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💀💀💀💀💀💀still beat
Retweeted by t.damn, you’re fire, I’m trynna see what type of mood you in.uhmm it’s cold af🥴🤍 love, love!🤍i’ve never met a man who had an abortion so im tryna figure out why yall got so much to say
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taking my ass to sleep! I’m tired af😭🤤they just not her
Retweeted by t.CEO of not being able to open a wine bottle lmao I just want some wine man 😭cozy girls alwaysTodavia yo te quierrrooooooI can buy my own Gucci. You can buy me Gucci too. It’s quite simple.
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My problematic ass played fuck Donald trump by the Biden rally and we was turnt baby lmaoooomy bitch bad always lookin like she pissed off @_Web_Head LMAOOOO TANAR👀👀 @RogGoHome @_Web_Head Relax @_Web_Head @RogGoHome Y’all nephew sleep so I’m having me some wine🌚bored as hell what y’all doing?!!! can’t wait for this wine I’m about to have man! 😭 @xoajamarie I APPRECIATE YOU 🥺💕
@swaveyvibes PERIODDDD @ilikekandyy You do sis! @xoajamarie A QUEEN! Thank you bb♥️ @xoajamarie I’ll zelle you! Lemme know how much! @xoajamarie Omg yes pls! @xoajamarie Have you been able to find barbicide?👀💀💀💀 am actually so disturbed by the amount of under 30s I know who are voting for Trump SOLELY based off Biden’s tax…
Retweeted by one: Christian conservatives:
Retweeted by t.regardless we keep it pushing.Steven didn’t have to expose me like that lmfaoooo hoe @MrWilliamss LMAOOOOO I HATE YOU 😭😭😭😭 @MrWilliamss Lmfaooo you are!!
@xoajamarie LETS FUCKING GO!!!!! GO SAM! @sheskelsie I’m tired of your ass 😭😭😭somebody get me off Kelsie’s close friends this bitch outta pocket all the time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I don’t like seeing my friends sad 🥺 they’re all queens & deserve it allI’m in my bag luv, idc.
Retweeted by t. @TheNamesJeffrey Ayeeee LMAOOO💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭And if I tell you fuck you and go to hell... why wouldn’t you respect my wishes? Have some self-respect.
Retweeted by t. @Luixhrdz Im not one of your lil hoes you gonna say “I love you too” tf you think this is lmaooowhy Saweetie so fine? 😭Lmaoooooo I’m dead!!!!Women be gettin tricked by broke niggas long as they dress like the Migo as y’all fuck anything too
Retweeted by t. @Luixhrdz Love you sis🥺♥️this.🥺♥️ your animal crackers fight each other
Retweeted by t. @TheNamesJeffrey @RogGoHome SoftIM CRYING 😭😭😭 @TheNamesJeffrey LMAOOO I SWEAR TO GOD! SPARE USSSsomebody give Roger some neck so he can relax. ENOUGH @TheNamesJeffrey @RogGoHome Jeff I’m tired of it LMAOOO ENOUGH! @RogGoHome We need to get you outta here man lmfaooooEw wtf lmfaooooLow pain tolerance and drama go hand in hand. Any discomfort and I’m
Retweeted by t.all my friends bad I swear 😭 @sheskelsie @sheskelsie LMAOOOOOOOO
@allebasixo Lmao she knew what she was doing 💀 @allebasixo $800 for some earrings girl pls lmaooo @allebasixo I’m sad sis ☹️ lmfaoooI’m sick they don’t have the earrings I want 😭Mentally This Is Where I’m At
Retweeted by t. @allebasixo Bitch I know 😭 at the same time we’re hyping each other up! I hate you 💀Todo pasa en la vida por algo.
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Cause I ALWAYS end up overextending myself.
Retweeted by t.ON GOD LMFAO is so fine! For what?!😭ilysm 🥺♥️ @_nataliewatalieI do this every time 😭 I stay up and hate myself in the morning 🥺LMAO has helped me so much! I @KuansterMonster Me after 6 mimosasOkayyy!!!???
Retweeted by t.Lmfaooooo men on this app hating another man for respecting women will never not be weird af. Get therapy and some deod…
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@KuansterMonster @_aaassshhhh_ @andyjaay Pls don’t get me hype if y’all not gonna follow through @KuansterMonster @andyjaay Stop playing with me cus I fr want a fat ass @andyjaay Same sis! Letsmy mother didn’t raise no rogona 🌚not my lil cousin asking me to roll him a blunt 😭 where did the time go! @ohaitharashleyy Omg how did it end? Actually nvm don’t tell me in case I read it 😭 aww I hope you had a good bike ride sis ♥️ @sammieeaguilarr Bitchhhhh I didn’t know they had those!! WHATTTTTTcan’t wait for all the stuff I ordered to come in 😭goodnight friends 🤍 @DarlingKrystal That’s so funny you a real one for that lol @DarlingKrystal I’m dyinggggg I just realized you responded to my how’s your Sunday going tweet not “you go the who… @DarlingKrystal Literally! He pulled up with no text back just vibes lmaoooo @DarlingKrystal We love to see it! A KING sis! @DarlingKrystal Ahhh see that’s different and understandable because he sees you doing it! I thought you were out… @DarlingKrystal Did you tell your s/o you were gonna be napping etc or just deadass said nothing and went about your day?💀