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kuma @_ActualKuma New South Wales, Australia

probably the worst part about being a professional e-gamer is that everybody just assumes you’re some kind of attractive, socially well-adjusted muscle monster.

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@EhpoIy @Ehpoly I am @jinxtheshadow @YouWishC9 congrats! @franch_friess monkaS @pyromdic good of the night @ItsChloeee__ Still mad that there wasn't any Tkay maidza, porter robinson, pendulum or disclosure. @ItsChloeee__ I know. @ItsChloeee__ All I can say is a guessed Right @ItsChloeee__ Same @ItsChloeee__ I honestly don't know what #1 is now. I'm thinking it's either heatwaves by glass animals or blinding… @ItsChloeee__ I'm fuming that only one song on my list has played so far. @ItsChloeee__ TRUE
@akaRokos @AussieVGC @Metalfear4 I wish i was a paid actor LMAO @ZebraprawnArt I'll be sitting at home shiny hunting :)
@BandanaBree Played on Jan 21 @ 10:34 PM for 73 minutes @BandanaBree I keep running into you in 2fort @SPRINGLOCK217 This one is the fault of george lucas @Yetiapocalypse @CouRageJD @Punztw @Dream Damn. This is real serious business @ItsChloeee__ Omg there's another one @Chloemew Nightmare fuel @ItsChloeee__ I saw this on my phone at a glance and thought you were wearing orange/brown leggings
@pvtspicy @supplierofmemes I needed this @Kegaman_TF2 It's finally done 😀. It was cool seeing the progress on stream @ShakeDrizzle Happy birthday @Metalfear4 Now this is PogChamp
@Locar1111 This exists @radarssbm Sounds interesting. I'll make sure to give it a watch
@Farolicious My favorite track is probably the final hop battle. @Farolicious True @Brittneyyyy_A Welcome to the dark side. @IslandGrown11 This is one I'd likePokémon Giveaway! 1st Edition Wigglytuff PSA 7 How To Win: Follow / Like / Retweet / Comment Winner Selected Frid…
Retweeted by kuma @Chloemew Looks like something from a Dr Seuss book
@BeanoWild Imagine trying to boycott a series you love because the latest game in the series isn't perfect. @Kegaman_TF2 I don't have enough internet friends @missgeechan I want it so bad. But it's so much money holy shit.I wish I had more mutuals on this site. @akaRokos If I'm free, I'll be down to play next time :)It may be $400, but a giant chonky Gigantamax Pikachu plushie is pretty darn tempting...
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i want to learn another language like mandarin chinese or super smash bros melee
Retweeted by kuma @Mistic_Leaf @Tentative_TV @Metalfear4 What's jerma doing there behind tentative? @Mistic_Leaf @AussieVGC @Metalfear4 I realised that but i thought it would be funny to make a joke about aussie being narcisitic @ZebraprawnArt @pricyzin @Bluechromed He's the face of the when the imposter is sus meme. But trust me, even though… @ZebraprawnArt @pricyzin @Bluechromed I really want to know why jerma is behind every transparent avatar @AussieVGC @Metalfear4 @Mistic_Leaf Pretty narcissistic if you ask me @AussieVGC @Metalfear4 @Mistic_Leaf You watched yourself the most
@ShorKtf2 When Life Gives You Lemons @Awan2407 @jbird_tf but congrats that's a pretty big milestone in the art of the sniper @Awan2407 @jbird_tf My highest is 28. you can't go much over 20 before the enemy team starts switching just to kill…
@NullTox One time I was playing hoodoo and some guy wanted to buy my unusual which I was asking for 20 keys pure or… @NullTox Ooooh I read it wrong. They found your buy order listing and were asking you to pay their selling price. That's dumb. @NullTox Were they asking for 25? Or were they asking for 17 but when you sent the offer they added you asking for more? @Farolicious The graphics could be better, but it is the first time game freak have developed a game for something… @Farolicious The technological advances in gaming have been slowing down over the last 2 decades, people expect gro… @Farolicious I think people need to lower their expectations of nearly every gaming franchise now days as it seems… @_Key_Man_ @Dude_The_Ninja Or circle at ridiculous lengths from the player @Dude_The_Ninja It's a bug that's been in the game for at least the past 7 years with all circling unusuals. @fourconner Fax @TrueSargent I can't say that I disagreeRT if you have more followers than @darkodaxx
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@JoeyPokeaim Ledian. add 60 to it's attack stat. @Partyrockdude14 happy birthday :) @Partyrockdude14 imagine knowing how to read @ItsChloeee__ next summer for sure, and then when it's next summer you'll say you'll do it next summer again :) @ZebraprawnArt True @AbcowTF2 Neutral netural @Metalfear4 It's both. It's what you get when you fuze a duck and a platypus. It has the yellow of a duckling but the body is a platypus.
@welegi_ Fuck
Retweeted by kuma @welegi_ Fuck @Sharkface_IRL Niiice @Sharkface_IRL Kinda reminds me of the smash ultimate win screen.I should get back to streaming myself instead of just simping for @YetiapocalypseIf you want to cure carpool tunnel syndrome, just drive on your own @valentinavoight Having to be at school at 8am in the first place is abuse. @Jameskii 👀 @Distorto54 I have 3 minecraftsthis isn’t easy for me but i’ve decided to step up to the plate and admit that i was wrong. i know i hurt a lot of…
Retweeted by kuma @gl1tt3rpuke EZ Clapretweet if you have more followers than this unfunny cuck
Retweeted by kuma @franch_friess yes
@Sodapoppintv widepepOMEGAKEKHappyChampHands
@immewnity Coil @HoovyTube @Gunnarguy Mumbo was later. The hermitcraft server is the best minecraft smp to exist. @Gunnarguy @HoovyTube Yogscast based @HoovyTube ngl, they are just about as cringe as each other. The yogscast survival minecraft, survival island and s… @prezoh I'm not a pilot sorry :( @Farolicious LETS GOOO @BladeTf2 Who's going to fire me now?
@ketaminetoes @Sharkface_IRL That's tommy isn't it @NullTox Worm in apple @GrahamAllen_1 @jack yes they will :)these dumbasses keep thinking freedom of speech means lack of consequence and im just lost as to why they keep refusing to read.
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@Touyarokii @Metalfear4 The jebait @Metalfear4 1:30 am on Sunday. Fun @Metalfear4 Fun
2021 @ASocialEggPlant @PhillyD Reporting the news as it is = leftist?
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