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School districts across the state are short teachers. These lawmakers are seeking to change that. Dillon from Blue Valley encourages fierce conversations about minority recruitment. ⁦@BVSchoolsHR⁩ ⁦@_AASPA_⁩…
Retweeted by AASPALincoln is the new Vegas!!! #K12Talent #HCLE #HCLE19 #MVSPA #MVSPA19 #HR @_AASPA_
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Student Teachers Stay Set on Their Career Paths Despite Challenges ‹ Pepperdine Graphic
Hawaii Looks to Increase Recruitment, Retention of School Teachers
Why saying "OK, boomer" at work can be age discrimination via @cbsmoneywatch #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAAs the student population grows more diverse, Spokane teachers are overwhelmingly white. School leaders want to cha…
Pilot program in Tucson offers free tuition, $1,000 a month to ease teacher shortage's teacher shortage starting to affect bigger districts
California is poised to confront high proportions of underqualified teachers in low-income schools induction program in SC continues success, looks to continue growth
Education summit looks at how to draw new generation into teaching
US Schools Try to Diversify Mainly White Teaching Ranks to pilot first-of-its-kind program to recruit more teachers of color
School district in rural Colorado invites college students to classrooms, hoping they'll return as teachers
US school districts finding unique solutions for shortage of teachers changers transition into Utah classrooms
Education field broadens its recruiting strategies
In case you missed it! We have some great books on Employee Discipline this month for #K12Talent. Get your copy tod…
South Carolina School District hosts minority recruitment event for male educators you seen our latest news? lawmaker proposes loan forgiveness for teachers
American schools are missing more than 100,000 teachers out all of the amazing #K12Talent PD at the upcoming Human Capital Leadership Summit - Dec. 5-6!…
Nobody wants to be a teacher; we must change that new Michigan education model shows promising signs for students in struggling schools. But can it work long-term? Meet in person with new principals weekly (even for 5 minutes); send reminders to staff monthly about policies #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAA9: Know your policy manual, your contractual agreements, and develop the necessary relationships that allow you to…
Retweeted by AASPAA9: Effectice mentoring can prevent a host of problems! Well worth any financial investment. #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAThank you so much for joining us tonight. Don't forget to check out our upcoming #HCLS19 - There is a session on… @NppsdH Shameless plug - Did you know @_AASPA_ has a few letters of reprimand samples as a "Member Benefit" resource? #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAQ9: What resources can you share or any final words of wisdom you'd like to provide on #Mentoring #K12TalentA8: Letter of reprimand, their rebuttal (if they write one) and other documentation from the incident. (In the naughty drawer) #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAQ8: Following an employee discipline meeting, what kinds of things would you expect to see in a personnel file? #K12TalentA7: The consensus at my table is you call the school attorney when you believe this will not be the end of the situ…
Retweeted by AASPAQ7: At what point in a discipline situation do you decide to contact your school attorney or legal counsel? #K12TalentAgree - we tend to get worked up sometimes as #K12Talent leaders because there is nothing we haven't seen. But it i…
Retweeted by AASPAQ6: What should a #k12Talent leader NEVER say during a discipline meeting? What should you ALWAYS say?A5: When it comes to employee discipline of any kind one needs to have: Documentation, Documentation, Documentation…
Retweeted by AASPAA5: Dont jump to conclusions! Investigate to fully understand a situation from all perspectives and how to handle i…
Retweeted by AASPA @Coashjohnson You have to set the table to help the individual understand the importance of their role in the organ…
Retweeted by AASPAQ5: What is your #1 Rule or the #1 Rule you have given to your principals with regard to employee discipline issues? #k12TalentA4: I go back to my #pHCLE training were we talked about our best employees having an absenteeism problem. With a t…
Retweeted by AASPAA4: A mix of both. I’ve had a lot of success with expectations letters that precede the discipline process but have…
Retweeted by AASPAQ4: What types of formal discipline have you been able to put forth this fall for your difficult folks? Has this be… Have you been able to make any correlations between employee discipline and anything specific happening in your… Let's get right to it - what is your #1 Employee Discipline Issue this fall? Is it different from previous years? #K12TalentQ1: Welcome! thanks for joining us tonight. Please introduce yourself along with your position and tell us what ge…'t forget to respond to our Qs using A: and #K12TalentToday we are talking about Employee Discipline and #K12TalentWelcome to the @_AASPA_ #k12Talent #edchat! This chat does not serve as legal advice. If you have legal questions,…
Milgrom-Elcott: Better Teacher Preparation in Math Can Break Down Barriers to STEM for Girls, Students of Color & L…'t forget to join us for our #K12Talent ed chat TONIGHT at 8:00 p.m. CT! We will be chatting about Employee Discipline.To Curb The Teacher Shortage, We Need To Think Bigger About The Problem Resources on Employee Discipline? Grab a new book for our AASPA Bookstore Collection! #K12Talent
Great teachers matter: But is that enough? Las Vegas at AASPA's Human Capital Leadership Summit and get some amazing professional development at the s… a bit of therapy on "Employee Discipline"? Join us tomorrow night for our next #K12Talent #edchat - Tues/Nov 1…
Retweeted by AASPAEXCHANGE: Decatur offers sessions to help 'guest teachers'
An experiment to find teachers who perform better and stay longer shows promising results Resources on Employee Discipline? Check out the November Books of the month for #K12Talent
Washington schools can’t keep up with a growing need for special education teachers
Need Resources on Employee Discipline? Check out our specials for the month of November. #K12Talent Las Vegas at AASPA's Human Capital Leadership Summit school districts across the state report not employing a teacher of color
MSU, partners receive $6 million for rural teacher recruitment are planning our next #K12Talent #edchat for this Tuesday/Nov.12/8pmCT. Our topic follows the @_AASPA_ theme for…
Retweeted by AASPATeacher Residency and Federal Dollars: One Approach to Solving the Rural Teacher Shortage
Why the Chicago teachers strike lasted so long — and became so bitter Hernando teachers bring worldly perspectives
NM needs 1,054 more educators, report says intercultural learning can boost inclusivity
Nonprofit aims to bolster number of early childhood education teachers Latino Teacher-Student Divide: Five Steps to Close the Gap
There's a teacher shortage in Arizona — and teachers from overseas are filling the gap
Schools say student success hinges on hiring teachers of color
At least 28,000 teachers left state classrooms since 2010, study says the Illinois teacher shortage with new online bachelor's degree program
Happy halloween from the AASPA staff! We are hard at working making sure all of our material for 2020 is SCARY good… diversity: Preparing Gen Z for work requires new tech and new attitudes lessons in diversity
50-State Comparison: Teacher Recruitment and Retention Central Washington University program allows for fast-tracking STEM educators’t forget to check out our upcoming #Webinars you #K12Talent chat participants! See you on the next #edchatThank you so much @SteffanieFrost5 for hosting tonight - For more #K12HR & human capital resources join @_AASPA_ What resources can you share or any final words of wisdom you’d like to provide on #Performance Management #K12Talent.Q8: What training do you provide to your administrators around developing and implementing directed goals? #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAA7: I feel my role is to make sure they have the resources they need to be successful. I flat out ask on a regular…
Retweeted by AASPALove the accountability in that process #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAQ7: What type of supports do you offer to employees on directed goals?? #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAA6: Team goals can be a challenge when one member of a team is not working at the same level as the remainder of t…
Retweeted by AASPAQ6: Have you seen improvements in performance by using directed goals? #K12Talent
Retweeted by AASPAIn our District we have the focused goals take the place of the goals a staff member would normally set for themsel…
Retweeted by AASPAQ1: Welcome! Thanks for joining us tonight. Please introduce yourself along with your position and tell us what gen…’t forget to respond to our Qs by using A: and #K12Talent!Today we are talking about #Performance Management in #K12Talent – Thank you and Welcome to our Host today… to the @_AASPA_ #K12Talent #edchat! This chat does not serve as legal advice. If you have legal questions,…
California rural schools struggling to hire teachers could get help from $9.4 million in grants underway to increase teacher diversity in local schools