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overdressed for every occasion | ꕤ | @zylyn_ ᵕ̈

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@miahiae @zylyn_ GIRL do you see mya and i’s pfps rn @NopeKam the ultra gold is good @miahiae @zylyn_ girl you still got ours
@NopeKam we drew, its fair enough @zylyn_ okk @zylyn_ GIRL LMFAOOO @sr6hh real @zylyn_ ok but did u unadd her first @xiaomyer moneymoneymoney @NopeKam @vielmfao bc they have needs that are to be provided, sir. don’t question it. @zylyn_ IS THIS… @LiaSamurai YESshould i bring back my fischl cosplay for halloween 🤔
Retweeted by aesah @audestball u always look like an 11/10 shush
@audestball i bet ur everyones hallway crush nowfirst day of classes ;p
Retweeted by aesah @peachilex LEXXXX UR SO HOT IM MELTING AND OVERCOOKED FRsnapchat media
Retweeted by aesah @iluvmoch NOW U GOTTA LISTEN LOL that is solid advice @hrukiii jay the slay once againtook these at 4:00 am i’m nocturnal
Retweeted by aesah @iluvmoch nono bc if i saw you at a party i’d be admiring ur prettiness the whole time and telling my friends i wanna be friends with you @israahuh U HAVE THE BEST STYLE FR OML @iluvmoch UR THE IT GIRL FR
hi twt ^-^
Retweeted by aesah @lolmochiiii holy motherfucking fuck u are gorgeous i am quite currently on my knees proposing to u🧎🏽‍♀️ @iluvmoch AHHH IT WAS WORTH IT @sr6hh i love u more mwah @isohxo ive been alright, stranger things happening and my mental is very weird but not in a bad way. im glad youve been doing good though @isohxo YAYYY LETS GO AHASAN
@iluvmoch what is this FROM @sr6hh i am a walking w
@LiaSamurai I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY TOO LIA YOU LOOK GORGEOUSif you haven’t heard this today i love you, and i hope you have an amazing day 💙
Retweeted by aesah
say yes to the picnic date rn, I’m taking u outside to touch grass
Retweeted by aesah @sumi_kins if we go on a picnic date ill propose and you have to say yes @miahiae nope @sihleri no u nat ilysm @sumi_kins HI MOMMY
@sumi_kins LOL FUCK IM LEAVING TMRW AND IMMA BE OUT OF TOWN UNTIL MONDAY, im down to run it down then lolol @iluvmoch im tattooing this tweet to my body @n1chk4 THANK U I LOVE U @sumi_kins MEEEE
@miahiae hi my loveee @zylyn_ extra kisses for u👩🏽‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏾👩🏽‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏾 @NopeKam wtf @sr6hh ILYTTi got another blue dress:) @wyyandere belle i missed u and ur gorgeous facelong time no see :p
Retweeted by aesah @linaboyy_ lina U SO FOINEGood morning
Retweeted by aesah @sr6hh HI PRETTIESTits been forever but hii
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@zylyn_ LMFAAOOOOO @zylyn_ @maybeeevirgo US AFFF @keaIani his eyes are the fucking cutest😭😭 reminds me of the glue on googly eyesi miss my siblings. lowk teared up texting my sister @peachilex MWAHH @israahuh ILYMMMM @miahiae somebody will, you just need to keep your standards high for both partners and friends & dont let yourself…
@ValorLeaks Can’t believe they took away my buy phase jumping boxes…
Retweeted by aesah @peachilex hot girl + hot girl musichot girl music
Retweeted by aesah @tiffanyhpham not u and jay @crvingangvl DECLARING MY LOVE FOR U IN FRONT OF EVERYONE @crvingangvl I AM MASSIVELY IN LOVE WITH Umlem mlem - yoshi
Retweeted by aesah @israahuh YUM
@crvingangvl MWAHHH I LOVE YOUU @crvingangvl LFG IM THERE YAYYY @sr6hh just in a different city in the same state, visiting family and my morning flight got cancelled so its a fre… @keaIani goodmorning scotch, goodmorning kea:D @sr6hh im alright:> i go home today woo