language. Freedom of Speech is F…
Retweeted by 繁登 @illingsworth that’s just not true at all my g🌿🕺🏻🌿 @mrscruff1ūr - the remixes OUT NOW! 🦂⚔️ stream: official remixes by @GravezMusic @hwlsmusic
Retweeted by 繁登 @frigid_cookie barsEnough with the mental health rhetoric. White supremacy is not a mental health issue. Rampant access to weapons o…
Retweeted by 繁登one on each planet - first month profits go to Ras G's family
Retweeted by 繁登was off the grid for 24 hours and opened up my phone up to... more weak, scared, racist white men committing acts… based Zach Saginaw aka @__SHIGETO steps up with an eponymous 4 tracker on Vanity Press Records, following u…
Retweeted by 繁登been working with @clubGRETCHEN for nearly 10 years and never missed a show. extremely gutted & truly sorry berlin…
Ras G, hip-hop producer and a pillar of the LA scene, sadly passed away this week. If you have the means, consider…
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mood.| This shit Bigger than me |
Retweeted by 繁登 @laurent_fintoni sunday :\Detroit fam in Italy tonight 🇮🇹 Honored 2b joining @MdCL & @melaniecharles for a very special set we’ve been puttin… two days assembling the new voltron that is Shigeto x MdCL x Melanie Charles, tonight we premiere for the fir…
Retweeted by 繁登𝒜 𝒻𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓁𝓎 𝓇𝑒𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇 1/3 of PGS, @bensaginaw, is currently on tour with his band @ritualhowls supporting @thefaint
Retweeted by 繁登 @aerielist come back to detroit then :)
Listen back to last nights show with @RealDJLag In 3 Records, @KOKOKOmusic In Session, a tribute to @Ras_G and more…
Retweeted by 繁登 @clrcarlson awe shucks. honesty still one of my favorite tracks. thank uuuu and happy birthday! 🖤
🇮🇹 rehearsal day 1: @MdCL @melaniecharles
Starting a new DJ night in Detroit this Wednesday. Trying to switch it up with some rock records and other weirdness
Retweeted by 繁登damn. ever just stfu.....and watch and just listen....
Retweeted by 繁登here’s a picture of @vanitypressrecs founder dave and i from 1997. when he told me about starting a label we knew…
Retweeted by 繁登Release day for @__SHIGETO's new EP on @vanitypressrecs. 12" in the shop: + check Shi…
Retweeted by 繁登cried a lot today. yr in a better place now g. sending love into the cosmos to u and all close to u. yr soul and sp…
when the @cvspharmacy drive thru takes so long... is the new monday.ᴛʀᴜᴇ sᴛᴏʀʏ
mercury is in escrow
Retweeted by 繁登| watch out for animorphs |
Retweeted by 繁登feels different headed out to europe tomorrow on the solo mission, been doing the band for so long now. gotta get…
@karengwyer a little bird told me u were in town? @babykeem_ @CalebGiles_ @SaulWilliams @jennyhval @100gecs f҉u҉l҉l҉ t҉r҉a҉c҉k҉l҉i҉s҉t҉ b҉e҉l҉o҉w҉ 🧐
Retweeted by 繁登 @Waajeed_ respect brother. thank u.BERLIN. love people that write "high hats"
Retweeted by 繁登slowly but surely shigeto is becoming *shigetosuckssetting the mood for tonight at @MOCAD
here’s a picture of @vanitypressrecs founder dave and i from 1997. when he told me about starting a label we knew…ᴺᴱᵂ site is ᴸᴵᵛᴱ with a new EP out today & new merch up *ᵛᴱᴿᵞ ᴸᴵᴹᴵᵀᴱᴰ this site is essentially a “shigeto” archive… @__SHIGETO @vanitypressrecs Tonight at @MOCAD's Hot Logic: @TOKiMONSTA, @__SHIGETO, @doitlikedua, Attak…
Retweeted by 繁登VPR 16 @__SHIGETO EP is out today 12" vinyl hitting stores next week and is available in the @ghostly web shop
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@sardashhhhhhhhh @abergermd @Joey2lanes i wanna hear :)
@abergermd congrats! much love to you dude :)SPC-146 Ali Berger - Sump Pump EP The Spectral Sound debut from Pittsburgh DJ & producer @abergermd, out August 2…
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ICE is failing. Keep it up y’all
Retweeted by 繁登:::tonight in L.A. // TRAPPY BATS record release show @1720warehouse w/ @__SHIGETO & @askyourpillow :::Co-present…
Retweeted by 繁登 @blackknoll @ghostly i remember thinking to myself the whole set “just impress JO” loli remember being in the crowd at the ghostly 10 year show in SF. 10 years later i get to play all of these cities.… @TortugaMinor @MassaBUILDA @abergermd @Joey2lanes i’m not a part of techno twitter either. i just enjoy watching. @abergermd that’s like me sayin “i’m not sure if i play the drums” miss u bb @dddiaperrr glad i’m not a part of this💋LOL info change for mañana: thought i was playing at 7pm so i brought these (left) but i’m actually playing at 10:… is the fucking new monday.
Los Angeles. Tomorrow with @Moon_Diagrams 1720 Warehouse. Playing some records at 7pm FREE b4 11pm with RSVP…“she don’t want a 1 minute man. she want an 18 minute ambient track man” - @TheJoshCraigDetroit: @__SHIGETO taking part in an event this Friday at @MOCAD with @TOKiMONSTA and @doitlikedua. Tickets:…
Retweeted by 繁登🚨SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT COMING JULY 26th🚨 Same day my new EP on @vanitypressrecs comes out. Come celebrate. I’ll b…
LA ! Next Tuesday @__SHIGETO is djing opening for Moon Diagrams @1720warehouse ! Free entry before 11 with RSVP
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