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Media tonight tomorrow never ??!! 😩😩✋✋
@CrashGildarts Omw 👀 @CrashGildarts You so fine bro @TokyosVz 👀 @hoesndtattoos @TokyosVz wow 🤦‍♀️ @hugsfordrugslol Real @TokyosVz 🤔sit on my face and let them juices marinate @TokyosVz Fuck wrong with u @CrashGildarts Yurrr 👀i sold her that sweater for $1400 she think it’s chrome hearts @JuiceGawdHidden 💀💀💀💀 @soIitxa @SeemTVi love her so much jus looking at other bitches makes me wanna throw up @yackynohoes Happy birthday 🎈 @bluefaceniloc Yes @javrawr Honey bunches best cereal hands down @javrawr You get it @bluefaceniloc Honey bunches of oats > @YeDropYandhi I wonder what her hole smell like @kaykookiedough I’m sure on that 👩‍🦯 we all got our flaws that’s what makes us but in my eyes she the one & is perfect 🤧🤔nah bro she’s perfect is perfect @kaykookiedough I’ll book a flight today know bro @paycoachk need a non sexual hug rni needa pillow in the face yelling type cryi can’t wait to cry tonight @javrawr Sniffing my pussy @macaveIli 😭 fault @WhosNina__ okayyy Nina
@kaykookiedough You got this bae 🤓 @soIitxa women are evilnah fuck the dap up i needa hug @bluefaceniloc Then why am I still sad @LosersBurner you righti needa boss up why do i be caring so much @hiteknas these pics hard af brodon’t lose focus ^_^ 👺💜🌪
Retweeted by J @kaykookiedough Ty baee 🖤🤞 @getmoneyglocky brothey thought i was gay ain’t feel like this in a long time’s the remedy for a broken heart we are at our breaking point and explode amount of talking is gonna fix these feelings I got but i love y’all for hmunobody should feel this pain i do it get betteri can’t take this no moresomeone finish me off plz @convictedloner one of these dayseveryday i get this picture a little bit more @Amare4PF Cryin and throwing up @Amare4PF Yes bro that one @Amare4PF You would not wanna see it brothe fleet i jus seen changes this statement hope so love her so muchif this happened to me i would’ve killed myself can’t hear anything fr hurt is when you in the fertile position crying to godi get it I’d cry over heri needa be savedyou wouldn’t get it.she’s so sexy and fruitful @6inthecut LMFAOOOO
@TlCommentator 💀💀LMFAOOO high i could jump off a building rn @TokyosVz @Sadcrib @CommentPeasant I need you in me @TokyosVz @Sadcrib @CommentPeasant Dawg @newchxppa 👀 @newchxppa Felt thisi just read my tweets today and idk whose crazier me or y’all for following me priv if i fw you heavy only @cryfahelpdamn @javrawr This was stolen huhwhen she wet farts on ya tip @immaTRAP @immaTRAP I made a attempt 😯i needa be held and be told everything will be alrightSlowly losing my mind @uglyreddd felt thissuicide is not the answer but i get itjus up thinking about wtf i be doing in my lifei think i see the light @realasysk You get mei wanna live inside of herThat screenshot is fake