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allen🦣📈 @_A113N denton | 22

2019 Mississippi GameStop Modern Warfare Champion | #TheBoys | @Eagles | @Sixers | @Iceedrinks stan | duo: @_rockrob

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no dad. im not winning. please close my door. @CFC_Ant Imma need Pete to quit playin around and drop something @Mako Hi hi mako @_vndy I drink it knowing I’ll never be happier than when I got a large dr pepper @xLambo_ U SOME ASS!! Can’t believe there are people on this earth who don’t like Dr Pepper @_vndy ABSOLUTELY NOT @xLambo_ @realJBA Same @_vndy U slandered Dr Pepper. Too far. @realJBA Cherry is definitely the thing that came to my mind but the cherry flavor DP shot that theory down @_vndy Maybe Jack was on to something getting rid of u @RTG299 @NQSTRIL @ltsCamo RTG299 IN THREAD @NQSTRIL @ltsCamo Then change the private to nqstril @realJBA But there’s a specific cherry flavor @TheSamsman @NQSTRIL @ltsCamo Lol I know but I couldn’t NOT mention it @StefanSlaps And that is faxxxx @NQSTRIL @ltsCamo NQSTRIL IN THREAD @ltsCamo Nawwww that shit is gas!!!!!! But twitter won’t allow 4 letters @s @ltsCamo It spells allen with the @ sign @Xouped BRO WHY U KEEP THE SOCKS ON?!?!?The fact that I can’t have @llen hurts me @ABA_Demonz @NQSTRIL Good. @ABA_Demonz @NQSTRIL Aye bruh. No texting and driving. @OrchidOnTheMoon Seems to be the consensus pick. @CouRageJD @jakkuxd @100Thieves @Rated_COD GET HIS ASSSSSS!!!! DONT LET HIM WALK AWAY FROM THIS!!! @TheSamsman @madisonpettis @blackprints Ok let’s slow down @_Vill__ @prakdip @Luciid23 Should’ve got the other drake @prakdip @Luciid23 Oooooooh. Still an ass movie. @TheSamsman @madisonpettis @blackprints U the one that brought her to my tl @prakdip @Luciid23 I find it weird that drake playing a 10 yr old @madisonpettis @TheSamsman @blackprints Thank you @prakdip @Luciid23 Trixie bad tho (I think that’s trixie) @JoeyTheSuperJew Aye my bad. Just sounded like something up ur alley. Wont happen again. @prakdip @Luciid23 Bro I HATED this movie as a kid!!!! I ain’t seen it recently, but as a child, fucking hated it @Luciid23 @prakdip Naw throw that shit away. Last time Nick tried the whole “live action” thing, shit went down hill @Reck___ @NicholiFNST I’m glad we all on the same page @NicholiFNST I’d be cool with a Nani and Stitch @NicholiFNST THATS WHAT I SAID!!!! @roojuliee That one definitely the easiest to not mess up @NicholiFNST But imagine the other folks @SteadyCam_ Faxxxx @TheSamsman I hope not cause I’m a ✌️living in a ✊ world @NicholiFNST I ain’t even gonna cap. I’d watch a live action lilo and stitch @SteadyCam_ Slick I bet the big shark dude would look wild @Valkyrae @CouRageJD @100Thieves @Nadeshot @brookeab @neekolul Yeah you do @NicholiFNST It’s more of a “why do we need this?” Than a “looks ugly af” @PenumbraOwO ✊✊ hell yeah @SteadyCam_ On god!! Like shit ugly af... but it’s supposed to be @TheSamsman I need a live action stitch just so I can see Nani @PenumbraOwO Please explain what mouth cuddles are cause that shit sounds like a dentist’s worst nightmare @SteadyCam_ LOLLLLLL that shit fan made 😂😂 @TheSamsman Lmaoooo that’s Stitch @PenumbraOwO This man out here speaking like ShakespeareChoose your fighter @absccent Fed was trying to @Reamey ain’t no damn WAY @Reamey WHO GAVE THIS MAN PHOTOSHOP?!Pokimane said
Retweeted by allen🦣📈 @jakkuxd I got no clue honestly @jakkuxd He saying that shoe looks like a golden retriever @IcyVert @KaleiRenay Yeah sure I’m down @Willb3250 They really found a way to bottle happiness. @YourEmbracee Aight u in the clear @Hauntterr Imma add it to my Spotify playlist @Hauntterr If Bro does...Me and poki on the same wavelength @oFabz The homies and I been on the ✊ wave @CloutSponge @SteadyCam_ Naw that shit don’t count. Bottle sprite is a cure. McDonald’s sprite is a curse. @YourEmbracee Let me rephrase the question, do u play league? @YourEmbracee Do u fall in this category? @ltsCamo And that is faxxxx @ltsCamo Ahhh shit. That makes a lot of sense now. @CryptiicNo @pokimanelol U deserve better @mynameabanana They missed the mark heavy on this one @notchaselyons Not a phone in sight. Just vibes.If the pokimane news taught us anything, it’s @100Thieves @Valkyrae @brookeab @neekolul Im buying the whole collection after seeing this @lazytafa AGAIN U PREACHIN!!!! Bro Dr Pepper investing in the cream soda scene was an absolute power play @SteadyCam_ Then u ain’t been sick in a MINUTE. Ain’t a illness that a sprite can’t cure @SteadyCam_ DP and sprite the only sodas worth a damn @SteadyCam_ Oooooooooooooo I’ve never been so damn close to blocking someone in my life @lazytafa This and sprite the MJ and lebron of sodas. @SteadyCam_ U nailed this. I had no ideas this bitch was made of 23 flavors. @lazytafa Preaching.That being said, I still want them to keep expanding on the live action Pokémon movies. @kidfromindy That dog putting every family into financial debt @jakkuxd @kidfromindy Deadass just reminds me of another homeward bound movie @kidfromindy I bet a real life Clifford would be expensive af to own. Imagine the yearly cost just to feed him. @prakdip Preaching. @kidfromindy Gahdamn homie woke up and chose violence @prakdip I feel like every live action dog movie is always the same thing too. @Charli3Brown678 Homie ain’t even a big dog. Dude just looks like a bigger than average puppyNOT EVERY DAMN ANIMATED SHOW GOTTA BE REMADE IN LIVE ACTION FORM @Charli3Brown678 @Charli3Brown678 Bro this shit was made by a pharmacist in 1885!!! @SteveB0115 Wait wait fr u might be onto something @Charli3Brown678 I just googled it. Apparently it’s a mix of 23 flavors. @Charli3Brown678 Shiiiiii u prolly right