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Data guy creating #ml & #ai pipelines with @awscloud | current: VP, Sr PM @jpmorgan | alum: @factset & others | 💏 to @eshah79

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@virgilvox fuck @virgilvox is this for a cleaning or ... otherwise? @mattmaldre @wendyalas 😕😐😮🤮 @cloud_opinion holy shit. just looked it up.... this is real. @cloud_opinion this is real? @helenanders26 @nicolasini what is this 'wellness leave' and how do i get some myself?
Americans streamed 156 billion minutes of television during the last week of March, compared to 115 billion during… @abysmallytall @steveklabnik The parks near my home are a venue 🤷🏾‍♂️ @StocksStonks @AlexChalekian Bank robbers now take off their masks @SarahRapp @SamMcAlister1 I try to do coffee over Zoom (and more with people that don’t live nearby and wouldn’t me… @sandy_carter 1917 ... 👍🏾 👎🏾 or 🤷🏾‍♂️ @mattmaldre Wish you’d seen the shitshow that happened when Nest did the same.
@carriemflynn @My_Beloved_One I thought I was the only one that watched my data like a hawk. I actually wanted to s…
@cloud_opinion When is the weekend? @robcube Did you make or buy a mask 😷? @WellPaidGeek It's always been there. You just know about it now. @QuinnyPig @bequinning congrats! @TimothyRemRamos @cloud_opinion Have you used Chime? @Di_Ku @cloud_opinion Meetings get terminated with 2 mins notice
@rchrdbyd @tmclaughbos Sir. Please let me know when you’re next in Chicago. I will treat you to a proper hot dog. @frances_wong 😕🤨😐🤐
@frances_wong Married people will discover the spouses @rebeccaschmidtm You sound like a manager now 😆 @DGLibrary love the redesign of your home page!
@jenniferbaer hah, this picture just popped up on our FB memories. 3 years ago today. it's my wife's shirt we're lo… @jenniferbaer Anyway, now I have your store. Thank you ... will hopefully be ordering soon! @jenniferbaer Huh, when I use the search box on Threadless, this is what I resolve to @jenniferbaer Hi Jennifer - I had bought one of your Chicago shirt designs from Threadless a few years back. I'm lo… @mweagle @seclectech No, but do you need to own it? @mweagle @seclectech Library? And it might have a Kindle download @rchrdbyd Thoughts & Prayers
@DebIsGone Quarantine 15 @15MinuteFA @VanceBarse Naked swaps is out of the question, right? @thoughtsonfly @jeremy_daly Looks like a 2-stage. It’s a hard requirement for where he lives
@kvlly What day is today? @tmclaughbos Tiger King haircuts by mid-May for all @RampCapitalLLC Laguintas 🐯 👑 @ewindisch Ahhh 😱 @cloud_opinion Do you have any advice if the recovery is L shaped? How about W?
Retweeted by Abhay Shah @ 🏡 @ewindisch How is this possible? I’m much more consistent on my coffee intake ... plus gives me a break from work. @Jake_MooreUK heh, eye opening. i had no idea you could do a video CALL on instagram. TIL @ericdungan @EricaJoy @KBEMfm Can they play their music at random volumes through the day? Sometimes super loud when you least can afford it @BearCherian @EricaJoy I thought I was the only one @EricaJoy It’s ok ... today was just day 9 of 40. @KennyDodger76 @Hipster_Trader Who knew that COVID-19 could be resolved with a lot of cash?
@IanAlford You mean 2020 @ZPostFacto legit. was talking to the mrs about something and we had to consult with Alexa on the day of the week. @elchefe Toy Story 4
@QuinnyPig In all seriousness though ... what's the issue with @webex? It's been 6-7 years since I had an admin log… @QuinnyPig @Gartner_inc As opposed to what ... something like Chime??Sometimes the insane ideas catch on ... other times ... ??? @mlb World Series Game 6 on Christmas Day? @mattbonig ohhh... do you remember getting emails from biz stone? @markguess @robcube @zoom_us @Roku You don’t ... or use pc speakers @robcube @zoom_us Or the @Roku ... but apparently it exists for Chromecast
@erin @iamdb @seldo Humor me. I haven’t read their K or the TOS. What data do they sell? @cullend @seldo 👋🏾 @IanAlford @tmclaughbos Us too 😕
Sign of the times... my kid taking his karate class via @zoom_us
@daniel_egan I love this idea, though my fear is the businesses that won’t make it ... @iAnuragKale I don’t hear honking...? 😆 @abbyfuller I’m more bothered by the container of choice here 🤨 @ZPostFacto Yes @SwiftOnSecurity Wait for the re:Invent session on this topic 😕
@edude03 @tyleralove @hichaelmart @awscloud This is going to blow a hole in the 100% guaranteed SLA for Route 53 😕 @Joe_Liquor @markguess @PaulDJohnston @robcube Busy getting adjusted to the new workflow 😆🤨😕 @markguess @PaulDJohnston @robcube Her store closed voluntarily... or voluntold. That being said, no place I’d wa… @PaulDJohnston @robcube Here is the problem: the definition of “key worker” will be so large that it basically incl…
@lady__bost Was doing OK until today ... 😐Some good info here:
Retweeted by Abhay Shah @ 🏡 @robcube Yeah, long term, I don’t think this is good for those snow days ... @DevopsDine @skprufo It's now totally accepted and part of life. @MrsMicele @MrsRyder58 @zoom_us William loved it! Thank you for doing this!
@robertsofia Yess....... @robertsofia This reminds me of the email hack a few years back where every firm emailed me... or say GRPD emails a few years ago @robertsofia The issue is ... some of these are from companies we haven’t done biz with in YEARS and they still have our email addresses 🤨 @QuinnyPig I'd ask for immediate termination.Big shout out to @DGLibrary for providing eBooks! @frances_wong Been calling old colleagues and clients to catch up. No time like the present to chat. @JBierne Hugging a random person ... shaking hands ... coffee with former colleagues and clients. @15MinuteFA and you are quarantined ... holy. mother. of. god. @eshah79 @MsArmbrust Yes, but ... that collar .... 😑 @robcube when my kids are screwing off and running around the house, this is what i am yelling at them about.
@mweagle OMG been a savior for me @cloud_opinion Many saw 2020 as a year of economic slowdown after the equity markets roared through the last few ye… @cloud_opinion 2008 I saw a LOT of clients lose their jobs they had for many years. People bounced back out of both… @cloud_opinion Dotcom to me was a textbook overvaluation. When I saw know nothings pulling down >$100k a year as a… @batterista @cloud_opinion Wachovia ... 😐 @GregChase @amazon .@etsy does this @QuinnyPig Our grandparents went to war to save the nation. We are being asked to sit on our ass. We can do this.Interesting. I received what I believe is my first 'Dynamic email'. Didn't know this was a thing. @helenanders26 @ronsoak I’m going to go out on a limb for @ahachete and say @PostgreSQL 😄 For me ... 🤷🏾‍♂️ @WeLivetoServe @BlairHduQuesnay Both ... but mostly the exhaustion. Currently looking to see if I can transfer my… @steevedrew @mehfisto @rchrdbyd Just delete the whole inbox. Why do you even bother? @rchrdbyd My wife has like 1,300 unread emails in her inbox and I refuse to look at it.
@ReformedBroker you won't believe the world you came back into @GregChase agree. I have a friend in the industry ... I feel as though I'm his shrink right now. ugh.
@MrsSwallows03 You got this ... we believe in you!So, how was everyone’s weekend?Hey folks. Gentle heads up that this will not be your most productive week, month, quarter, or perhaps year. And th…
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