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@RhettoricBTW Popeyes just built different here I guess @Connugh @hoodienergy To me, it’s more of a restaurant
@Connugh @hoodienergy I agree but I don’t see that as fast food @RhettoricBTW I’ve never had ONE experience with Popeyes that’s been negative. Not a single one @ABA_Demonz Bro their quesadillas are just a tortilla and cheese in a microwave... @RhettoricBTW AH HELL NAW!!!!! This is just wrong. Just straight up not correct @ABA_Demonz The ONLY thing cookout has is cheap prices @RhettoricBTW Nope nope nope not even gonna entertain this. This isn’t even close @ABA_Demonz Never been to bojangles BUT COOKOUT?!? Hell naw I ain’t agreeing with that in the slightest @_rockrob Chick-fil-A is known for their chicken sandwich and Popeyes is still better. Crazy @blindmanwalkinn churches?! i can understand the argument with chickfila but as much as i respect churches, it isnt… @blindmanwalkinn SLEEEEEPER 😴😴😴 i aint tryna hear this nonsense @SmfhMyPenis lowkey, in n out gets old quick @BassCamTV CLOSE CLOSE SECOND! @OnTheFlyTwitch @NotAirid tap us in @rjcabby @OnTheFlyTwitch Me personally, not a big fan @rjcabby @OnTheFlyTwitch Hoping warzone will be fixed by then @sophflame Deadass? @ltsCamo @hoodienergy I feel like it’s too expensive to be fast food @ltsCamo @hoodienergy I don’t see five guys as fast food @hoodienergy I said what I said 😤 @Boy1drr That’s a must. I ain’t been to a local place in so long @Boy1drr I forgot about the pandemic. That makes sense @OnTheFlyTwitch 👀👀👀 @Boy1drr How they top notch but closing soon? @hoodienergy Wendy’s, good but not touching it Chick-fil-A, u got an argument Five guys, ain’t nobody tryna pay $55 for a burger @OrchidOnTheMoon I ain’t EVER had a bad experience with PopeyesAin’t no fast food chain touching Popeyes @notchaselyons Is that $5 tax free? @alanelsalvador Soon soon soon. Things are coming togetherAye shrouds live @_rockrob @dxukkaj I know I know but I keeping thinking it’s “soon” @Chriztopha_ I hate u @dxukkaj Soon @dxukkaj The crimes?Team games in fall guys are the things that make me think about committing crimes @JoeyTheSuperJew 10k closing in!! @CrypticNoOne If I don’t appreciate a song, gotta restart it @CrypticNoOne Gotta keep that mf on mute @OrchidOnTheMoon @Reck___ grind dont stop! @Reck___ we vibin. handled some calls, bout to run some errands. hbu? @Haunterx7 its gasShe find as he’ll I won’t her @Reck___ Hi hi hi hi Gm reck @RTG299 Mannnn just wait. My sleep schedule will get messed up eventually again @RTG299 Ahh hell naw. U couldn’t even add the “/young”? Wow eu rob @Haunterx7 I listen to this WAY too much @juulbrother GoOoOod morning Marie!! @RTG299 Gooooood morning mr/mrs ARE TEE GEE @OrchidOnTheMoon Ayeeeee!!! Big big ups!! U too chief!! @meIisssax Happy birthday!! @ayomaryy I got a lot of sleep so imma always wake up happy. I’m the same. Got some calls to make and some shit to pick up @Socballler Shoooooot I woke up at 6 so time feels normal so far @xXHellrizerXx3 And that’s faxxxx @xXHellrizerXx3 I hate when my clock does that. It’s the worst. U blink and next thing u know 5 hours done flown by @TipsWasTaken U too brother!! @Shino13241 U too champ!! @TipsWasTaken I’m kinda in the same boat. Things slowly coming together. Can’t complain @TipsWasTaken Tipssss. It’s been a minute. How’s life rollin? @xXHellrizerXx3 3 days in a row. Brother.... cmon now @Shino13241 Gotta make a phone call or two then i don’t really know after that @OinkMood Aye things we love to hear. Back on the grind @Shino13241 Gm gm gm! What’s the plans for today? @R0CKR0B Having to wait under a bridge while we still had 2 more hours to drive sucked @OinkMood Gotta make a call about this AC then ain’t much planned after. Hbu? @ayomaryy Goooood morning!! What’s the moves for today? @R0CKR0B That is TUFFFFF. When we were moving, we had to stop under a bridge so the shit in the trailer wouldn’t get ruined. Absolute worst @iRhezd Lmaoooo I hate making adult ass calls. Bet bet I’ll prolly be on later today @R0CKR0B That’s the worst. Especially when u working outside and gotta get shit done @kanyewest Can I be in Plan B? @iRhezd Packing for college. Yeesh that’ll be fun. I gotta get in touch with some folks about this Ac and that’s about it for me @R0CKR0B Mannnnn you better preach. It’s been humid at lately and I don’t appreciate it @iRhezd Aye aye aye what we got going on today @R0CKR0B What’s the plans for today @OinkMood Hey hi hello aye yo goooood morning @R0CKR0B GoOoOod morning @BassCamTV Yeeesh. Sounds like a long day. Hold it down ✊ @BassCamTV Goooood morning. I ain’t got shit planned today. Hbu @xberrt I feel that. Got the sleep schedule of one but the productivity of the other @lemiwrap Ly champ!! @lemiwrap Happy birthday brother!!Good morning productive people of society. Goodnight gamers. chill out @sun
@BlGHINK It’s a movementThis was suppose to say bighead but fuck itHey highway 🙈 @MintMilana @KeviSkillz ITS TIME!! @gentlm4n @_rockrob Cause I’m grown @gentlm4n @_rockrob Is he? I thought he was like 90 something @_rockrob It wasn’t a Dr Pepper. It was an Arnold Palmer @shroud THE LEGEND IS BACK!!!! @UnitedDaze WOAH WOAH WOAH @lord_heg all i do @CrypticNo BRO THIS JUST DROPPED ON MY FYP @Mako @LoganDodson @100Thieves This the reason I bought it. Great marketing @reppinzzz A113N I’ll be ready for when I get signedLETS US PUT NAMES ON THE BACK LETS US PUT NAMES ON THE BACK LETS US PUT NAMES ON THE BACK LETS US PUT NAMES ON THE… I get a tweet with a thousand likes, best believe I’m going through the likes and following the baddies @dxukkaj @CrypticNo